Sun 24 Apr 2011

15% Off Water Ionizer Sale Going on Now

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** SALE: Use coupon code genesis15 to save 15% **

genesis platinum water ionizer sale

Just over a year ago, I talked about the Genesis Water Ionizer in the post Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?. I shared the personal story of my in-laws, who introduced me to ionized water:

All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water/filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they ‘felt hydrated for the first time ever’, and the water was even ‘much easier to drink’.

I’ve got good news. Now it’s your turn to try.

The once a year water ionizer sale is ON.

Save 15% on the Genesis Platinum water ionizer. Use coupon code “genesis15″.

If you have questions – and I mean any questions at all – about ionized water, email me at .

I have been a solid gold fan of my water ionizer for over a year. Ask me anything, because I wanna help you feel healthy and vibrant, too :)

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Mon 15 Mar 2010

Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?

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** SALE: Use coupon code wfl15 to save 15% until April 15, 2010 **

Every once in a great while, we discover a new idea so brilliant that it takes the rest of humanity years to accept it and make it part of their daily lives. Electricity, telephones, cars, and even TV fall into this category. People needed time to wrap their heads around the idea that something so beneficial could be produced so easily.
fountain of youth water ionizer
I felt the same way when I first heard about water ionizers. “A little machine that makes magic anti-oxidant water? For way less than the cost of bottled water? That has to be a scam”, I reasoned. A few years later my in-laws were excitedly telling me about the holistic health benefits of their new water ionizer machine, and I had to reconsider.

ionized alkaline healing watersSo they told me their first hand accounts and I was shocked. They’re not health nuts by any means. All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water and filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they “felt hydrated for the first time ever”, and the water was even “much easier to drink”. (That’s due to the newly “micro clustered” water molecules, which actually do hydrate our bodies much better than non-ionized water.)

Now as someone who eats and drinks in a very health-conscious way, I was skeptical that one could still make less-than-awesome food choices and feel great with the simple addition of water. And yet that is exactly what my in-laws experienced. They are still loving their water ionizer and discovering new cumulative health benefits as time goes on. There are other benefits that they, and their friends have experienced, but they are so wonderful as to be unbelievable sounding so I’m not going to mention them here. Let me just say that I think Fountain of Youth would be an appropriate name for the Genesis Water Ionizer.

If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I don’t know if I would have believed these amazing claims. Ionized, alkaline water is not yet available in stores so it’s one of those products that we still have to experience through our friends and family. Or we act on faith and see what amazing results we will personally experience. Plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so there is plenty of time to SEE what improvements you notice from drinking and using ionized, alkaline water.

Have you tried ionized water? Leave your stories, questions, and comments below and share the love!

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Thu 26 Jun 2008

Dream Big plus Free Shipping

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Dream Big by Lisa Hammond, owner of Femail Creations About 3 years ago I picked up my first copy of Dream Big by Lisa Hammond on a lark. I was skimming the New Arrivals section at my library and the bright cover and bold title leaped out at me. It wasn’t a topic I had been consciously thinking about, but I was willing to give it a look. The ambitious tag line sounded great too – “Finding the courage to follow your dreams and laugh at your nightmares” – but I wondered how the author was going to cram such life-changing info into the relatively small book. The introduction gives a great insight when Lisa mentioned that she did not start with a business plan, despite everyone insisting that she do so. Following a lengthy “winning formula” can be so helpful at times, but your creativity and integrity will rapidly change your entire life. What made this book so endearing and inspirational to me was that simplicity. She encourages women to start with what counts: finding your passion. Everything else will flow easier once you start from a place of personal honesty. We’ve all heard the old saying that when you find work you love, it never feels like work. This is exactly why Lisa’s book is called Dream Big! She helps break down some of the internal barriers that prevent us from pursuing our DREAM calling. Not a “job” or even a “career”, but a “calling”. What a huge difference this will make in finding fulfilling activities to pursue.

