Extra 25% off Modern Kids Clothing from Tea Collection

Hey moms: got wanderlust in your heart? We have to introduce you to our new friend, Tea! We just discovered their globally-inspired line of modern kids clothing, and the world-changers behind it. I think you’ll love them, too :)

Right now Tea Collection is having their semi-annual sale.

Because life is good and you deserve it, Tea is also offering an EXTRA 25% off already discounted clothing with promo code SUMMER25.

This beautiful deal is good now through Sunday, July 1st at 11:59 pm PST.

Welcome to caring and creation. Discovery and exuberance. Welcome to inspiration and connection. Welcome to our world. Welcome to your world. Like you, we were born to explore it, to experience it with every bit of our souls. ~ Tea

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Colorful New Friends For Your Little Girls

blabla cat toy
Looking for a fool-proof “become her favorite new toy” gift? These uniquely handmade dolls from BlaBlah seem to have magic powers over kids. If you’ve got a little girl 6 months or older, she will love these dolls. They’re hand knit from super soft, 100% cotton in South America using Fair Trade practices. No hard parts and parents love that they’re machine washable.

Sharing snippets of juicy reviews is my new favorite thing… because people are finally leaving really helpful reviews!

Hey, who spilled common sense all over the Interwebs?


I have to say when I first saw these cats, I didn’t get it. They seemed a little simplistic and overpriced. The only thing that convinced me to get them were the scores of positive reviews. They were right! Little ones love these toys. They are used as pillows by both of my girls nightly. And they wash up great in the washer and dryer (even though it says air dry, I dry on the lowest level and they come out perfect).

The colors are very vibrant and wherever we go we get compliments on him, that’s right, he goes everywhere with us! He was a great addition to our family and I am sure he will be a treasured toy in the years to come.

My daughter loves her and has slept with her every night since she got her. I think we have a doll that is going to last a very long time. I would definitely buy another one as a gift.

From the moment [he] came out of the box it has been true love. He has been dragged, thrown, hugged, drooled on, snoozed on, given Cheerio’s and sips of milk, even spit up on and has held up wonderfully.

My little girl absolutely loves this doll! She sleeps with it everynight and takes it with her everywhere she can.

Candeloo Lamps – Rechargable Lights

Candeloo Rechargeable Lamps

At first, I wasn’t very impressed with the idea of a portable, rechargeable light. Big whoop, so you can walk around with it, right? Well after reading about the benefits, the facts made me think otherwise. We featured the Nightmare Snatcher Journals and how they can help kids over come their fears of having bad dreams, but this can help kids with their fear of darkness.

Candeloo Lamps can be left by the bed as a night light, because they are portable. If kids need to find the bathroom at night, they can bring this cool lamp with them to ward off any monsters hiding in the hallways.

What, you don’t have a monster problem?

I’m remembering how, as a kid, the bathroom was on the other side of the house from my room. I definitely would have definitely used one of these, had they been invented in the mid to late 80′s. If I had one of these portable rechargeable lamps with me I wouldn’t have felt the need to run past all those scary shadows in the middle of the night.

But don’t worry parents and other grown-ups, they are also useful for when you have to get up for a midnight snack and the main lights are just too much for those sensitive eyes of yours.

They can also be set to pulse gently helping those restless ones get to sleep a little easier. As an added bonus these Candeloo Lamps are kid safe because there are no exposed electrical contacts. When you’re not using them just place them back on their charging base and they will recharge without any further switch flipping or button pushing. They’ve been featured by Wired magazine and Parenting Magazine (just to name a few) and come in various colors.


Toy of the Year 2009: BuckyBalls are Magnetic!

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building SpheresRolling Stone magazine named BuckyBalls “Toy of the Year” for 2009 and now it’s your turn to have some addicting magnetic fun.

They’re kinda like legos with all the shapes you can make, but they are complete spheres, and they stick to each other, or your refrigerator, super easy. Made from rare earth magnets they are super powerful and super addictive some people even forget their cigarette addiction. Whaa!?!

Buy your set of 216 Bucky Balls from ThinkGeek today. Watch the video to learn more about how awesome these little shiny balls really are.

More hands on video action of Bucky Balls available at PerpetualKid. Only$29.95!

Shop for more Science themed Geek Toys ->

3D Spherical Labyrinth: The Superplexus

The Superplexus Spherical Labyrinth.Let’s take a look in the “oh oh oh! gimme gimme, I neeeeed it, I’m sure” category. Here we are: A $30,000 humongous three dimensional spherical labyrinth aptly titled “The Superplexus”. Check it out.

It’s large, 36 inches in diameter, and holds a hand made wooden track longer than a football field if laid out flat. The object, like other labyrinths, is to roll the marble from one end of the track to the other without falling off the track. I particularly admire the “complex network of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin turns, spirals, and staircases–even a vortex.” Wow a vortex! I’m stoked already!

