Top 6 Back to the Future Shirts, In Order of Redonkulousness

What makes us 80′s Babies so crazy for time travel?
How come we still watch Back to the Future with wide eyes and hope in our hearts?

I have a theory: Cuz we know time travel is legit.
Something in our late 20th century DNA whispers “that could be you warping through Space-Time…

So in honor of my redonkulous theory, I present to you…

The Top 6 Back to the Future Shirts, In Order of Redonkulousness

Flux Capacitor shirt
The Flux Capacitor! Doc Brown downloaded this idea in a vision after he whacked his head on the sink.
It’s what makes time travel possible, and when it’s in t-shirt form, it’s how Back to the Future nerds identify one another.

Keep Calm and Save The Clock Tower shirt
Keep Calm and Save The Clock Tower! Ya see what they did thurr? I can’t recall any British influence in the BTTF trilogy, but this mashup t-shirt doesn’t care. It’s calmly riding a trend while looking bright and bold.

Distressed Vintage Delorean shirt
Distressed Vintage Delorean! This shirt is SO committed to reproducing the time travel aesthetic that it comes seriously pre-aged. Based on the 100+ positive customer reviews, I’d say it’s doing a good job.

Triangle Delorean shirt
Triangle Delorean! This is my personal fave, because I’ll be honest, I’m crazy for triangles in design. Add that to the poppin’ color combo and gently distressed printing, and I’m in time travel heaven.

Back to the Future Cafe 80's shirt
Cafe 80′s! This restaurant is such a brief joke in the second movie that you win instant Scene Points for wearing a shirt about it. For an infinitely cooler version, buy it in the biggest size possible, and either chop out an asymmetrical hem or the slice off the sleeves. Be ready to pose for more instagrams than usual.

Delorean Schematic shirt
Delorean Schematic! All hail the highly coveted yet impractical Delorean! This stainless steel beast is the most recognizable and beloved symbol for the entire trilogy. And fun fact: Whenever you wear a shirt with the schematics of a time traveling Delorean, an 80s baby gets its wings.

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Eight Hottest 80′s Cartoon T-Shirts

You’re probably not enough of an 80′s child to get all these rad references, but I’ll reveal the eight hottest 80s cartoon t-shirt list anyway. We’ve blogged about our idea of Rad 80′s Shirts before, but this time it’s official.

BEHOLD! Now announcing The eight hottest 80′s Cartoon T-Shirts ever!

There it is, the top 8 shirts that represent your Saturday morning 80′s lovin’ lifestyle. Find more at the always awesome 80′s Tees store.

Looking for more retro clothes?

Need more options for 80′s themed t-shirts? Here’s one, two, and maybe you want to cut your shirts up 80′s style like this video.

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Toy of the Year 2009: BuckyBalls are Magnetic!

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building SpheresRolling Stone magazine named BuckyBalls “Toy of the Year” for 2009 and now it’s your turn to have some addicting magnetic fun.

They’re kinda like legos with all the shapes you can make, but they are complete spheres, and they stick to each other, or your refrigerator, super easy. Made from rare earth magnets they are super powerful and super addictive some people even forget their cigarette addiction. Whaa!?!

Buy your set of 216 Bucky Balls from ThinkGeek today. Watch the video to learn more about how awesome these little shiny balls really are.

More hands on video action of Bucky Balls available at PerpetualKid. Only$29.95!

Shop for more Science themed Geek Toys ->

Start Jumping to Conclusions on Leap Year

Office Space KitIn honor of leap day I’d like to invite you all to start jumping to conclusions. Thanks to modern science we are all able to easily jump to conclusions by simply leaping forward in a particular direction. Simply amazing. Also included in the official Office Space Kit is a mini red stapler, Initech mug, TPS reports, starter “flair”, “Is this Good for the Company” sign, and a sticker for a copy machine that says “PC Load Letter.”

All this for only $12.99.

What does this mysterious “Jump to Conclusions” Mat look like? Find out.

Gadget Gift Roundup Part 1

Gadgets are a part of daily life for pretty much everybody in 2007, so gadget gifts aren’t just for computer nerds anymore! We’ve rounded up some great tech gift ideas for everyone on your list. Whether you’re shopping for a business professional, social network butterfly, or any gadget-lover in-between, keep reading for some retail inspiration.

6 Device Electronics Charger: This little beauty is going to simplify a lot of lives. It’s six tentacles contain “six adapters that fit most portable devices, allowing an entire briefcase-full of electronic office tools to be fully powered in an average of two hours”. Comes with a regular and car charger so that you can also power up on the go.

iRobot Roomba & Scooba Roomba 500 Series Robot Vacuum: It’s December 2007, and jet packs are still not available yet. The next best thing would definitely be the cleaning robots available from iRobot. Not only is the new 500 series vastly improved from earlier models, but there are also robots that mop your floors, vacuum up your shop, and clean your gutters. Also, with no AI chip* there’s no threat of your Roomba leading an electronic revolt. *(You’ll need iRobot Create developers kit for that)

Chaotic-Artistic Gadget Organizer: Shopping for an oxymoron? This beautiful tangle of wires is named Harry, and he is as unique and tech savvy as his future owner. Inside his guts you can have fun nestling not just gadgets, but keys, wallets, and whatever else you’re likely to throw on the table as soon as you get home.

