Mad Hatter Costumes for Men and Women

mad hatter costume men women

The Mad Hatter has been redone once again, and this time by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton in the new, darker rendition of Alice in Wonderland. This of course inspired a boat load of people to dress as their new favorite semi-scottish, all-crazy tea time friend, The Hatter!

The Mad Hatter Costume can be done is so many ways; men, women, kids, bright colors, dark colors, orange hair, white makeup, big shoes, wild patterns, the list goes on. This really is a great year to be a Mad Hatter.

I’m liking this trend of do-it-your-way costuming where we don’t stick to the exact replica of the movie, but we are encouraged to add our own flair, our own attitude, our own flavor of crazy-like-a-hatter swagger, and of course, our own futterwackin’ dance moves.

Head over to the Mad Hatter Costume page and see for yourself all the different ways to be as crazy as a Hatter!

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  1. amerikanka
    January 11th, 2011 | 4:50 am

    Mad Hatter is my hero! Maybe because I’m a little bit crazy in my life ;)

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