Retro Rocket Shaped Cocktail Shaker

Rocket ShakerLooking for the perfect retro inspired cocktail shaker? Blast off with this swanky 1950s rocket shaped cocktail shaker, and just sit back and enjoy the ride…

Made of stainless steel and able to hold 24 ounces of the “rocket fuel” of your choice, this cocktail shaker is ready to launch you and your party guests back to a more space-fascinated time.

$34.99 @ ModCloth

Nature Inspired Home Decor

serving platter
When it comes to beauty you really can’t improve on nature. Have you seen Root of the Earth? Such a perfect example. They’re home decor accents carved from a single piece of wood, and they are just stunning. Each one is totally unique.

My favorite is the serving platter, because the shape and size make it so versatile. We have a constant supply of fresh fruit at our house, and I love how this tray cradles them with its swirling wood grain. Makes fruit and veg look like a boho centerpiece. Instant cute, zero effort ;)

While the unique design of these natural products is rather rustic and earthy, just a few simple flowers transforms them into sophisticated pieces of art. Can you imagine how gorgeous the baskets would look full of fresh herbs or blooms from your garden?! Or how the wine caddy would lend a relaxed feel to a room with beachy decor? Any of the pieces could add warmth and grounding to an otherwise pristinely decorated room. Thanks to mother nature – and your creativity – the options are truly endless.

serving traybowlsbasketswine caddy

Automatic Pet Feeders and Water Fountains

The Microchip Activated Pet Feeder.
Like so many of our readers, the Mable’s Crew does a bit of traveling for both pleasure and business. Even when we’re at home we tend to take frequent trips that can last most of the day. Before discovering automatic pet feeders and pet drinking fountains, this always caused a problem for our cats, who insist on timely meals! We’d come home and have 3 antsy cats circling our feet, meowing continuously until we refilled their food and water dishes. Thank goodness for automatic pet feeders, amirite?

Healthy Pet Water Station, MediumConvenience is definitely a key selling point for these pet products, but better pet health and longevity are also very important to note. As is common with male cats, our 2 boys (Mable, our namesake, and mc chris) were having urinary tract problems, and after purchasing a pet drinking fountain they began drinking TONS more water and their health problems have since disappeared.

Good To Know: If you are feeding your cat or dog dry food such as kibble, then their lifespan is being reduced simply due to the reduction of water intake. Automatic drinking fountains can increase your pet’s water intake several times over their usual consumption “thereby reducing the risk of urinary tract infection and kidney disease”. It’s a very small investment with huge payoffs for you and your companion animals.

A little PSA: If you are gone for more than a couple days, please ensure that you have someone come over to interact with, and checkup on your pets health and safety. No matter how unsocial your pets can be, animals don’t like sudden changes and even a reclusive cat may tear up your house in protest!

Cupcakes Fit in Stockings. Awesome.

robots and cupcakes? Robots and Cupcakes. File this combo under Why The Fluff Not?
Or Deliciously Dangerous.

New gadgets roll out so fast that it’s hard to remember a life where I couldn’t bake up a half dozen mini cupcakes in 5 minutes.

And someday, your robot nanny will sit your child on it’s knee and explain that we used ovens for cooking before lasers became the norm. Ahhh, progress.

Here are a few of the electronic-bakery highlights;

$3.49 – $44.99

mini cupcake maker brain cupcake mold kit teacupcake molds robot cupcake mold

Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillows from Heaven

Tempur-Pedic Neck PillowThank all that is good and holy for Tempur-Pedic. Fo’ real.

Since 2001, Team Mable has been getting a restful nights sleep thanks to the Tempur-Pedic neck pillow. We want to share this with you because it’s turned out to be one of the best purchases we’ve made in the last decade. Waking up with less stress in your neck and stiffness all over is a mighty great feeling.

We don’t spend the night anywhere without making sure to bring our contoured neck pillows. They have traveled with us to 10 countries, on trains, planes, cruise ships, cars, hotel rooms, and the guest rooms of friends and family. It doesn’t matter how full our luggage is: our Tempur-pedic pillows are mandatory for travel.

These Tempur-Pedic pillows are designed for maximum pressure relief, and the pillow sizes are custom fit to cradle your neck at the proper angle and conform to your head while you sleep. It seems so simple and I’ve tried recreating it by folding an edge of normal pillows, but it’s definitely not the same. You actually do wake up with noticeably less tension and stress in your neck. It’s one of those things you just have to experience to believe. As an added bonus the included hypo-allergenic velour covers are dust mite resistant. Take that, bed bugs!

Of course the ultimate would be to get the Tempur-Pedic mattress so your entire body is supported by NASA-developed “Visco elastic” material. Along with being ultra comfortable, “studies show that Tempur-Pedic mattress reduces tossing and turning by 83 percent. You can try the mattress for 90 days, risk-free.

Since there are no inner springs to worry about, Tempur-Pedic beds are maintenance-free. You don’t even need to flip or turn the mattress, and it’s guaranteed to perform for 20 years.” This has been on my personal wishlist for several years, and I’d love to try it out. With the 90 day trial, maybe now is the time.

Do you sleep on any Tempur-Pedic products? How have they affected your sleep?