Femail Creations: Gifts to Celebrate and Inspire WomenThe author is well qualified to write this book, as she is the owner of the mail order company Femail Creations (“Gifts to Celebrate and Inspire Women“). It was started by Lisa when she stopped working at her husband’s construction company. Like many of us, she was “going crazy” working at a job that she had little interest in! Lisa needed new work that was meaningful to her, and would allow her to stay home with their daughter. She was able to do both when she realized her dream of starting a mail order company. What made that meaningful and fulfilling for her was that she offers products that also support other women. Femail Creations sells many handmade, limited run, artisan products created by women, some of which are also SAHMs. Not only does Ms. Hammond now have a calling that she loves, but she is able to help other women realize their dreams by giving them a place to sell their creations. That’s the kind of win-win business planning that I love to hear about!

Femail Creations doesn’t really do sales, but they just let us know about a FREE shipping sale for orders $75+. No coupon code required, just click the link and it will automatically be entered into your cart.

Other places to buy the book online: (my fave), Amazon, and eBay

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Tue 15 Apr 2008

Spring Sale with Additional 25% OFF via Coupon Code

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Clearance Costumes- Coupon CodeSpring is here, and the sales are sprouting up everywhere. Right now you can get an extra 25% off of already reduced prices for the Spring Cleaning Sale at BuyCostumes. More than just a costume shop, BuyCostumes is also a party supply store with great prices on party accessories for all types of party themes. They also carry awesome decor items, wigs, hats, makeup and accessories.

COUPON: Get an extra 25% off by using Coupon Code SPRING25 during checkout.

Can’t think of what you need to get? How about some Luau decorations for that backyard party this summer, or that graduation party that’s so fast approaching. Perhaps a costume for little Susy’s school project, or maybe even get a head start on your Halloween costume? Just keep your mind open and hurry up and save!

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Fri 25 Jan 2008

Gaiam Green Sale 2008: Eco-Friendly Bedding

tagged , , , , , , and, IncWhen you are looking for eco-friendly gifts Gaiam has a great selection of lifestyle products for those with a green heart. Right now, until the end of January they are having the Gaiam Green Sale 2008 with lots of organic bedding options up to 25% off their regular prices. Choose from organic cotton, organic hemp, and even organic buckwheat for proper spinal alignment and comfort.

BONUS COUPON: Get $10 off a $50+ purchase. Just use Coupon Code AP2P during checkout. Expires January 31st, 2008.

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Sat 12 Jan 2008

Save up to 50% on Eco-friendly Handbags

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Recycled Handbags 50% offStart the year off right and buy products that are eco-friendly and useful. Right now the Ecoist Winter Sale is going on and there are plenty of handbags, clutches, and coin bags made from recycled and repurposed materials at 50% their normal price. Most of the bags on sale were handmade in Mexico or Peru with recycled goods and fair trade in mind. As an added bonus from being made from recycled newspapers or candy wrappers, these bags are very sturdy, and most are water resistant.

Want to save even more?
Take an additional 10% off by using coupon code wintersale08 during checkout. Coupon is valid now through 1/25/08.

Want more variety in your recycled bags? Check out the vast collection of handmade recycled bags on Etsy.

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Mon 31 Dec 2007

Exciting Experience: New Year’s Resolutions

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Exciting Experience: New Year I’ve had some exciting experiences this past year, but they weren’t the awesome fun kind you can get from Signature Days or Great American Days. Most people, including myself, would like to try new things, visit new places, and learn new skills, which is exactly why these make perfect additions to our New Year’s Resolutions list.

Great American DaysThe beauty of an experience gift is that they are planned experiences and activities that can make positive changes in people’s lives. There are so many to choose from that there really is something for everyone.
Some of the more popular experiences are:
NASCAR, Dinner Cruises, Fighter Pilot, Cooking Classes, and Helicopter Tours.
Some of the more unique and unusual are:
Personal Jazz Performance, Rock ‘n Roll fantasy camp, be an Interior Designer, learn to DJ, Kids artistic discovery, and more.

Obviously these can make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just for the fun of it. These are all location based as some cities can offer certain experiences others can’t. This allows for either a truly memorable trip away from home, a fun surprise for a visiting family member, or, for those who live in big cities, just an easy way to get someone out of their house.

