Mad Hatter Costumes for Men and Women

mad hatter costume men women

The Mad Hatter has been redone once again, and this time by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton in the new, darker rendition of Alice in Wonderland. This of course inspired a boat load of people to dress as their new favorite semi-scottish, all-crazy tea time friend, The Hatter!

The Mad Hatter Costume can be done is so many ways; men, women, kids, bright colors, dark colors, orange hair, white makeup, big shoes, wild patterns, the list goes on. This really is a great year to be a Mad Hatter.

I’m liking this trend of do-it-your-way costuming where we don’t stick to the exact replica of the movie, but we are encouraged to add our own flair, our own attitude, our own flavor of crazy-like-a-hatter swagger, and of course, our own futterwackin’ dance moves.

Head over to the Mad Hatter Costume page and see for yourself all the different ways to be as crazy as a Hatter!

Sexy Pirate Costumes for 2010

sexy pirate costume

Pirates are still in style and there are some especially jaw droppingly awesome sexy pirate costumes for ladies this year. exotic sexy pirate costume
One of the Mable’s favorites is the Exotic Rouge Pirate with corset. This one will definitely turn heads as well as win some awards for best costume. (click pic on right for detailed view)

Another Mable’s fav is the ultra smart reversible sexy pirate costume. That’s 2 costumes in 1!

There are so many colors and styles available in pirate costumes this year it might be a little hard to choose your favorite. Be sure to check out Mable’s Sexy Pirate Costume page to find more deals and steals from all over the Internet.

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T-Shirt Costumes

t-shirt costumes

Do you hate wearing masks, bulky muscle chests, and funky boots made from cheap material just so you can get into that costume only Halloween party? Get a T-shirt Costume for the ultra comfortable feeling of cotton. Plus it’s easy to take off… *wink wink*

Or take it a (tiny) step further and get a Costume Hoodie in Comic Book Super Hero style or express your inner Ninja Turtle.

These costume ideas are easy to wear, great for last minute ideas, and create an even bigger impact with coordinating group costumes. So get your friends together and bring back TMNT 2010 style, classic 80s movie characters, or the good ol’ standby of superheros and our personal favs Star Wars. Whatever type of Halloween Costume you are looking for Mable’s has got you covered.

Share this with your friends on Facebook and get a group costume going today!

Top Halloween Costumes 2010

Top Costumes

What are the top Halloween Costumes for 2010? I’ll give you a hint; The list is highly influenced by popular Movies, TV, and Video Games.

It’s not October just yet, but there are already some hot trends forming from all the early buyers this year. There are plenty of New Halloween Costumes released for 2010 and some are selling out super fast. There’s no doubt that a few of the “sold out before Halloween” costumes made it onto our Top Halloween Costumes list.

Our Top Costumes list covers the most popular Mens, Womens, Girls, and Boys costumes from favorites like sexy pirates and vampires to strong superheros and classic video game characters. We’ve extended our list this year to the top 6 Halloween Costumes in each category.

What costume do you think you will see most at this year’s Halloween party? Leave us your ideas in the comments below. And share this post with your friends on Facebook to get their opinion too.

Are You Searching for a Steampunk Costume?

steampunk clothing
Until recently it’s been rather difficult to find Victorian era style clothing. Now it’s 2010, my friends, and retro clothing just got much, much older. The Victorian era style is coming back!

Mable’s guide to Steampunk Clothing is a great place to start when putting together your own custom costume.

Check out BuyCostumes for their Steampunk kits; if you’re just looking for a quick one-night costume.

Of course there is even the now famous Steampunk Emporium if you are looking for high quality everyday wear. They have excellent outfits ready to buy for many Victorian/Steampunk characters.

Where do you buy your Steampunk gear?

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Mad Hatter Top Hats Burton/Depp Style

Alice In Wonderland Movie - Mad Hatter Hat AdultLet me guess, you’re the kind of guy who needs the authentic Burton / Depp style Mad Hatter Hat? Not one of those fairy tale mad hatters full of bright colors and goofy faces. Right? right.

Well, you can take the hipper cheaper DIY route and make one on your own.

OR, you can have someone else make you a Burton style mad hatter hat custom sized to your tea lovin’ head.

OR, buy a ready made mad hatter top hat from the #1 costume shop online; with crazy orange hair, without hair (shown in picture), or even small cocktail party size.

Nothing goes better with the hat than the entire Johnny Depp style mad hatter costume. Remember the flashy orange eyebrows!

Can’t get enough Burton/Depp costumes? Fit yourself into a mysteriously wonky Willy Wonka costume or of course a Mad Hatter Costume.

Top Halloween Costmes 2009

2009 Top Halloween Costumes
Did your costume make it on the top Halloween Costume list for 2009?

There are less than 2 weeks until Halloween 2009 and right about now we should all be going into super happy Halloween mode while we try and find the perfect Halloween Costume for the year. So to help narrow down your choices I present to you the official Mable’s 2009 Top Halloween Costume List. It’s full of the best, sexiest, and most popular costume ideas for everyone in the family.

We broke it down into Men’s Women’s Boys and Girls featuring the top 5 costumes from each group. Check out the sneak peak for each group.

Whether you need an awesome costume idea or are just curious about what the trends will be like this Halloween, check out our entire Halloween costume section.

Willy Wonka Costume: Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder?

Willy Wonka CostumeWilly Wonka is the legendary candy man who in 2005 made a comeback to take a new twist on the mysterious chocolate factory. Johnny Depp starred as Wonka in the 2005 remake, but the new look didn’t seem to sit well with everyone who watched it. Although there are many big fans of the remake out there who enjoy dressing as the new Willy Wonka.

For the old school fans out there be sure to check out Mable’s Willy Wonka Costume page to find the more colorful Gene Wilder / 1971 rendition of Willy Wonka. You could even call it the original Willy Wonka costume, but stores call it the Candy Man costume.

More options and even high-end hand made costumes can be found on eBay.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman CostumeIt’s all about the little things that really make a Halloween costume “the best costume ever.” Case in point; our post about Wonder Woman Underoos and the new for 2009 Wonder Woman Wig.

Both are the perfect accessory to your Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween and any other day of the year.

Sexy tip: Wear your Wonder Woman underoos underneath your costume and when the night is over some lucky Halloween goer gets to see the sexy side of the Amazon Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Hot Halloween Costumes for 2008

2008 Top Halloween Costumes
Guess what we’ve been doing lately? Just like every September and October, our brains and lives get totally into Halloween mode while we work on our Halloween Costume section and our Halloween website. After a ton of research and harnessing our Halloween Super Senses, we’ve completed our Hot Halloween Costumes List for 2008! It’s full of the best, most popular costume ideas for everyone in the family;

  • Girls Costumes
  • Boys Costumes
  • Women Costumes
  • Children Costumes

Whether you need an awesome costume idea or are just curious about what the trends will be like this Halloween, check out our list! If you’re a big Halloween fan like us, be sure to visit our other site 365 Halloween and subscribe to the RSS feed. When October rolls around we don’t do much else besides keep updated every day, so it’s always lively over there!

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