Fri 11 Jul 2014

Top 6 Back to the Future Shirts, In Order of Redonkulousness

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What makes us 80′s Babies so crazy for time travel?
How come we still watch Back to the Future with wide eyes and hope in our hearts?

I have a theory: Cuz we know time travel is legit.
Something in our late 20th century DNA whispers “that could be you warping through Space-Time…

So in honor of my redonkulous theory, I present to you…

The Top 6 Back to the Future Shirts, In Order of Redonkulousness

Flux Capacitor shirt
The Flux Capacitor! Doc Brown downloaded this idea in a vision after he whacked his head on the sink.
It’s what makes time travel possible, and when it’s in t-shirt form, it’s how Back to the Future nerds identify one another.

Keep Calm and Save The Clock Tower shirt
Keep Calm and Save The Clock Tower! Ya see what they did thurr? I can’t recall any British influence in the BTTF trilogy, but this mashup t-shirt doesn’t care. It’s calmly riding a trend while looking bright and bold.

Distressed Vintage Delorean shirt
Distressed Vintage Delorean! This shirt is SO committed to reproducing the time travel aesthetic that it comes seriously pre-aged. Based on the 100+ positive customer reviews, I’d say it’s doing a good job.

Triangle Delorean shirt
Triangle Delorean! This is my personal fave, because I’ll be honest, I’m crazy for triangles in design. Add that to the poppin’ color combo and gently distressed printing, and I’m in time travel heaven.

Back to the Future Cafe 80's shirt
Cafe 80′s! This restaurant is such a brief joke in the second movie that you win instant Scene Points for wearing a shirt about it. For an infinitely cooler version, buy it in the biggest size possible, and either chop out an asymmetrical hem or the slice off the sleeves. Be ready to pose for more instagrams than usual.

Delorean Schematic shirt
Delorean Schematic! All hail the highly coveted yet impractical Delorean! This stainless steel beast is the most recognizable and beloved symbol for the entire trilogy. And fun fact: Whenever you wear a shirt with the schematics of a time traveling Delorean, an 80s baby gets its wings.

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Tue 08 Jul 2014

Vulture Culture Vintage Shop

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vulture culture vintage

Ya know, we’ve been featuring jaw-dropping vintage stores for so many years that we’ve lost count.

But I can tell you with certainty that Vulture Culture Vintage is our best find yet!

We love em’ so much we did a fun little interview and added Vulture Culture to our elite list of Favorite Vintage Clothing Stores.

Shall we count the ways they rock our socks off?

  1. Top Rated Plus seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback = customer service champs!
  2. Been in business since 2007 so their buyers are way experienced at picking out The Goods.
  3. Founded with the vision of supporting homeless shelter animals!
  4. 10% of all vintage furs + vintage fur containing items support wildlife organizations with the intent to “respect the past, present and future”.
  5. So many big, clear, well styled photos in each auction!
  6. New retail store in Portland, IN is perfect for getting your in-person vintage clothing fix while getting a 20% discount for all clothing purchases.
  7. Styling advice via Facebook for that gorgeous vintage piece your just bought.

Take a peek at their ever-changing selection of vintage treasures and see what we mean.

And if you buy some vintage goodies, tell em’ Mable sent you ;)

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Fri 07 Sep 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Welcome September

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vintage fashion

Welcome to September, dearlove. The month of guaranteed change… The Mable’s Team just relocated to southern Florida from Orange County, CA, and we’re really feeling the shift. New time zone, totally new seasonal cycles, and oh so much curl-enhancing moisture in the air!

Ya know, among other things ;)

So what’s new with you, pussycat? Got any tales of sudden change to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

And now, the best and brightest in vintage fashion for the week…

Don’t feel like waiting until next Friday? Just follow @VintageMable on Twitter for your daily dose of vintage love.