Signature DaysSome of my personal favorites are:
Private Raw Food Course, Vegetarian Cooking Class, Kids Drawing Class, Kids Surf Party, Stunt School, Skydiving, and Hot Air Balloon Rides. I’d look forward to any one of these experiences for myself if you are interested in buying me a gift certificate. :)

Where can I get these exciting experiences?
Great American Days and/or Signature Days. Both provide experiences as low as $50 with some experiences up into the $1000′s and both seem to have many options for many popular cities.

COUPON: Save 10% OFF at Signature Days, when you use coupon code SIGJASOND at checkout.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Wed 19 Dec 2007

Last Minute Shipping Deals and Coupons

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GaiamIt’s coming down to the wire to be able to get gifts to their place before the 25th, but thankfully online stores are helping out with free upgraded shipping, free shipping, and more coupons. Check out these stores for their gift guides and shipping deals.

GaiamFREE 2 Day Shipping on Any In-Stock Order with Coupon Code: FEDEX13. Offer only Valid Wednesday Dec 19th – expires Thursday, Dec 20th at 10:00 a.m. EST.

LittleMissMatched -10% off orders through December 24th with Coupon Code: AFHOL10. Very cute items with emphasis on miss matched pajamas, socks, and more!

Brookstone – View Brookstone’s top Holiday gifts. Get 50% off the In-Out Blanket in a Bag – a $39.95 value, now only $19.99!

Buy Costumes – Get 25% OFF Christmas items (costumes, party supplies, decor, etc.) with the special Coupon Code: holi25.

The Succulent Wife – Just increased their last minute savings coupon to 15% OFF! Coupon Code: Merry15. Offer is valid now through 12/21. They have great gift ideas and lots of handmade artisan goods for those with an eco-friendly gift giving agenda.

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Mon 17 Dec 2007

Last Minute Gift Idea: Turn Your Digital Photos into Gifts

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Free Shipping on Photo CalendarsJust last night I stood impatiently at the local Target Photo Center to get my digital photo prints and I asked myself “Why aren’t I at home in my comfortable pajamas doing this online? It’s probably cheaper too.” Guess what? It is cheaper, plus if this is your first time ordering, with the right timing, you can get your first 10-20 prints free.

If you’re like us you accumulate some good pictures from your handy digital camera throughout the year. Well now half the work of sending out photos, or creating some quick and easy gifts is already done. With just a handful of pictures you can create a 2008 calendar (the recipient would have to remember your birthday), photo books (great for long distance relatives), mugs, stationary, mouse pads, puzzles, and more. You know, the classic customizable products. All this can be done in a few minutes, resulting in quality gifts getting shipped directly to your gift recipient and you never had to leave the house. Double Gift Score!

Snapfish – Has some great gift options at low prices. They claim to be #1 and you get 20 free prints when you first sign up. FREE upgrade to Expedited Shipping at Snapfish! Select standard shipping upon checkout. (free upgrade valid 12/18 only) – More focused on photo sharing, and organizing, but has just as many options to print photos to gifts. This is a site for the photographer, amateur or pro, it’s a definite crowd pleaser.

Wallhogs – These guys are for your bigger wall covering posters, canvas prints, and vinyl. I’m talking up to 7 feet long removable vinyl wall decorations from one of your awesome photos! That’s a gift!

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Thu 25 Oct 2007

Brookstone Coupon Codes

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OSIM iDesire Massage ChairFREE SHIPPINGRight now Brookstone is offering free shipping on their selection of message chairs. This deal is stackable with other offers like these coupon codes below. These message chairs are definitely on on the luxury side of message chairs. They have special arm wrapping tension relievers, can almost fully surround your legs, and they know just where you ache with their auto detection of especially tense spots on your body. I’m not sure exactly how they do it, but let’s just hope these things are on our side when the great man vs. machine war breaks out.

Take $20 off orders $200 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF4NOV. Expires 11/30/07.

Take $10 off orders $125 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF6NOV. Expires 11/30/07.

Take $25 off orders $300 or more from Brookstone! Use code AF4OCT. Expires 11/15/07.

Are you looking for a different Brookstone coupon? Check out our online coupon codes page and click on Brookstone, for all their current coupons

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