Sat 17 Mar 2007

Heat Sensitive LED Faucet Light

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LED Faucet LightEver used your sink directly after someone else and were unpleasantly surprised with scalding hot water? Well now you can color code your water with this heat sensitive LED faucet adapter from ThinkGeek. Just to state the obvious; red water means hot (89 degrees or higher) and blue means cold.

I’m a little leary about the fact that this extends your faucet quite a bit (2.25 inches), but if you have the room in your sink, then I’d definitely join the cool kids on the block and get one. Midnight trips to the bathroom, tooth brushing, even simple face washing would become fun just by using this technological marvel. This LED faucet light attachment comes with two universal adapters for use with almost any standard faucet in the USA. Be sure to check out the customer action shots to see all the fun others are having.

$12.99 – $19.99

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Tue 20 Feb 2007

Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Toothbrush SanitizerMost people aren’t aware of how germ infested everyday household usually items are, even in well looked after homes. Kitchen sponges, door handles, toothbrushes… they all fall into the category of things people don’t clean very often. I think some people misunderstand disinfecting, and wrongfully assume that rinsing long enough will rid their toothbrush of any germs. Your mouth, no matter how much you brush, is bacterium’s playground. In order to truly have a clean mouth, and a cootie-free toothbrush, you need a sanitizer. Brookstone offers a great solution: their germicidal UV light toothbrush sanitizer which kills %99.9 of bacteria, viruses and anything else mucking up your toothbrush. It holds up to 4 of your family’s brushes, even the electric ones. It works with just a touch of a button, has an automatic shut-off feature, and performs it’s job in just 10 minutes! There’s also a travel version for keeping clean on the go.

$29.95 & $50.00

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Tue 06 Feb 2007

Bamboo Robes On Sale

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Turkish Bamboo RobeBamboo is legendary for it’s steel-like durability, but when processed into cloth fibers it becomes an ideal textile for luxury items such as robes and blankets. Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, highly absorbent, fast drying, and its softness has been compared to cashmere and silk. Now imagine all of those qualities wrapped around your fresh-from-the-shower body in a comfy robe. Just writing all that makes me want to curl up into this Turkish Bamboo Robe from Hammacher.

Luckily for all of us, now is the best time to get one because they are on sale at over 40% off their normal price. Choose from a standard robe size or a spa robe with hood.

Getting this as a gift? Pamper them by creating a gift set by adding any or all of these; bamboo robe, bamboo towel, bamboo pajamas, bamboo blanket, and bamboo sheets.

$34.95 normally $79.95.

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Sat 25 Nov 2006

Bath Tub Water Filter

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bath ball filterDuring a visit to my family’s house this year I noticed that the water felt… extra slippery. That was my first impression, but after taking several filtered and softened showers, what I really noticed was how much softer my hair and skin were and how nice the water smelled. As one reviewer of the Bath Tub Filter Ball said, after using this product pretty much every other bathtub or shower is going to smell like a pool! That’s because chlorine is filtered out as well as lime scale, mold, mildew, dirt, sediment, and odors. Most water filters for bathing are designed to work with your shower head, but this one rests below your faucet and filters water to fill your tub for a bath. Many people take baths for soothing and detoxing purposes (just add a little epsom salt or essential oils), and adding the Bath Ball Tub Filter into the equation is an easy way to create a more pleasant bath experience. With a lifespan of 1 year, that’s just $4 month for clean, soft water.


Acacia also offers gift certificates in case you can’t decide on the best present.

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Fri 24 Nov 2006

Recycled Leaf Towel Bar

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Know anybody with a hand-forged nature inspired towel bar that’s made from recycled iron? Neither do we, and “one of a kind” is what this artistic bar is all about. Each one is hammered and shaped by a blacksmith, resulting in a totally unique piece of art. Put this piece of eco home decor in your bathroom, entryway or bedroom for a rustic or whimsical flare.


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Fri 20 Oct 2006

Shower Curtain Rod with Towel Rack


Shower Curtain/Towel RackWhile this isn’t the most amazing concept in the world it does lend it self to be quite useful for it’s everyday convenience. Normal shower curtain rods only hold a curtain and serve no other purpose, but this shower curtain rod comes with a towel rack. Well, it’s just another bar to hang stuff from, but it works perfect for hanging towels or other garments that need to air dry. This is because when you hang your towel to dry over a wet shower curtain you’re inviting mildew and mold growth due to the material of most shower curtains. Mildew and mold are stinky and don’t make a bathroom visit any better. This extra rod is also perfect for those who use a shower curtain and a decorative liner.

The chrome-finished steel and aluminum-alloy rods mount without tools or hardware, using tension mounted rubber gaskets to hold themselves firmly in place above a standard 5′ tub without damaging tile or drywall. Also includes hardware for more permanent installation if desired.

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Thu 28 Sep 2006

New Deodorant Powders from LUSH

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Coconut Natural Deodorant PowderWith summer days fast becoming just a memory, I long for ways to keep a bit of the season with me year-round. Just about all of my favorite hallmarks of summer aren’t really as enjoyable when the weather turns: popsicles, bikinis, flip-flops… they’re just not the same without the hot summer sun working its magic. But LUSH has heard my plea and created a new product that is scented like coconut suntan lotion! It won’t get a chance to prove the full extent of its powers during fall, but their Coconut Deodorant Powder will still keep me dry and smelling like a day at the beach even in sweater weather. LUSH has been selling their line of deodorant bars for some time, but this is their first line of deodorant powders. Also available are Mr. T, Powder Puff, and Powdry (all vegan-friendly).

