Tue 18 May 2010

Play Nice with Spring Showers at Umbrella Heaven

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umbrella heaven umbrella heaven umbrella heaven
What can you wear that matches a rainstorm? One of the gorgeous handmade umbrellas at Umbrella Heaven, of course. They contain a unique “Double-Dome wind resilience technology” and are handmade in the UK. At just $25 and up, they’re not just lovely to behold, but kind to your wallet, too. According to their bevy of customer testimonials, you’ll be smiling each time the skies turn grey. How’s that for a silver lining?

$25 and up

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Mon 21 Jul 2008

Vintage Bathing Suits

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My Lee Vintage Bathing Suits from eBay Look at my new vintage bathing suit! That beautiful blue and black polka dotted one-piece from eBay is my newest swimwear. A homemade bikini was actually in the works, because we took the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge. But like most great wardrobe choices, that bathing suit was love at first sight and I had to have it!

I haven’t worn a one-piece in years and frankly I didn’t think that a genuine vintage bathing suit would be very comfortable since a lot of them were wool. But I put those concerns aside and decided to be adventurous.

I’m so glad I did because not only is this skirted one-piece cuter than any of the bikinis I have been watching, and it’s made of super comfortable cotton. Even better, it was “new old stock” (commonly noted as “NOS” on eBay) so although my Lee Swimplay suit is probably from the 1950′s, I’m still the first one to wear it!

If you’re still searching for the perfect swimsuit (or one of many) and want something really unique for summer then you must see the selection of vintage bathing suits on eBay.

Here are a few of the hottest vintage swimsuits being bid on right now. It surprised me that, almost without exception, one-pieces are the hottest sellers. Despite the popularity of the modern bikini – and I swear it’s not hyperbole to say that nearly everyone in southern California wears one – it seems that a new retro-loving generation is discovering the one-piece.

Some truly fantastic maillot swimsuits did come from seasons past; highly styled designer suits of the 40′s and 50′s, the profusely psychedelic prints of the 60s, deep V necklines and bias cuts of the 70s, and uber high cut legs and fluorescent colors of the 80s. Whether you’re a vintage fashionista or a lover of all things retro and ironic, there’s a style for you.

Find the perfect retro vintage inspired swimwear on our Vintage Swimsuits page for both women and men!

Sat 31 May 2008

Vintage Clothes: MakiMaki eBay Store

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MakiMaki Vintage ClothesOn the Mable’s Vintage Clothing page we list our favorite vintage eBay stores, but every now we just got to feature sellers who stand out from the rest. Enter MakiMaki Vintage: a vintage boutique specializing in one of a kind dresses and other exclusive items.

MakiMaki features vintage clothing from the 1950s, mod ’60s, hippy 70s, and radical 80s. Shae, the store owner, used to be a stylist and it shows in her fabulous photos that sets apart MakiMaki from the other vintage clothing sellers on eBay.

MakiMaki Vintage BoutiqueMakiMaki has been making waves lately in the media and has been featured in VenusZine, Dorian Magazine, as well as on MTV just to name a few. I imagine one of the reasons her store is so popular – besides her great clothing & photos – is the intuitive navigation that categorize by shoes, dresses, jackets, etc. which is a huge plus for an eBay store.

Be sure to stay up to date with their latest vintage finds by subscribing to the MakiMaki Vintage blog, or by becoming a friend on MySpace or Facebook.

MakiMaki Vintage eBay Store
Mon 24 Mar 2008

Eco Friendly Fashion from Nimli and ecoSkin

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Nimli eco friendly fashionLucky Magazine just put together a feature called Eco-Friendly Fashion Sourcebook, which introduced me to some new stores and designers. Two of my finds I just have to share. First is Nimli, an online boutique that is “devoted to providing natural, organic, and sustainable lifestyle products while embracing style and aesthetic“. While the fusion of beauty and environmental care is finally becoming the norm in green fashion, Nimli is the first site I’ve seen that does so seamlessly and without making “green” a novelty. The first time I saw the site, it looked so similar to other designer fashion sites that I thought I had clicked the wrong link! Everything looks polished and stylish, but the ubiquitous color green and images of nature are notably absent from their design and graphics. The message seems clear: Nimli does fashion, and being green is just their default. ecoSkin eco-friendly fashion for women I look forward to the day when environmentally-friendly “options” are presented as the norm and not just a gimmick. Another aspect that helps them stand out among eco-minded retailers is their practice of having each item shipped directly from designer to customer, greatly reducing their carbon footprint, in addition to already buying carbon offset credits.

One of the lines carried at Nimli was also mentioned in the Lucky feature, and they offer classy, simple, contemporary women’s styles. ecoSkin is Los Angeles-based, and Spring 2008 marks their debut line. The designer says “I wanted to give women a hip, sophisticated collection, as well as a sustainable product that would not leave a footprint on the environment. My vision is to continually raise women’s awareness of their options. We can combine eco-friendly fabrics with a high design aesthetic.