  • LOVING the vintage swimwear from @RetroRocketGirl especially this #80s thong suit! :D
  • Hypnotic… RT @smallearthvtg: 1930s delinquents, Game of Thrones-inspired fashion & a glittery gold lipstick holder!
  • 60 days until Halloween. Excited! And a bit shocked at how the summer flew by… from @VintageMable
  • 1950s styling, midi skirts & tea length dresses from Duyos: from @natashabailie #fashion #designer
  • YES! RT @karinadej: The topic of #authenticity has been touched during every panel @ #IFBCON . Stay true to yourselves. via @thecoveted
  • Can you believe the shapes & details on these Edwardian hats?! from @adoredvintage #photography #vintage #fashion
  • Adorable progress w/ the covers! RT @retroruth: On The Blog: My Vintage Volkswagen Westfalia – Progress Report #3
  • Are you swooning over these Pastel Retro Shoes like we are? from @JoyHey #vintage #fashion
  • Kim Gordon!!! RT @slvintage: Some Like it Vintage: Trying on A Piece of Rock History #fashion

Image credit: Natasha Bailie Blog

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Fri 31 Aug 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Labor Day

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vintage fashion Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend, lovelies!

It feels like such a bittersweet time of year as the seasons start to shift and the blazing heat begins to temper itself toward Autumn. May you enjoy this gloriously hot 3 day weekend in whatever way brings you, and your loves ones, the most happiness…

Now let’s kick the party off with the week’s best and brightest in Vintage Clothes & inspirational design!

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Image credit: ccgdallas on Polyvore

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Fri 10 Aug 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Heatwave Edition

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American Archive Vintage Clothing Shop

This heat is crazy bats insane, yes?

The kinda hot that – for better or worse – melts away your worries about how you look in a pair of booty shorts!

We at Mable’s take the “what you resists, persists” approach,
and have stripped down to our vintage bikinis
while keeping our glasses of cucumber-spiked spring water full.
Oh, so refreshing.

So take a break from the sweltering temps, and enjoy the cool breeze of another hand-crafted Vintage Fashion Friday!

Don’t feel like waiting until next Friday? Just follow @VintageMable on Twitter for your daily dose of vintage love.

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Fri 03 Aug 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday

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vintage fashion friday roundup

Hello, gorgeous. Time to revel in the fresh fabulousness that is Vintage Fashion Friday!

Don’t feel like waiting until next Friday? Just follow @VintageMable on Twitter for your daily dose of vintage love.

Image credit: hayley16 on Polyvore

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Fri 27 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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vintage fashion from California Vintage Connect

Hey party people, it’s that most glorious of days again: Vintage Fashion Friday!

We’ve been scanning the horizon all week with our eagle eyes, putting together this list of vintage inspiration for you.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, share the love by sharing this post!

Don’t feel like waiting another week? Just follow @VintageMable on Twitter for your daily dose of vintage love.

Now get off that Internet contraption and go enjoy the weekend!
Hug your homies.
Bask in the sun.
Live like you mean it.

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Fri 13 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Friday the 13th Edition

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vintage fashion friday

Greetings, Magic Maker. And Happy Friday the 13th! Don’t believe the hype about today being unlucky.
In fact, Friday the 13th is an especially lucky day! So choose your own adventure by expecting good luck.
It will appear for you.

So can you believe we’ve only been doing Vintage Fashion Fridays for 1 full month now? I guess it’s like any good habit: it felt fun from day one, so we just kept at it :)

Remember, you don’t have to wait a full week to to get your fix of vintage magic.
Follow @VintageMable and feast your eyeballs on our daily finds.

Image credit: scenepanda97 on Polyvore

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Fri 06 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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Sleepyhead Vintage Shop

Oh hey, gorgeous. I’m so glad you came by! Welcome to the 3rd installment of Vintage Fashion Friday.
You know what the say: third time’s a charm ;)

If you’ve got a touch of ADD or an old-fashioned streak of impatience, you need a daily dose of vintage magic.
Follow @VintageMable to get your fix!

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Fri 29 Jun 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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vintage fashion friday

Hola, Magic-Maker! Welcome to another delightful Vintage Fashion Friday

or as I like to call it… FASHION TIME TRAVEL FRIDAY*

Don’t like waiting all week for the goods? Yah, me neither. For your daily dose of vintage awesome, follow @VintageMable on Twitter!

To all our readers in the US, enjoy the upcoming 4th of July parties. Everyone else, may your week be full of joyous festivities, too. <3

* I don’t really call it that. But maybe I should. Has a ring to it, yes?

Image credit: huichinlu on Polyvore

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