More importantly I saw a tie-in with autistic/spectrum kids when I read ” … [this] challenges the limits of your manual dexterity and spatial understanding …” from Hammacher. This relates to how Google has found that “people with autism tend to be visually and spatially gifted” from their SketchUp 3D software.

How’s that for awesome? I say let’s all buy one right now!
Plus Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Hammacher Schlemmer with Code: FEBSHIPS – Limited Time Offer What are you waiting for?

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Fashion Math: Socks That Come in Threes

houndstooth unique sockssexy unique over the knee socks

Could three mis matched socks be the perfect stocking stuffer? What first sounds like a typo is actually a clever way to get more out of your wardrobe.

Everything from Little Miss Matched is more than meets the eye. Coordinating prints and colors are the secret. The best example is the Bed in a Bag – which uses reversible sheets and pillows – creates up to 192 combinations. Most of the items are for girls, but there are sizes from infant to adult. My favorite sock choices are the Houndstooth anklets and Black Bubble Knee Highs.

For girls who like variety, Little Miss Matched is a perfect combo.

P.S. Flat rate shipping is $5.95 on every order, no matter what the size. Yay!

socks in packs of 3

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How Star Wars Tricks Kids into Meditating

Say hello to the sneakiest and perhaps most useful “toy” a parent could want for her child:
Star Wars Force Trainer meditation tool
What could it possibly do that’s so exciting to me? It teaches kids to use the Force! Well, kinda. What it actually does is shows kids how to access their alpha brainwave state. That’s what we experience when we get “in the zone” doing something interesting, or when we enter a very peaceful meditative state. We slow down from our usual (beta) brainwave speed and experience clarity and inner calm. The Force Trainer basically teaches kids to meditate! Studies abound on how meditation – or just slowing down and “being present” – can drastically improve our health, happiness, and lives. And calmer kids equal calmer parents :)

Star Wars certainly doesn’t explain the product this way, but look at the kid’s face in the commercial. That’s one chill padawan.

In case you’re wondering more about the technical details, here’s how it works:

“The wireless headset reads your brainwaves through dry sensor technology and can determine the differences between alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves. This allows a chip inside the Force Trainer to use an algorithm to interpret the data and translate it to physical action, which in this case moves the Training Sphere into different sections of the cylinder.”

$89 (was $119.99)

Zero Waste Lunch: Reusable Lunch Bags

Eco-Friendly Reusable Lunch Sacks and other green optionsZero Waste Lunch SackDid you know that, on average, kids throw away 67 pounds of trash every year from their school lunches? This costs schools much needed funds to collect and dispose of that trash, as well as being a huge ecological problem. (I wonder how much adults throw away during lunch.) But we can quickly make lunch time a lesson in zero waste. Participate in the Zero Waste Lunch program by bringing your lunch, and your childrens’ lunches, in stylish and reusable bags. Check out some tips to follow that will help reduce the amount of trash purchased, created, and needlessly thrown away.

Nubius Organics Zero Waste Lunch bagFor those that want to invest in a quality reusable bag we recommend checking out Nubius Organics’ zero waste lunch section. They feature a stylish line of insulated, reusable totes for transporting your lunch as well as some large bags that are made of recycled plastic bottles. Most, if not all, of their bags/totes are PVC free, teflon free, and lead free so you know your food is safe from toxins.

Nubius Organics also carries another Mable’s favorite: the Laptop Lunch System. Made famous by the Vegan Lunchbox Blog.

Grow Green with Organic Eco-friendly Herb Garden

Organic DIY Herb GardenWe’ve mentioned personal gardens before; AeroGarden, Miniature Garden, Organic Dwarf Lemon Tree, Garden Fort, etc., but none were soooo eco-friendly they came in a biodegradable pot! Ha!

These 100% biodegradable pots are made from renewable grain husks, are certified organic, and will hold their shape and size for about 5 years. That’s a long time to grow some delicious herbs. As an added Green bonus, by growing plants indoors they will convert the CO2 you expel into Oxygen for your lungs. Yay for synergy!

Order yours today and choose between Lemon Basil, Lavender, Oregano or Parsley. Remember you can always pick up your own seeds from somewhere else and use those in these organic biodegradable pots. These make great green gifts for teachers, and families with kids to help show us all what goes into growing food.


Find more green growing gifts in our Plants and Gardening gifts section.

Unexpected Green Gifts

Back to Basics LogoMany of us think of everyday items like a car, clothes, electrical devices, etc. when we think of a green gift. Mable’s wants to expand your thinking to notice the things that are eco-friendly without the added manufacturing and marketing.

This blog post we are featuring Back to Basics Toys because, they carry a vast amount of wooden toys and games that aren’t just fun, but also educational and award winning. But, how is a wood toy more green?

Reasons why Wood is Good: Longevity of items (say no to planned obsolescence) , Perfect for your child’s development, Non toxic material, and many are American made, which avoids the need for shipping overseas.

Mable’s wants to remind you that everyday is Earth day and every decision we make has an effect, so let’s do the best we can everyday.

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