Nature Inspired Home Decor

serving platter
When it comes to beauty you really can’t improve on nature. Have you seen Root of the Earth? Such a perfect example. They’re home decor accents carved from a single piece of wood, and they are just stunning. Each one is totally unique.

My favorite is the serving platter, because the shape and size make it so versatile. We have a constant supply of fresh fruit at our house, and I love how this tray cradles them with its swirling wood grain. Makes fruit and veg look like a boho centerpiece. Instant cute, zero effort ;)

While the unique design of these natural products is rather rustic and earthy, just a few simple flowers transforms them into sophisticated pieces of art. Can you imagine how gorgeous the baskets would look full of fresh herbs or blooms from your garden?! Or how the wine caddy would lend a relaxed feel to a room with beachy decor? Any of the pieces could add warmth and grounding to an otherwise pristinely decorated room. Thanks to mother nature – and your creativity – the options are truly endless.

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  1. October 19th, 2006 | 11:02 am

    [...] Available from Viva Terra they provide the option to get a more earthy styled bowl/pot for this dwarf lemon tree called the Root of the Earth Bowl. This earth bowl is hand-carved from discarded root balls of Chinese fir trees and comes is many sizes with each bowl unique in its carvings and shape. The dwarf lemon tree in the Root of the Earth Bowl would look great in a room with Nature inspired Home Decor and Nature inspired Runners. [...]

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