For those of you still using antiperspirant, let’s summarize why LUSH makes alternatives, and why so many people are making the switch. Aluminum (the key ingredient in all antiperspirants) is believed to cause cancer and Alzheimer’s, and it is the ingredient that prohibits your body from sweating. It clogs your pores and causes the skin to become dry since the glands can’t sweat. While this does reduce sweating, it also makes your underarm skin dry and aggravated. Aluminum is also notorious for yellowing clothing. Deodorants (opposed to antiperspirants), like LUSH’s powders, use yummy scented essential oils to fight odor-causing bacteria, microfine powders to absorb wetness and odors, and plant-based oils to moisturize your delicate underarm skin. When I learned these facts several years ago I ditched antiperspirants for good and am very pleased with deodorants from natural brands like LUSH. I’ve discussed this topic a lot online and the consensus (which I agree with) is that deodorants work and smell great, but if you tend to sweat heavily then you may not be pleased with the results. (During California heat waves I sometimes miss my old antiperspirant!) Deodorants do take some getting used to, but after a brief transition period you will see and feel your underarms becoming softer and less irritated and many people even say they seem to sweat less. Not a bad deal, especially when you get to smell like coconut suntan lotion in the process.

2008 Update: I finally tried the Coconut scented deodorant powder! It smells like an absolute dream: just like tropical suntan lotion out of the container, and then like toasted coconut when it comes in contact with skin. The delicious scent is the best part though, as the sweat-absorbing leaves a bit to be desired. Great for cooler months, but definitely won’t cut it in the summer.

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Thu 07 Sep 2006

Touch-Free Automatic Faucet Adaptor

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Touch Free Automatic Faucet AdapterThe Mable’s crew is all about optimum efficiency so we are super stoked when we see a product that can turn something from mandatory manual operation to automatic hands free operation. That’s exactly what this Touch-Free Faucet Adapter does. I’m sure by now we’ve all been in a public restroom where the sinks operate only when your hands are in position under the faucet, heck they even have toilets that flush when you walk away. Now you can get that touch free convenience in your own home.

This automatic faucet adapter requires 4 AAA batteries and easily attaches to any standard faucet in your home. This adapter is super energy efficient so the batteries can last up to 1 1/2 years. The batteries power the infrared sensor so that when you run your hands (or whatever you are washing, filling, or getting wet) under the faucet the water comes on automatically. We’ve found this product’s best price to be at ThinkGeek.

In addition to the convenience of not having to touch your faucet this adapter is eco-friendly due to all the water that’ll be saved. By saving water you are helping preserve our natural resources and saving money on your monthly water bill. Plus you can avoid all the nasty germs on dirty hands that turn on the water by installing this simple adapter.

If you are like us and fear the inevitable take over of robots and electronic devices you’ll be glad to know that this automatic faucet comes with a manual override button. This allows the water to run for three minutes until you press the manual override button again, sending it back to the automatic feature.

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Mon 28 Aug 2006

Eco-Friendly Products with Elegance

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Plant A TreeWe got wind of a coupon that could save you some money from an eco-friendly online store and we want to share it with you. VivaTerra is their name and we’ve mentioned them once before in our Nature Inspired Home Decor post. Their products fuse eco-friendly materials with exceptional quality and design while using organic and sustainable sources for their creation.

I was particularly impressed with their Bamboo Bath Towel Sets because of the ingredients used and where they are made. They use organic cotton and bamboo-extract which improves in silkiness with each wash. Awesome! Then mention that these are made by a windmill-powered factory on an island off the coast of Japan. Sweet! And to top it all off these bamboo towels are extremely lightweight, highly absorbent and quick-drying. What else do you want in a towel?

VivaTerra is also making donations to worthy causes with very purchase over $75. You get to choose whether you want to plant a tree for environmental restoration or to offset 100 lbs. of CO2 (the cause of global warming) by contributing to building new wind turbines on Native American Reservations in South Dakota. They will ask you to choose one during the checkout process.

COUPON: Free shipping on orders over $75 Use Coupon Code CJ0806 during checkout. Expires Oct. 8th 2006.

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Thu 24 Aug 2006

$100 Off Clawfoot Tub Set

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Vintage Clawfoot TubBathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in a house, so it’s one of the first places people decorate. It’s also usually one of the first rooms we visit when we get up in the morning and eventually used by everyone in the house daily. This is why it’s advantageous to make it an enjoyable environment. For these very reasons Mable’s had to write an article on creating a beautiful vintage bathroom.

A cornerstone to any retro/vintage bathroom has to be the tub design. What screams “this is a vintage bathroom” more than a clawfoot bathtub? Luckily has extended their $100 off complete clawfoot tub sets offer. Just use the coupon code in pink during checkout. These tub sets feature a cast iron clawfoot tub, faucet, drain, and supply lines.

COUPON: Save an additional $100 on’s Complete Clawfoot Tub Sets – Free Shipping, too! Enter code: VTBCJ100 at checkout!

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