Fri 03 Jan 2014

Get In Shape: New Year’s Resolutions

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Get In Shape: New Year’s ResolutionsWith last year just days away, you’ve probably got New Year’s resolutions on the brain. Amirite? There’s definitely something about a fresh calendar year that jump starts our desire to make positive changes. Being surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers who are also brainstorming ways to improve makes this an especially ideal time for such endeavors. Bonus!

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of the most popular New Years resolutions in a new series of blog posts. Be sure to come back and let us know which of the featured resolutions that you will be committing to, or to suggest tips for sticking to new resolutions.

The most popular New Years resolution is always… drumroll please… Get In Shape!
There are countless ways to do this, and here are a few of my favorite tips and fitness products.

Get Fit this year

The best in-person fitness option is Groupon
Seriously, Groupon just obliterates your excuses for not trying something new.
The discounts are insane, and you get lots of local options to choose from.
Bootcamps, personal trainers, and unlimited fitness classes for a month are just a few of the fitness related Groupons I’ve seen listed.
Why not try a new style of exercise this year? Who knows, maybe you’re a Capoeira master and you just don’t know it yet ;)

Xbox 360 plus Kinect
The best at-home fitness option is a Kinect.
An Xbox 360 with Kinect was totally The Best gift I got this Christmas!
Nike+ Kinect and Hip Hop Dance Experience are my favorites for straight up fitness.
There’s just something about workin’ and twerkin’ at home in my undies :)
But you know what? Even the non-fitness game titles – like Adventures – give a pretty decent workout, too.
Plus, there is a huge variety of niche exercise games like Zumba, UFC training, and of course lots of dance games.

No matter what option you choose, be sure to set clear fitness goals for yourself, get plenty of rest and pure water, and maybe most importantly…

Be playful about fitness!

Studies show that when we approach a task with a playful mentality – also called “beginners mind” – we reach our goals faster and have a better time along the journey.

So speak kindly to yourself as you’re transforming your body, and remember to approach exercise like a game.
You’ll have more fun :)

New Year’s Resolutions

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Mon 21 Feb 2011

Throw n’ Grow Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs

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easy flower seed bomb
Have you ever noticed a weed growing in the sidewalk? The defiant way it springs up, surrounded by cement? Now that’s the original guerrilla gardening.

Wildflowers are notorious for “blooming where they’re planted”. Seed bombs take that idea and crank it to 11. They transform any gray urban landscape into a slice of reclaimed green space.

They come in 6 growing regions for the US; west coast, midwest, east coast, pacific northwest, southwest and southeast. Just pick the right region, throw, and your gardening is done.

Seed bombs are awesome for both gardening enthusiasts and anyone who can throw! Even kids can chuck these over a fence and watch the magic happen. Chuck a seed bomb in spring, summer, or early fall, and see what blooms.

Mon 17 Jan 2011

No Fry Corndog Maker: Carnival Food for Breakfast?

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no fry corndog maker

You know what’s in a hot dog, right? Good. So, wanna keep your veggie dogs in the “healthy” zone? But maybe you’re dreaming of fair style deep fried food on a stick lately? Someone has heard your prayers. The “No Fry Corn Dog Maker” is just as marvelous as it sounds.

Quickly create a healthier and tastier treat in three steps; prepare your favorite batter, dip in your food of choice, and bake them in the easy to clean (non-stick) snack maker.

Here are some suggestions from the web store: pizza roll cheese sticks, breakfast pancake sausage rolls and even CANDY BARS on a stick! If you can dip it in batter and put it on a stick our new No Fry Corn Dog Maker can take care of the rest! What a guarantee.

Includes 24 sticks and a recipe book with a classic corn dog recipe.

Some of the customer reviews were so emphatic and excited that I had to share. Awesome how much happiness some baked corndogs can produce…

I love to use this to create quick gluten free corn dogs. Which in the store are very expensive and not that tasty. I just kept working with the recipe until I came up with the one I love. Thank You for this product!

