If you kick sand on my towel one more time…

sandless towel means beach fun

There you are, on a gorgeous sunny day, just trying to relax and soak up some rays… when sand starts itching it’s way onto your towel. Kids and dogs running by, or just moving around to get comfortable seems to add more sand into the mix.

I guess you just have to deal with it, right?

Nope! The military’s got you covered. Kind of.

sandless towel for awesome beach fun

This technological marvel called the Sandless Beach Mat was indeed developed by the military for landing a chopper and not blowing sand every which way. Now you can use this technology to spend an awesome day at the beach, connecting with nature, while staying comfy, too.

This sandless towel also eliminates dirt, dust, and water from its surface, so you have a perpetually clean outdoor space. Perfect for camping or watching outdoor concerts.

What, you need features? Well, it’s also strong enough to resist abrasions from outdoor furniture or pets, the towel will remain flat, and it never absorbs moisture, so it can’t grow mold or mildew.

So get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer – and all your other outdoor activities – with a sand-free smile :)

Summer Pool Party Fun For Adults

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Attention Fellow Adults Who Refuse To Grow Up!

Your inner child still wants to play. Needs to play. It’s one of those non-negotiable human needs, even if some grumpy adult tells you otherwise.

And you know the best way to satisfy the playful needs of that inner child? The fastest way to get your creative left brain firing on all cylinders, so you become a happier and more productive grown up?

MAKE BELIEVE. Imaginative play. Dressing up something mundane until it looks magical…

This pool floaty right here? Nah man, it’s an ice cream sandwich.

And, check me out, I’m floating on a freaking DONUT!

Is all this awesomeness making you thirsty? Look over there… That mini palm tree island has a drink with your name on it.

It’s all in the mindset, homies. Now make this the best summer you’ve had yet, and jump on that lazy river of melted ice cream and ride your giant donut until the sun sets…

ice cream sandwich floatydonut floatypalm tree drink island setbaseball glove pool float

FieldCandy Space Tent on Super Sale!


So Carl Jung was all about watching for synchronicity. Ya know, meaningful coincidences.

Just this morning I saw Thee Cutest tent in all of existence while skimming through tumblr.

“A tent that looks like outer space? Stop everything, I know what my summer needs!” My brain was already busy creating scenarios to prove that I did in fact need this piece of stunning camping gear.

A few hours later I got an email letting featuring The Tent of Spacey Beauty… ON SALE! Commence happy dance!

Think Geek has deliciously discounted this spacious tent as part of their super summer sale. In their words that “means it’s time to SLASH PRICES IN THE FACE!” Oh, that does have a ring to it.

What do you think of FieldCandy’s take on the classic tent? Do they inspire you to get outside and make some spacey fun?

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Water Trampolines

12-Foot Water Trampoline!
Having your very own trampoline in your front or backyard guarantees that you are one of the cool kids on the block. Surround that trampoline with a lake, and suddenly you’re a baller.

This epic water trampoline is also Guaranteed for Life! So if you and your friends get a little crazy and pop it, you get a replacement. Awesome.

The entire trampoline’s diameter is 12 feet, but the durable nylon jumping surface is a safe 6 feet in diameter. The trampoline is made of the same heavy duty materials used in life rafts and tow-ables and includes a detachable ladder and anchor.

Throw n’ Grow Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs

easy flower seed bomb
Have you ever noticed a weed growing in the sidewalk? The defiant way it springs up, surrounded by cement? Now that’s the original guerrilla gardening.

Wildflowers are notorious for “blooming where they’re planted”. Seed bombs take that idea and crank it to 11. They transform any gray urban landscape into a slice of reclaimed green space.

They come in 6 growing regions for the US; west coast, midwest, east coast, pacific northwest, southwest and southeast. Just pick the right region, throw, and your gardening is done.

Seed bombs are awesome for both gardening enthusiasts and anyone who can throw! Even kids can chuck these over a fence and watch the magic happen. Chuck a seed bomb in spring, summer, or early fall, and see what blooms.

Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

Inflatable Portable Hot Tub
“You bring the drinks, and I’ll bring the hot tub,” is the start of a beautiful night ;) Knowing you have a Lifetime Guarantee makes it all the sweeter.