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15% Off Water Ionizer Sale Going on Now

** SALE: Use coupon code genesis15 to save 15% **

genesis platinum water ionizer sale

Just over a year ago, I talked about the Genesis Water Ionizer in the post Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?. I shared the personal story of my in-laws, who introduced me to ionized water:

All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water/filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they ‘felt hydrated for the first time ever’, and the water was even ‘much easier to drink’.

I’ve got good news. Now it’s your turn to try.

The once a year water ionizer sale is ON.

Save 15% on the Genesis Platinum water ionizer. Use coupon code “genesis15″.

If you have questions – and I mean any questions at all – about ionized water, email me at .

I have been a solid gold fan of my water ionizer for over a year. Ask me anything, because I wanna help you feel healthy and vibrant, too :)

Buy Now

Easy Garlic Prep for Garlic Lovers

Combo Garlic Grater & garlic press If I had to choose my favorite spicing or flavor, I’m pretty sure I’d choose garlic. It’s delicious, and the health benefits of garlic are endless: great for your heart, metablolisim, keeping your cholesterol down, healing infections, and preventing the “big c”.

I bet garlic is a staple in your cooking, too, isn’t it? You know it can be tricky to prepare; peeling, chopping, mincing, and clean up can get so tedious. I use garlic in my kitchen almost everyday, so I needed to find a way to make garlic prep easier on myself.

There are a LOT of options available, and through trial and error I’ve found that only a few products work well.

Do you hate cleaning a garlic press as much as I do? The Garlic Card may have been invented specifically for us. You just rub a peeled garlic clove against the card and it creates a finely grated puree. To clean, just run under the faucet and BAM it’s clean. No picking to get little bits out of a garlic press…

OXO Garlic Press But if you have the OXO Garlic Press, the clean up is tons easier. Outside of the Pampered Chef and Rösle garlic presses (which are both quite expensive), the OXO is the only garlic press that really works well. Unlike many other brands, even large cloves won’t squish up and out from the sides. Now you can mince my garlic in an instant, and cleaning the press out isnt a hassle either. Thanks to the little reverse cap, you can “flush” out garlic skin and other junk that you couldn’t mince. I love the fact it’s heavy duty steel, and I know I wont ever have to replace it. :)

Now go forth, fellow garlic luvahs, and spice to your heart’s content.


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I Have Other Ideas for the Bed Wedge

bed wedge system for sleeping better... and a varied sex life!I’m getting an idea and it’s going like this:

“Hey doc, I wake up with super stiff muscles. It’s effecting my work performance and quality of life. Definitely.”

That’s when doc writes a note and the insurance company ponies up for one of the ungainly named “Contoursleep Bed Wedge Systems“.

And that’s how I get free adult furniture. That I can comfortably sleep on, too.

What part of that isn’t genius?

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No Fry Corndog Maker: Carnival Food for Breakfast?

no fry corndog maker

You know what’s in a hot dog, right? Good. So, wanna keep your veggie dogs in the “healthy” zone? But maybe you’re dreaming of fair style deep fried food on a stick lately? Someone has heard your prayers. The “No Fry Corn Dog Maker” is just as marvelous as it sounds.

Quickly create a healthier and tastier treat in three steps; prepare your favorite batter, dip in your food of choice, and bake them in the easy to clean (non-stick) snack maker.

Here are some suggestions from the web store: pizza roll cheese sticks, breakfast pancake sausage rolls and even CANDY BARS on a stick! If you can dip it in batter and put it on a stick our new No Fry Corn Dog Maker can take care of the rest! What a guarantee.

Includes 24 sticks and a recipe book with a classic corn dog recipe.

Some of the customer reviews were so emphatic and excited that I had to share. Awesome how much happiness some baked corndogs can produce…

I love to use this to create quick gluten free corn dogs. Which in the store are very expensive and not that tasty. I just kept working with the recipe until I came up with the one I love. Thank You for this product!

The best thing I have come up with so far to make in this machine is pancakes + sausages on a stick. Delicious. Try it!

Too cute…used it to make little twinkies

Vegan corndogs! Yesss!!!!

Best thing ever!

What no-fry food combos are your favorite?

Candeloo Lamps – Rechargable Lights

Candeloo Rechargeable Lamps

At first, I wasn’t very impressed with the idea of a portable, rechargeable light. Big whoop, so you can walk around with it, right? Well after reading about the benefits, the facts made me think otherwise. We featured the Nightmare Snatcher Journals and how they can help kids over come their fears of having bad dreams, but this can help kids with their fear of darkness.

Candeloo Lamps can be left by the bed as a night light, because they are portable. If kids need to find the bathroom at night, they can bring this cool lamp with them to ward off any monsters hiding in the hallways.

What, you don’t have a monster problem?

I’m remembering how, as a kid, the bathroom was on the other side of the house from my room. I definitely would have definitely used one of these, had they been invented in the mid to late 80′s. If I had one of these portable rechargeable lamps with me I wouldn’t have felt the need to run past all those scary shadows in the middle of the night.

But don’t worry parents and other grown-ups, they are also useful for when you have to get up for a midnight snack and the main lights are just too much for those sensitive eyes of yours.

They can also be set to pulse gently helping those restless ones get to sleep a little easier. As an added bonus these Candeloo Lamps are kid safe because there are no exposed electrical contacts. When you’re not using them just place them back on their charging base and they will recharge without any further switch flipping or button pushing. They’ve been featured by Wired magazine and Parenting Magazine (just to name a few) and come in various colors.


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