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Adult Trike and Big Wheel

Adult Trike and Big Wheel

Depending on what decade you grew up in, the Big Wheel Trike just might be the quintessential retro toy. Young boys and girls alike in the 70s and 80s wanted little more than to cruise around their neighborhoods on a big old trike and maybe catch up to the ice cream man for a Bombpop. Once your 70 pound butt started to bend the plastic frame you had to move up to a banana seat bike, but that’s not true today! There are actually a few styles of adult sized trikes, with Schwinn brand being the most popular. Even Spongebob and Orange County Choppers created their own Big Wheels. Get one for you and your tyke, because then you can cruise the block in style together.

Adult Big Wheels from Big Wheel Rally
Big Wheel Rally, manufacturer of metal frame adult Big Wheel tricycles, currently offers a few styles.
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