Get In Shape: New Year’s Resolutions

Get In Shape: New Year’s ResolutionsWith last year just days away, you’ve probably got New Year’s resolutions on the brain. Amirite? There’s definitely something about a fresh calendar year that jump starts our desire to make positive changes. Being surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers who are also brainstorming ways to improve makes this an especially ideal time for such endeavors. Bonus!

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of the most popular New Years resolutions in a new series of blog posts. Be sure to come back and let us know which of the featured resolutions that you will be committing to, or to suggest tips for sticking to new resolutions.

The most popular New Years resolution is always… drumroll please… Get In Shape!
There are countless ways to do this, and here are a few of my favorite tips and fitness products.

Get Fit this year

The best in-person fitness option is Groupon
Seriously, Groupon just obliterates your excuses for not trying something new.
The discounts are insane, and you get lots of local options to choose from.
Bootcamps, personal trainers, and unlimited fitness classes for a month are just a few of the fitness related Groupons I’ve seen listed.
Why not try a new style of exercise this year? Who knows, maybe you’re a Capoeira master and you just don’t know it yet ;)

Xbox 360 plus Kinect
The best at-home fitness option is a Kinect.
An Xbox 360 with Kinect was totally The Best gift I got this Christmas!
Nike+ Kinect and Hip Hop Dance Experience are my favorites for straight up fitness.
There’s just something about workin’ and twerkin’ at home in my undies :)
But you know what? Even the non-fitness game titles – like Adventures – give a pretty decent workout, too.
Plus, there is a huge variety of niche exercise games like Zumba, UFC training, and of course lots of dance games.

No matter what option you choose, be sure to set clear fitness goals for yourself, get plenty of rest and pure water, and maybe most importantly…

Be playful about fitness!

Studies show that when we approach a task with a playful mentality – also called “beginners mind” – we reach our goals faster and have a better time along the journey.

So speak kindly to yourself as you’re transforming your body, and remember to approach exercise like a game.
You’ll have more fun :)

New Year’s Resolutions

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Do What You Love & Feel Good Doing It

You ARE awesome. Believe.Follow your joy” is amazing advice. That’s how we find out who we truly are and what we really love… and we get to have a great time in the process. We have been following our joy, which has meant putting effort in new places. That also means that things we used to really love – like blogging about cute indie & vintage products – are not being worked on much right now. And you know what? That’s totally OK.

But yesterday I surprised myself with an idea for that was actually a joy to work on. On the left side of the site I swapped out the rotating banner ads and replaced them with positive affirmations. No products or services to promote: just some much needed positive thinking for anyone who stops by. In sales, making the customer feel genuinely good about herself is rare. It’s more profitable to use fear so a person feels (subconsciously or consciously) like a dork who needs to shop herself to perfection.

So take a deep breath… and enjoy these reminders of how awesome and loved you are. All is well.

To see all 5 messages, visit any of the category pages on and take a look at the left hand side;

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And Now for Something Completely Different

Integrity - artwork by Frederic TerralThe title of this post is very accurate. Whether you’ve been to Mable’s blog before or are a new visitor, you’re about to read something a bit different than the usual company or shopping blog. We’re about to get really honest.

Next month will mark Mables’ 2 year anniversary of blogging. It’s been a fun journey, full of interesting products and sales, as well as a learning experience for us personally. And like everything in life, this blog is not static; every post is an evolution of sorts. We’ve been brainstorming about possibilities for growth on and today we’re proud to announce the next step for us. We’re changing the way that we write so that each post is really representative of products and innovations that we feel are important to talk about. Our focus on “Unique Gifts” hasn’t really been specific enough. It’s allowed us to talk about everything from handmade Valentines to replica jewelry and even blogs as gifts. Initially, we wanted to cover those diverse topics so we could offer “something interesting for everybody”. After 2 years of blogging like that we realized it just wasn’t us. That’s not what we genuinely want Mable’s to be. We quit our day jobs so we could be pioneers, not take the path of least resistance.

Starting today, Mable’s Unique Shopping Blog will become more focused on the topics we most enjoy and find important. For better or worse, it will also be written very honestly. In the real world we shoot from the hip, and our blog is really going to reflect that. We’ve always been a bit unconventional, but radical honesty is our goal now. In a world where it seems like every inch of space and every opinion is for sale, we want to be a transparent alternative. If we hear about a really great sale at Giant Company X, will we still let our readers know? Sometimes, but most of the time we will be writing about eco-friendly products and technologies, vintage items, independent companies, and a few geeky gadgets. These are our passions, and we’re choosing to follow them. Several of the blog categories might end up becoming a little bare, but we’ll really fill up the other categories to make up for it.

