Tue 26 Nov 2013

Cupcakes Fit in Stockings. Awesome.

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robots and cupcakes? Robots and Cupcakes. File this combo under Why The Fluff Not?
Or Deliciously Dangerous.

New gadgets roll out so fast that it’s hard to remember a life where I couldn’t bake up a half dozen mini cupcakes in 5 minutes.

And someday, your robot nanny will sit your child on it’s knee and explain that we used ovens for cooking before lasers became the norm. Ahhh, progress.

Here are a few of the electronic-bakery highlights;

$3.49 – $44.99

mini cupcake maker brain cupcake mold kit teacupcake molds robot cupcake mold

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Mon 21 Feb 2011

Throw n’ Grow Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs

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easy flower seed bomb
Have you ever noticed a weed growing in the sidewalk? The defiant way it springs up, surrounded by cement? Now that’s the original guerrilla gardening.

Wildflowers are notorious for “blooming where they’re planted”. Seed bombs take that idea and crank it to 11. They transform any gray urban landscape into a slice of reclaimed green space.

They come in 6 growing regions for the US; west coast, midwest, east coast, pacific northwest, southwest and southeast. Just pick the right region, throw, and your gardening is done.

Seed bombs are awesome for both gardening enthusiasts and anyone who can throw! Even kids can chuck these over a fence and watch the magic happen. Chuck a seed bomb in spring, summer, or early fall, and see what blooms.

Mon 14 Feb 2011

Butterfly in a Jar… Or Is It?

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If you look at history, now is a flippin’ sweet time to be alive. Need proof?

We have problems like “I want to constantly witness the beauty and mystery of a butterfly, but without harming it“. Beats the pants off of “I hope we chopped enough wood to make it through the winter”, doesn’t it?

blue butterfly in jarpink butterfly in jar Like an adorable confirmation from above, these electronic butterflies remind you how good life is. Simple, fascinating, beautiful. This is exactly the kind of gift I give to my Type A friends. When you tend to “live in your head”, reconnecting with simple pleasures is key.

What about kids? Check out the video below to see how enraptured they are playing with their butterfly.

Hmm, can you think of anyone else who might enjoy these little marvels?

Thu 09 Dec 2010

Unique Christmas Gifts from Uncommon Goods

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If Mable’s had a sister store, we would be total twins with UncommonGoods. They have so many truly unique and head turning items, and many of them are eco-friendly or artisan made. Pretty much the best combo ever, if you ask us.

This time of year UncommonGoods puts their customer favorite items into awesome gift guides. There’s categories for everyone, but here are the major ones;

uncommon christmas gift for kids

uncommon christmas gifts for her

uncommon christmas gifts for him

Check it out and let us know your favorites. Like UncommonGoods’ slogan says, you’ll find anything but ordinary :)

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Sat 27 Feb 2010

Toy of the Year 2009: BuckyBalls are Magnetic!

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BuckyBalls Magnetic Building SpheresRolling Stone magazine named BuckyBalls “Toy of the Year” for 2009 and now it’s your turn to have some addicting magnetic fun.

They’re kinda like legos with all the shapes you can make, but they are complete spheres, and they stick to each other, or your refrigerator, super easy. Made from rare earth magnets they are super powerful and super addictive some people even forget their cigarette addiction. Whaa!?!

Buy your set of 216 Bucky Balls from ThinkGeek today. Watch the video to learn more about how awesome these little shiny balls really are.

More hands on video action of Bucky Balls available at PerpetualKid. Only$29.95!

Shop for more Science themed Geek Toys ->

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Tue 09 Feb 2010

Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The Vampire Seduction HandbookWoah! Check out the awesome Valentine’s day gifts over at ThinkGeek.

Mable’s favs on the Geeky list:
- Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets: Everything tastes sweet now! (WTF Miracle Fruit?)
- The Vampire Seduction Handbook: hold still for a minute will ya.
- Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow: for those rare nights alone.