The best thing I have come up with so far to make in this machine is pancakes + sausages on a stick. Delicious. Try it!

Too cute…used it to make little twinkies

Vegan corndogs! Yesss!!!!

Best thing ever!

What no-fry food combos are your favorite?

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Tue 08 Apr 2008

Unexpected Green Gifts

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Back to Basics LogoMany of us think of everyday items like a car, clothes, electrical devices, etc. when we think of a green gift. Mable’s wants to expand your thinking to notice the things that are eco-friendly without the added manufacturing and marketing.

This blog post we are featuring Back to Basics Toys because, they carry a vast amount of wooden toys and games that aren’t just fun, but also educational and award winning. But, how is a wood toy more green?

Reasons why Wood is Good: Longevity of items (say no to planned obsolescence) , Perfect for your child’s development, Non toxic material, and many are American made, which avoids the need for shipping overseas.

Mable’s wants to remind you that everyday is Earth day and every decision we make has an effect, so let’s do the best we can everyday.

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Thu 03 Apr 2008

Offset Your Traveling Carbon Footprint

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Offset Your Carbon FootprintTravelocity has just made the option available to offset your carbon footprint while traveling buy making a contribution to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program. Just book your trip, add your contribution to offset your travel, then relax and enjoy your trip guilt free.

Your contribution will negate the carbon emissions created by your trip by planting a native tree on protected lands.

How much are we talking here?
$10 offsets an average trip including air travel, a one-night hotel stay, and rental car for one person.
$25 negates air travel, four-night hotel stay, and rental car for two people.

You can measure and offset a specific trip, as well as your personal daily carbon footprint, plus learn more about The Conservation Fund and Go ZeroSM at

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Fri 29 Feb 2008

Start Jumping to Conclusions on Leap Year

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Office Space KitIn honor of leap day I’d like to invite you all to start jumping to conclusions. Thanks to modern science we are all able to easily jump to conclusions by simply leaping forward in a particular direction. Simply amazing. Also included in the official Office Space Kit is a mini red stapler, Initech mug, TPS reports, starter “flair”, “Is this Good for the Company” sign, and a sticker for a copy machine that says “PC Load Letter.”

All this for only $12.99.

What does this mysterious “Jump to Conclusions” Mat look like? Find out.

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Mon 31 Dec 2007

Exciting Experience: New Year’s Resolutions

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Exciting Experience: New Year I’ve had some exciting experiences this past year, but they weren’t the awesome fun kind you can get from Signature Days or Great American Days. Most people, including myself, would like to try new things, visit new places, and learn new skills, which is exactly why these make perfect additions to our New Year’s Resolutions list.

Great American DaysThe beauty of an experience gift is that they are planned experiences and activities that can make positive changes in people’s lives. There are so many to choose from that there really is something for everyone.
Some of the more popular experiences are:
NASCAR, Dinner Cruises, Fighter Pilot, Cooking Classes, and Helicopter Tours.
Some of the more unique and unusual are:
Personal Jazz Performance, Rock ‘n Roll fantasy camp, be an Interior Designer, learn to DJ, Kids artistic discovery, and more.

Obviously these can make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just for the fun of it. These are all location based as some cities can offer certain experiences others can’t. This allows for either a truly memorable trip away from home, a fun surprise for a visiting family member, or, for those who live in big cities, just an easy way to get someone out of their house.

Signature DaysSome of my personal favorites are:
Private Raw Food Course, Vegetarian Cooking Class, Kids Drawing Class, Kids Surf Party, Stunt School, Skydiving, and Hot Air Balloon Rides. I’d look forward to any one of these experiences for myself if you are interested in buying me a gift certificate. :)

Where can I get these exciting experiences?
Great American Days and/or Signature Days. Both provide experiences as low as $50 with some experiences up into the $1000′s and both seem to have many options for many popular cities.

