Thu 16 Jan 2014

Take More Pictures: New Year’s Resolutions

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resolve to take more photos

Continuing our series of New Year’s Resolutions from the previous Get In Shape article, Take More Pictures is next. Most people enjoy looking at pics on Facebook, Picasa (or other preferred photo viewing option) and reliving some great memories. As much as I enjoy doing this, I often wish I’d taken more pictures during trips, events, and especially everyday pics.

Here are some reasons I didn’t take more pictures throughout the year and the possible solutions. Maybe you can relate?

Problem: Wrong camera
If you’re bummed about how your camera is too slow, too bulky, poor-quality pics, not enough features, low battery life, etc., then a camera upgrade is going to be a weight off your shoulders. How do you know which camera is for you? Common sense wisdom: evaluate what your needs are and choose the best camera for you. Read the specifications and other people’s reviews and pay attention to their details (e.g. Did it capture good in low light? Quick to boot up? Easy to navigate menu?) Also, start asking your friends about what they do and don’t like about their digital cameras. The Amazon carousel o’ magic below can also help you find the perrrfect camera.

Problem: Don’t get to ENJOY digital photos
Not everyone is computer savvy and can manipulate digital photos into works of art, or simply print one out to frame. You can buy your own printer and photo paper and try it on your computer, or you can visit a web site, upload some pictures and have them delivered to you in many different forms. Some of my favorite ways to enjoy my digital photos are to have them printed out in different formats and displayed around the house to become a part of my everyday life.
- ImageKind: They offer framed prints, canvas, posters, cards, laptop skins, water bottles, and other fun surfaces for your favorite photos.
- Snapfish (first 50 prints FREE!)

Problem: Forgot the camera
Okay, this one’s easy. You always remember to bring your phone with you, right? Make sure your phone has a good camera, so even if you forget to bring your primary camera with you, you have a reliable backup.

Problem: I’m not a good photographer
Yes you are! You just don’t know it yet. I promise, the more you take pictures and flip through them with your favorite software the more you’ll become aware of what looks good and what doesn’t. Besides, the point of the photo is to capture a moment in time, not to see who can take the “best picture”. Believe me, getting an oddly cropped/slightly blurry photo is still better than getting no photo. But if you feel you need some training, you can take a FREE digital photography class online. How easy is that?

For more choices and crazy-awesome digital camera deals be sure to check out eBay!

Now get out there and take some pictures!

New Year’s Resolutions

Photo Credit: Edwin Pijpe

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Fri 25 Jun 2010

Vintage Clothing Sellers: 7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits

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7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits on Your Vintage Clothing Auctions Here’s a gift for all of our readers who dabble in the noble art of selling vintage clothing online. If it weren’t for you, our closets would be drab and monotonously modern!

There’s a lot of competition out there, and we want to share some expert tips for selling success. Follow our 7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits on Your Vintage Clothing Auctions and watch your sales explode.

Here’s a succulent sample of what you’ll learn…

Creative Copy: It’s a fact of sales: People buy on emotion and rationalize with logic. As a seller, it’s your job to engage your customer’s emotions to help them get excited about your clothes. When you truly understand this, your sales will skyrocket. Use bold, descriptive, and conversational text in your auctions. Paint “word pictures” to transport your customers from their computer screens directly into your clothing. What will it be like to wear that gorgeous mint condition 1970s Boho dress? How will they feel? How will the world respond to them? What celebrities or movies/TV shows have been rocking that look? What kinds of clothing and accessories would really compliment the outfit? Write as though you were telling your best girlfriend about your newest thrift score.

Ready to learn more and double your eBay profits? Read the full article and you’ll be on your way!

Image credit: dooq

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Sun 04 Apr 2010

Most Popular Vintage Dresses

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vintage dresses by viloetville
Picture thanks to
VioletVille Vintage

Spring is in the air, Summer is coming and that means it’s time for light flowing dresses! The Mable’s Crew just made it easier to find hot vintage dresses online by searching for the most popular vintage dress auctions on eBay and listing them in one easy to browse page.

Vintage dresses, were once hard to find and could take days to find the perfect cut and print to reflect your true retro style. Not any more baby!
We just added a new page aptly named Vintage Dresses: find a summer dress or prom dress super easy. We list items by how popular they are on eBay right now and the stock changes daily so bookmark that page and check back often!

Be sure to check out our already extensive line of retro and vintage clothing today and get yourself some stylin’ threads from the past without leaving your home.

For even more selections on retro vintage dresses browse through the always available Unique Vintage line of quality vintage clothing.

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Mon 04 Aug 2008

Hot Vintage Clothing Stores

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Hot Vintage Clothing StoreYou’ve all seen our page stuffed full of our favorite vintage stores from eBay right? Well, now feast your browsers on the Hottest Vintage Clothing Stores; where we pick one super rad store and feature them all month long. From there you can view the hot vintage store of the month and all their super hot auctions.

Every month a new seller will be featured as the Hot Vintage Clothing Store of the month hand-picked by Mable’s. Of course we are always open to suggestions, so send them in.

This month we are featuring Mama Stone Vintage because of her influence, style, and more. So check out the Hot Vintage Store for August, bookmark the page, and read more about why Mama Stone is at the top of the list.

Below is a sneak peak of some hot auctions going on right now from Mama Stone Vintage.

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Mon 21 Jul 2008

Vintage Bathing Suits

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My Lee Vintage Bathing Suits from eBay Look at my new vintage bathing suit! That beautiful blue and black polka dotted one-piece from eBay is my newest swimwear. A homemade bikini was actually in the works, because we took the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge. But like most great wardrobe choices, that bathing suit was love at first sight and I had to have it!