This is only a small sample of the rad gifts available at ThinkGeek right now. Choose from other nerdy gifts like plants that grow to say I love you, electronic assisted t-shirts of love, lots of caffeinated themed goodies, and plenty of novelty breath mints for those old school gamers and cupcake lovers. Visit V-Day Gift Guide now.

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Wed 13 Aug 2008

Gaiam’s Annual Sale

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Gaiam’s Annual Sale
When I hear about an “Annual Sale” or “Outlet Sale”, I expect some big fat savings. So many stores enthusiastically name their sales like that when they would be better described as “some items are discounted a few bucks”. But hey, that’s marketing.

On the other hand, Gaiam’s 6th Annual Outlet Sale actually lives up to its name. This is the time of year that the eco-friendly retailer discounts the heck out of their slower selling items in order to make room for all the new goodies. The discounts are huge so the supplies are really limited.

Organic Cotton Boatneck Jacket There are big discounts in all categories (Eco Fashion, Home & Garden, Wellness, Fitness, etc.) but I’ve become partial to their simple eco-friendly clothing. This white boatneck hidden-zipper jacket made from organic cotton has got my name written all over it. The collar kills me it’s so cute. The Gaiam website has also gotten a bit of an overhaul and they recently added reviews and the ability to post a question about any product. For instance, one user asked what the length was of that rad boatneck jacket. Man, I love useful interactive website features like that. Anyway, the sale “ends” when the products start selling out so if you dig any of their outlet items, scoop them up now.

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Fri 06 Jun 2008

Handmade Items for Father’s Day

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Etsy Father’s DayFather’s Day is just around the corner and buying brand new factory produced items is so 1900′s so be sure to give something special to your Dad. Now you could bust out your craft supplies and make a macaroni portrait of yourself made with love, OR support some professional crafters and buy from Etsy’s Father’s Day Showcase.

Supporting Etsy stores helps keep crafters crafting and spreads the knowledge that we don’t need to shop at big box stores for everything. There are many ways to browse an online store, but Etsy makes it even easier with their Gift Guide section that uses the community to pick gifts for special occasions or that special someone.

Don’t forget about eBay as well. They have a handcrafted category that is worth checking out as well. Below is the most popular item from the HandCrafted category.

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Wed 14 May 2008

Perpetual Kid Spring Warehouse Sale

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Perpetual Kid Spring Warehouse Sale It’s been a long day on teh Interwebz. I’ve been glued to my laptop most of the day doing nerdy behind-the-scenes work for Mable’s and our Halloween website. Kinda fun, but rather tedious work.

But you know what makes it all better? Perpetual Kid is having a Spring Cleaning Warehouse Sale. A bunch of their items are marked down 20% – 70% off. Now would be a good time to stock up on Dead body Towels for company and replace that busted travel hula hoop of yours. Sheesh, why am I still writing this, I could be securing a lifetime supply of Cocktail Monkey necklaces right now.

Denture Ice Cubes Even better is their newest item: novelty ice cubes in the shape of… wait for it… dentures. (If this is your first visit and you weren’t sure what to expect from a “Unique Gifts Blog”, you now know just what you’re in for.) It’s official: these chompy cool treats are going to be the official ice cube at Mable’s HQ this summer.

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Tue 15 Apr 2008

Spring Sale with Additional 25% OFF via Coupon Code

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Clearance Costumes- Coupon CodeSpring is here, and the sales are sprouting up everywhere. Right now you can get an extra 25% off of already reduced prices for the Spring Cleaning Sale at BuyCostumes. More than just a costume shop, BuyCostumes is also a party supply store with great prices on party accessories for all types of party themes. They also carry awesome decor items, wigs, hats, makeup and accessories.

COUPON: Get an extra 25% off by using Coupon Code SPRING25 during checkout.

Can’t think of what you need to get? How about some Luau decorations for that backyard party this summer, or that graduation party that’s so fast approaching. Perhaps a costume for little Susy’s school project, or maybe even get a head start on your Halloween costume? Just keep your mind open and hurry up and save!

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