RELATED: For more lovely eco-friendly fashion, be sure to check out our Organic Clothes section.

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Tue 11 Mar 2008

Reprint Praise for Threadless

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Staby McKnife ShirtIt was only a few days ago we were saying how cool it would be if Threadless reprinted the Staby McKnife design so we could get one. They must have read our minds, because we soon received their newsletter with another opportunity to purchase this friendly knife. W00t for reprints!

Also just announced is the 2007 Bestee Award Winners where you can view the designs of the year, best collaboration designs, groundbreaking design of the year, best use of one color, and more.

Although our friend Staby McKnife didn’t win any awards, another reprint did win Slogan of the Year. Get it while it’s hot.

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Fri 07 Mar 2008

Nature Inspired Wall Stickers by Blik

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nature wall graphic by BlikBlik Surface Graphics provides awesome designs that we can easily affix to our walls, tables, mirrors, and other flat surfaces. Plus they are easily removable so it doesn’t ruin the surface it was once adhered to. They have many different designs to fit many decor styles, but I’m a big fan of bringing nature into our homes. My favorite nature inspired graphics is the 7.00 Wall Graphic which comes with seperate branches, branch nodes, leaves, and birds so you can arrange it all however you like. I really appreciate the modular setup Blik has with their wall stickers so the customer has more creative freedom with their decor. Buy some for your own place, or send them as a gift, either way they will surely bring a smile to those who get to enjoy them daily.

Other nature inspired wall stickers by Blik:

$36.00 – $50.00 per set

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Mon 03 Mar 2008

Vintage Eames Furniture Designs on Auction

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Vintage furniture is a hot commodity on eBay and one of the most popular searches are for the infamous Eames styled items. Eames designed furniture sets the retro mood in any room decor which is partly why it is such a highly sought after design. Learn more about the Eames brothers’ revolutionary and award winning designs here. Remember to check out our retro furniture page for more decor ideas and our 50′s Clothing store for matching outfits.

Find the latest & greatest deals on vintage Eames furniture right now via eBay search. Below is a list of the hottest eBay auctions for Eames furniture.

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Remember: Buying used items on eBay is another form of recycling and promotes a conscious shopping experience. Stay green!

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Mon 28 Jan 2008

New Artist Designs Daily at UneeTee

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UneeTee - New Designs Daily!Searching for an easy gift that is unique and stylish? Check out the daily artist submitted designs over at UneeTee. These designer t-shirts don’t cost a lot and they are printed on American Apparel brand shirts for their eco-friendliness and USA manufactured quality.
Amazing Childhood
Hot Tip: Make your decision quickly as these t-shirt and hoodie designs sell out quick!

My personal pick would be this Amazing Childhood design for it’s brightness and fun outdoor activities. Don’t you wish you could just spend the day on a swing set, or playing freeze tag with your friends? I do.

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Tue 07 Aug 2007

Loop Design Handbags by Loop NYC


Loop Design Handbag SkullMable’s has always been a fan of unique purses and handbags and Loop NYC (aka Loop Design) has some great ideas when it comes to style and individuality in a handbag. Throughout the years Loop NYC bags have been seen on many celebrities, cycled through a ton of collections, and continues to gain popularity with their ever changing stock that’s “inspired by the grooves and rhythms of New York City.”

Loop Design Tote - Purple FlowerWhere to get bags by Loop NYC:
Mable’s: Our Loop NYC page has been updated throughout the years and shows past styles as well as new. Be sure to also check out our unique purses page for more fun styles.

Zappos: Get free shipping on your new Loop Design handbag when you purchase from Zappos. Check out their awesome selection of Loop Design bags now.

KarmaLoop: One of the best sellers over at KarmaLoop is the Purple Flowers Tote from the Warhol Collection. Be sure to use Coupon Code “STAR” to receive $5 off your purchase of $35 or more.

eBay: The auctions below are ending soon, so act fast.

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Thu 14 Jun 2007

Baroque Contemporary Chandeliers

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White Chandelier These new chandeliers make me want to redecorate my whole house. The nouveau baroque look makes a perfect contrast to the predominately black coloring. It reminds me a bit of something you’d see at Urban Outfitters, but with more sophisticated details: kind of a gothic Marie Antoinette vibe. In the past, chandeliers had a stuffy feel to them, usually looking appropriate only in really swanky rooms. Today a contemporary chandelier or chandelette can create a soft, casual atmosphere similar to candlelight. A black chandelier would make an amazing focal point for any room and can bring out the beauty of your existing decor.

Black ChandelierIf black lighting isn’t your style, never fear: Gigglebrush offers many other styles and colors, including pink chandeliers and scones. They offer “couture lighting” with quality materials such as leaded crystal, glass and solid brass components, so your gorgeous lighting will stay that way.


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