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About Mable’s

About Mable’s

Our motto is refreshingly simple: have fun and be yourself. features unique, hand-picked products for inspired living. All the items in our shop are chosen especially for their ability to bring laughter, gratitude, curiosity, creative thinking, and joyous self expression.

We’ve always believed that true happiness and authenticity go together like PB & J. You really can’t have one without the other… but you wouldn’t want to, right? That’s why we focus on items that encourage you to be excited about life. Everybody has a definition of fun that is unique to her. Mable’s is committed to helping you tap into that inner sweet spot and follow your joy, no matter what it is.

As you browse through our entire site, you might notice a desire to just kick back and be your playful self. Go with it. is your playground. Get funky!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello, please send us an email using the form below. We would love to be of service.

How Do You Select All These Awesome Items?

If a product doesn’t make us clap our hands together in delight, we keep searching for something even more awesome. It’s very unscientific, however it works like a charm.

After 13+ years of business, we realized this fact: when we share only the most fascinating, personally selected items, you tell all your friends about our store!

The focus of is on being yourself and having fun. When we come across a product that makes us feel excited, we ask “Can this help us be more light-hearted? Does it encourage me to be my real self?”

Keepin’ It Kind and Green

Oh, and we also consider the rest of the planet. In addition to being unique, we focus on creative products that challenge the mind in a fun way. We also love time-travel and our closest thing to that is vintage: these pre-loved items are more “green” than their brand new counterparts, plus they have a unique flare all their own.

Not many people know this, but is named after our dear kitty. If she knew we were featuring items containing animal products (skins, fur, wool, beeswax, etc.) she would not be stoked! Our vision for the world includes every living thing, so we’re committed to animal-friendly, earth-friendly, and people-friendly choices. Please manufacture and consume responsibly!

Products & Websites Wanted

If you offer a unique product that you think belongs at Mable’s, please contacts us using the form below. We’re always looking for new products to review and new websites to spotlight via our unique advertising options. Click here for details.

Writers Wanted

Our blog needs YOU! We’re looking to feature the written stylings of a select group of blogging superstars. You will get an SEO friendly link back to your website on each post, and a chance to write using your authentic voice about a topic that you already love.

Article length is a zippy 100-300 words, because attention spans are short and you are clever.

Currently, we are looking for writers who specialize in one or more of the following;
Vintage Fashion, recycled or repurposed artisans, holistic green living (think carbon neutral), 1980′s pop culture, personal development junkies who love a good belly laugh.

To be considered, send links to samples of your writing. What kind of articles would you like to write? Share some of your ideas and let’s get started.

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