COUPON: Save 10% OFF at Signature Days, when you use coupon code SIGJASOND at checkout.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Mon 08 Oct 2007

Save 10% at eBeanstalk: COUPON

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A few months ago I wrote about the clever developmental toy gift packages at eBeanstalk, and have been watching for sales or coupons ever since. They’re one of those companies that just doesn’t do discounts very often, so when they e-mailed me about a 10% off coupon that’s good for just 1 week, I jumped to tell you guys about it! They just started advertising on TV so you may have heard about them that way, but eBeanstalk has been offering educational, age appropriate toys since 2005.

Amidst the recalled toy controversy, it’s nice to know that some stores will never carry items with questionable or uncertain contents. There is a new message on their homepage that says “At eBeanstalk we are dedicated to a child’s development and learning, and we never compromise a child’s safety. Rest assured that NONE of the recalled toys from Mattel or Fisher Price have ever been sold at eBeanstalk. NOT ONE.”

COUPON: Save 10% off anything on the site. Expires October 15, 2007.

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Wed 30 May 2007

Developmental Toy Gift Packages

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People tend to use the phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” metaphorically. However, eBeanstalk offers a more literal interpretation with their Gift Series, where your child receives a toy in the mail every 3 months matched to their stage of development. This idea is all kinds of brilliant!

  • For those of us without kids of our own, it can be a little tricky to select age appropriate toys for the children in our lives. You can skip the educated guesswork with the Gift Series: all the toys are hand picked by 5 child development specialists and 500 moms from around the US.
  • Same thing goes for parents or guardians who travel a lot or don’t get to visit very often. When you haven’t seen a child for a few months or when you look back on the development of your own child…they are a different child today than just a few months ago. Each toy is carefully matched with the appropriate stage of development, so you won’t end up with a gift that is too young or old for your child.
  • With the continual gift metaphor in mind, you can actually purchase a set of gifts that are delivered over time. This is the gift that actually keeps on giving.
  • Save time by purchasing a set of gifts all in one sitting. Never worry about forgetting a special date in the child’s development or having the gift arrive late.
  • If you’re the spoiling type (yes, you) then you’ll undoubtedly appreciate how easy eBeanstalk makes it to lavish gifts upon your wee ones. One purchase results in a whole years worth of gifts!
  • Best of all, of the nearly 500 quality toys available at eBeanstalk, every one is geared towards helping your child grow. Their Child Specialists identified the stages of development children grow through. They matched 7 core skills- Imagination, Education, Language, Dexterity, Locomotion, Emotion and Social- with the stages of a child’s development, and then categorized each toy accordingly. Ahhh, science: improving childhood playtime and development!

Also, individual toys are available for purchase too, if you’d rather buy a la carte.

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Fri 25 May 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

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Pirates: At World's EndPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End opened today, well technically there were advanced showings last night at 8pm and midnight at some theaters. This movie can claim fame to the widest North American release ever, 4,362 theaters, and has projected making up to $200 million this weekend alone. Along with it’s fan-pleasing length of 2 hours and 47 minutes I hear this movie ties up loose ends, brings all three movie story lines together, and all the mysteries become clear to us fans. Read the split movie reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes and get a feel for what you are in for.

I hope you’ve watched the other two Pirates of the Caribbean movies on DVD within the past week to refresh your memories. Then when you get home from the third installment, you’ll undoubtedly be in the mood to dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate, perhaps even get a badge to show off your pirate name. If you can hold on to your love of pirates until Halloween then I’d suggest taking a look at the new Pirates of the Caribbean costumes coming out this year. Is your birthday coming soon, or do you just want to throw a huge pirate themed party? Be sure to check out all the pirate party supplies we’ve scrounged up from trusted online stores.

Are you looking for a new feel to your computer experience? Commandeer your entire Windows interface with a pirate theme sure to impress any scurvy swashbuckler. Available now, this pirate theme was created by Stardock Design to WOW everyone who uses it.

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