This portable hot tub will inflate in ten minutes with the included motor and will filter your 250 gallons of heated water with the included pump system. Heat is controlled by a built in control panel so you don’t even have to get out of the spa to adjust it. You and three of your friends can relax comfortably on the cushioned walls and soothe those tired muscles with the heated jet action that’s comparable to permanently installed hot tubs. It’s also constructed of the same epic vinyl found in white water rafts that are meant to prevent punctures and tears in rough rocky rivers.

All you need is a hose and a space big enough to fit an 82 inch hot tub o’ fun, and you are stylin’ in no time. It’s getting to be that time of year when it gets cold at night, and I think a nice dip in this heated hot tub would be the hit of any party or just a great end to any day.

Play Nice with Spring Showers at Umbrella Heaven

umbrella heaven umbrella heaven umbrella heaven
What can you wear that matches a rainstorm? One of the gorgeous handmade umbrellas at Umbrella Heaven, of course. They contain a unique “Double-Dome wind resilience technology” and are handmade in the UK. At just $25 and up, they’re not just lovely to behold, but kind to your wallet, too. According to their bevy of customer testimonials, you’ll be smiling each time the skies turn grey. How’s that for a silver lining?

$25 and up

Are You Worthy of a Chair Fit for Royalty?

The Royalty Sports Chair.When was the last time you truly felt like royalty lounging in greatness?
Maybe it was your well worn Lazy Boy chair at home or maybe it’s your $4,000 massage chair labeled “The World’s Most Advanced Massage Chair.” Or maybe you just can’t remember that far into your past lives?

Well, relax I’m here to show you how special you really are. You deserve a a chair built for a king, and a queen. That’s right, both you and your fellow majesty can fit comfortably in this over-sized stadium style chair. Stadium style meaning; you are towering over those peasant sized chairs the normies use. And I know you, you are worried about your “help” getting hurt transporting this colossal chair for you. Well don’t fret, it comes with a duffel bag to make it easy to carry.

Plus it’s portable for all those outdoor sporting events you so effortlessly grace with your glowing presence. The lifetime guarantee lovers over at Hammacher call this the The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair, but we just call it awesome.

Men’s Sun Glasses by Dragon

Sean and I were talking about what style of sunglasses he would be sporting this summer, but the thought of retiring his good old aviators didn’t appeal to him much. However, we did end up talking about styles and brands of men’s sunglasses that are most popular in California. Many areas have their own “local heroes”, and San Diego is no exception. While Oakleys (based out of Orange County) are always a favorite, you can’t leave the house without seeing a score of men wearing Dragon sunglasses. dragon-sunglasses.jpgTruck stickers with the Dragon logo are also really popular. As it turns out, Dragon is a San Diego County (Carlsbad) based company, which explains the hometown love that the brand enjoys here. Their styles are largely designed for the sports enthusiast, so you’ll find incredibly sturdy frames that block 100% of all harmful UV and Blue Light. Wrap-around sunglasses frames are also one of their hallmarks, as are the occasional fashion forward style. There is a new 2007 model called “GG”, which is straight up 1980′s nerd style: thick two-toned coffee and bronze frames, perfect for rocking the blazer, t-shirt, and Vans look. To cater to a wider audience, they also offer more subdued, metal frame sunglasses styles. (You can see GG shown at top left, in black.)

If you’re looking for a pair of men’s Dragon sunglasses, eBay has an awesome selection. Even better, I’ve been watching auctions and you can definitely get a new pair for well below retail. Oh, the magic of eBay.

Happy Summer: get outside and stay cool

first day of summer. yah!
Can you believe it? Summer Solstice is finally here! Today is the longest day of the year (in terms of hours of sunlight, which we find to be a great gauge for awesomeness), and the official start of the summer season. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then you’ve probably got 3+ months of sunshine coming your way!

portable water misterIf you happen to live in an especially sunny climate, such as our own San Diego “300 days of sunshine” California, you might find yourself wishing for a little relief from the heat. When you’re outside and away from your air conditioned houses and cars, try using a portable mister like 8.5″ tall Cool Blast. All is takes is a superfine mist of water and you’ll be feeling 30 degrees cooler. It doesn’t even need batteries. Brilliant! They’re even on sale right now, so you can beat the heat all summer for just a few bucks.

On Sale: $14.99 or 2 for $25 (usually $20 each)

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