Summer Pool Party Fun For Adults

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Attention Fellow Adults Who Refuse To Grow Up!

Your inner child still wants to play. Needs to play. It’s one of those non-negotiable human needs, even if some grumpy adult tells you otherwise.

And you know the best way to satisfy the playful needs of that inner child? The fastest way to get your creative left brain firing on all cylinders, so you become a happier and more productive grown up?

MAKE BELIEVE. Imaginative play. Dressing up something mundane until it looks magical…

This pool floaty right here? Nah man, it’s an ice cream sandwich.

And, check me out, I’m floating on a freaking DONUT!

Is all this awesomeness making you thirsty? Look over there… That mini palm tree island has a drink with your name on it.

It’s all in the mindset, homies. Now make this the best summer you’ve had yet, and jump on that lazy river of melted ice cream and ride your giant donut until the sun sets…

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