DIY Laptop Sleeve/Bag: The laptop bags that we featured in our Indie Christmas part 1 post were amazing, but sometimes totally custom is the way to go. Let your laptop lover design every detail of their bag with the Skooba customizable sleeve that also cleverly transforms into a handled bag.

Bluetooth Rear View Mirror: Between cell phone laws and sloppy drivers, Bluetooth devices continue to prove themselves invaluable for traveling. The only question is, which will make you look crazier: talking to an earbud or talking to your rearview mirror?

USB Podcast Studio Kit: Blogging is so 2006. All the cool kids (and pretty much everyone else) know that podcasting is where its at. With this kit, give your nouveau podcaster “everything needed for crystal clear audio recording and editing”, packed up all cool into an aluminum briefcase.

Check back in a couple days for some last minute gift ideas in our Gadget Gift Roundup Part 2.

The 8-Bit Tie for those 8-Bit Gamers

8-Bit Tie from ThinkGeekRemember the 8-bit days of running and jumping from left to right and trying to avoid those carnivorous plants that arose from sewer pipes? Yeah me too. I was a rough life. Well fast forward 2 decades or so and now we are dealing with wireless controllers with like 8x more buttons and visual effects that we swear look totally real. If you or someone you know likes to reminisce of the simple 8-bit days then this pixelated style clip-on tie, dubbed The 8-Bit Tie, is a unique gift sure to be enjoyed. It has a silk-like feel, and each one is handmade for that special touch. Wear it with a button up, regular t-shirt, or snap it on your dog, where ever it goes it screams video game nostalgia and lets others know you are an old school techie fan.

For other novel ties with a techie flair check out ThinkGeek’s “Ties Suck” Tie and their Power Tie.

IM IN UR (noun) (verb)ING UR (second noun)

i'm in ur shirt, spreading ur meem You know you’re an Internet nerd when you actually LOL at shirts like this… which I did. Several times. Internet memes spread like wildfire, taking a decently funny or interesting idea and morphing them into something even better. A joke is always more enjoyable when you can look around the room (metaphorically, when it comes to Internet stuff) and see that other people get it, too. Internet memes are like that. Now that Think Geek has made a writable/washable shirt about it, it probably qualifies for the Internet Meme Hall Of fame. The possibilities are endless with this phrase (as seem in the galleries linked below), so get creative and be sure to keep the included marker handy. As TG says “Bored with what you wrote this morning? Throw the shirt in the wash and think up a new saying. It’s like Mad Libs meets Photoshop in a head-to-head deathmatch on your chest.” Yep, it’s exactly like that. You can also just use water and wipe the marker off, for rapid-fire slogan changing.


iPod Converter: Upload any media to your iPod

The One-Touch Any-Media iPod Uploader.Do you have a bunch of CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl, VHS tapes, etc. that you want converted to digital format for future preservation? This iPod converter can convert any media directly to your iPod (video or otherwise). Although this is aimed directly at the iPod enthusiast it can be extremely useful to anyone who wants to convert their media to digital format (MP3 for audio and MPEG4 for video).

Simply plug your audio or video device in the iPod converter with the included RCA connections (add S-video for video conversion), and plug the other end into your iPod or USB hard drive and press the magic button. Voila! Now your media has been converted to digital for you to listen, edit, or watch on your computer or iPod.

I envision this being plugged into a 250GB external hard drive and converting an entire music collection (vinyl, tapes, CDs, etc) plus old family videos (VHS, DVD, etc) directly to the external hard drive. Then plug that external drive into your PC and enjoy. Imagine all the space you can save if you converted all your VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and vinyl to digital format (MP3 for music and MPEG4 for video).


Celebrate 30 Years of Star Wars with Cake!

Darth Vader Cake PanIf you haven’t already noticed it’s the 30th anniversary of Star Wars (1977-2007); so we all have a reason to celebrate the entire year. Well, at least Star Wars fans, like myself, have a reason to. What’s the universal sign of celebration? Cake! Everyone loves cake, and most people love Star Wars, and I just want to bring those two things together.

If one were so inclined they could adorn their Star Wars costume and fly hundreds of miles to the official Celebration IV to be surrounded by Force sensitive people and the creators of Star Wars. Or perhaps you can join me and others with bad motivators and just buy a Star Wars cake pan off eBay and celebrate at home with friends and family.

Boba Fett cake panI can envision multiple weekends being filled with Star Wars movies and cartoons coupled with delicious cake shaped and frosted like Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Boba Fett, and more.

Does your sweet tooth require more than just cake? Check out the Star Wars cookbook or the Star Wars Party Book and supplement your celebration with Wookie cookies and other Galactic specialties.

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Heat Sensitive LED Faucet Light

LED Faucet LightEver used your sink directly after someone else and were unpleasantly surprised with scalding hot water? Well now you can color code your water with this heat sensitive LED faucet adapter from ThinkGeek. Just to state the obvious; red water means hot (89 degrees or higher) and blue means cold.

I’m a little leary about the fact that this extends your faucet quite a bit (2.25 inches), but if you have the room in your sink, then I’d definitely join the cool kids on the block and get one. Midnight trips to the bathroom, tooth brushing, even simple face washing would become fun just by using this technological marvel. This LED faucet light attachment comes with two universal adapters for use with almost any standard faucet in the USA. Be sure to check out the customer action shots to see all the fun others are having.

$12.99 – $19.99

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