We hope you’ll join us for this new adventure. Come by and watch our progress, let us know how we’re doing, and share your links to other organizations or people who are trying to blog this way. We’re not sure what the outcome will be, but it’s a risk we’re excited to take. One final question: what do we call this kind of online communication? Blogging with Integrity? Honest Blogging? Blogging From the Hip? What are your thoughts?

* Integrity image courtesy of Right Brain Terrain, creators of amazing Alternative Motivational Posters

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Step One to Becoming a Super Hero

Sorry we’ve been away for a while, but we got sick and had to wait it out with lots of movies and sleep. It’s the time of year again when a lot of people get sick, so we thought we could help others and remind ourselves on how to prevent a surprise illness as well as treat some common issues with homeopathic remedies.

Native Remedies has some excellent tips on strengthening your immune system. Along with their very popular ImmunityPlus herbal remedy they also note that sufficient exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, quality sleep, good hygiene, are essential to a strong immune system. Native Remedies sets themselves apart from other online stores like theirs by providing lots of very useful info related to the product/illness. It’s almost like reading a Wiki on the ailments that tells you why it’s happening, how you can prevent it next time, and what to do about it now. They are also full of glowing reviews from real customers, and it appears a lot of them are repeat customers. Native remedies also has an ongoing great value on pretty much any product they carry of buy 2 get 1 free.

Already sick? Here are some remedies for some of the most popular ailments.
Throat and Tonsil Dr.: for the natural treatment of throat infections, including Tonsillitis.
ComfiCoff: a complex remedy containing both herbal and homeopathic ingredients combined in therapeutic dosages to provide rapid and effective relief of congestion and phlegm.
KiddieVom Sprinkles: combines 100% safe and natural herbal and homeopathic ingredients that support the digestive process and relieves nausea and vomiting in children.

For proven, effective and safe natural remedies to anything from bed wetting to joint relief remember to visit and bookmark Native Remedies.

So now that you have all this info, you can see that preventing illness is a key component to being a super hero. Have you ever seen Superman sick or Wonder Woman too ill to fly her invisible plane? OK then, step one complete.

Mable’s Website Redesign

New redesignHey everyone, it’s finally here: our new website design! The blog looks the same, but the rest of the site? Totally redesigned, all new gift ideas. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out! (Here’s a “before” shot for comparison.) After our Halloween season host duties were done at 365 Halloween, we started working behind the scenes here, which is why things have been a little slow since October. We had hoped to get the site launched by December 1st, but we kept programming more features and adding more products and coupon codes until, oops, December 12th! Anyway, please let us know what you think and if you run into any snags. We still have a lot of old content to migrate so some of the pages will still have the old design, but otherwise everything should be working smoothly.

Now that we’re (mostly) finished with that task, we’ll be posting a lot of new holiday gift ideas and green holiday tips, so come be sure to come back daily or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Pirate Week @ Mable’s Blog

pirates of the caribbean at world's end premier at disneylandAt World’s End, the final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is less than a week away! Yesterday was the unconventional world premier, which was held at Disneyland, and many of the stars were in attendance. Tickets were sold to the public at a whopping $1,500 a piece, with proceeds benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

For the rest of us, we still have about 5 days left of waiting (or 4 and some change if you hit up a night-time showing on Thursday). To further add to the anticipation and excitement, and to speed the week along, next week is Pirate Week at Mable’s Blog. From Monday through Friday we’ll be blogging about “salty old pirates” and all the savvy merchandise they have spawned. Who doesn’t need a little more adventure in her life? So join us May 21-25 for a week of pirate booty!

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10% Off + $1 shipping at Overstock


For some people, Overstock is like crack. Like eBay, their inventory is constantly changing and often available only in small quantities. You have to keep checking back to see what new discounts and coupons are available, otherwise you might miss The Deal. Overstock fanatics and newbies alike can rejoice at the O Day Sale going on the next 4 days. Get %10 off your purchase, plus pay just $1 for shipping.

Sale runs 4/27/07 – 4/30/07 @ 11:59 PM MST

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Cheap Cheap! 100 gifts under $10

We love Rare Bird Finds. They bring us the best in fresh, new, gifty type items and always have a new gift guide or contest. Right now they’re featuring 100 unique gift ideas, all at $10 or less. If you’ve got a birthday, anniversary, or other gift-worthy event coming up, but are low on funds then head over to their 100 Goodies Under $10 guide. Savvy visitors might even recognize a couple products that have previously been featured on Mable’s. Hey, great minds think alike!

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