I haven’t worn a one-piece in years and frankly I didn’t think that a genuine vintage bathing suit would be very comfortable since a lot of them were wool. But I put those concerns aside and decided to be adventurous.

I’m so glad I did because not only is this skirted one-piece cuter than any of the bikinis I have been watching, and it’s made of super comfortable cotton. Even better, it was “new old stock” (commonly noted as “NOS” on eBay) so although my Lee Swimplay suit is probably from the 1950′s, I’m still the first one to wear it!

If you’re still searching for the perfect swimsuit (or one of many) and want something really unique for summer then you must see the selection of vintage bathing suits on eBay.

Here are a few of the hottest vintage swimsuits being bid on right now. It surprised me that, almost without exception, one-pieces are the hottest sellers. Despite the popularity of the modern bikini – and I swear it’s not hyperbole to say that nearly everyone in southern California wears one – it seems that a new retro-loving generation is discovering the one-piece.

Some truly fantastic maillot swimsuits did come from seasons past; highly styled designer suits of the 40′s and 50′s, the profusely psychedelic prints of the 60s, deep V necklines and bias cuts of the 70s, and uber high cut legs and fluorescent colors of the 80s. Whether you’re a vintage fashionista or a lover of all things retro and ironic, there’s a style for you.

Find the perfect retro vintage inspired swimwear on our Vintage Swimsuits page for both women and men!

Sat 31 May 2008

Vintage Clothes: MakiMaki eBay Store

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MakiMaki Vintage ClothesOn the Mable’s Vintage Clothing page we list our favorite vintage eBay stores, but every now we just got to feature sellers who stand out from the rest. Enter MakiMaki Vintage: a vintage boutique specializing in one of a kind dresses and other exclusive items.

MakiMaki features vintage clothing from the 1950s, mod ’60s, hippy 70s, and radical 80s. Shae, the store owner, used to be a stylist and it shows in her fabulous photos that sets apart MakiMaki from the other vintage clothing sellers on eBay.

MakiMaki Vintage BoutiqueMakiMaki has been making waves lately in the media and has been featured in VenusZine, Dorian Magazine, as well as on MTV just to name a few. I imagine one of the reasons her store is so popular – besides her great clothing & photos – is the intuitive navigation that categorize by shoes, dresses, jackets, etc. which is a huge plus for an eBay store.

Be sure to stay up to date with their latest vintage finds by subscribing to the MakiMaki Vintage blog, or by becoming a friend on MySpace or Facebook.

MakiMaki Vintage eBay Store
Mon 03 Mar 2008

Vintage Eames Furniture Designs on Auction

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Vintage furniture is a hot commodity on eBay and one of the most popular searches are for the infamous Eames styled items. Eames designed furniture sets the retro mood in any room decor which is partly why it is such a highly sought after design. Learn more about the Eames brothers’ revolutionary and award winning designs here. Remember to check out our retro furniture page for more decor ideas and our 50′s Clothing store for matching outfits.

Find the latest & greatest deals on vintage Eames furniture right now via eBay search. Below is a list of the hottest eBay auctions for Eames furniture.

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Remember: Buying used items on eBay is another form of recycling and promotes a conscious shopping experience. Stay green!

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Thu 17 Jan 2008

Vintage Clothes: Nova Vintage eBay Store

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If you couldn’t tell already Mable’s loves recycling and vintage clothing sold on eBay is a great way to recycle clothing and have a stylish wardrobe. We were recently excited to see a message in our inbox telling us about the Nova Vintage eBay Store. With their high standards, low shipping costs, many sizes, and weekly updates they are another quality eBay store to add to our vintage clothing page.

Remember that shopping at indie eBay stores supports individuals and their hard work at home, so you know where your money is going. So check out the Nova Vintage eBay store, bid on your favorite items, add them to your favorites, and follow their updates via their Myspace.

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Wed 27 Jun 2007

Men’s Sun Glasses by Dragon

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Sean and I were talking about what style of sunglasses he would be sporting this summer, but the thought of retiring his good old aviators didn’t appeal to him much. However, we did end up talking about styles and brands of men’s sunglasses that are most popular in California. Many areas have their own “local heroes”, and San Diego is no exception. While Oakleys (based out of Orange County) are always a favorite, you can’t leave the house without seeing a score of men wearing Dragon sunglasses. dragon-sunglasses.jpgTruck stickers with the Dragon logo are also really popular. As it turns out, Dragon is a San Diego County (Carlsbad) based company, which explains the hometown love that the brand enjoys here. Their styles are largely designed for the sports enthusiast, so you’ll find incredibly sturdy frames that block 100% of all harmful UV and Blue Light. Wrap-around sunglasses frames are also one of their hallmarks, as are the occasional fashion forward style. There is a new 2007 model called “GG”, which is straight up 1980′s nerd style: thick two-toned coffee and bronze frames, perfect for rocking the blazer, t-shirt, and Vans look. To cater to a wider audience, they also offer more subdued, metal frame sunglasses styles. (You can see GG shown at top left, in black.)

If you’re looking for a pair of men’s Dragon sunglasses, eBay has an awesome selection. Even better, I’ve been watching auctions and you can definitely get a new pair for well below retail. Oh, the magic of eBay.

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Fri 20 Apr 2007

Curtain #1… or What’s Inside the Box?

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Mystery BoxEver had a plain brown box sitting on your doorstep and you can’t figure out what’s inside? You didn’t order it, but it’s got your name on it. You weren’t expecting any packages, but there it is hand delivered to your door. We are all curious about plain brown boxes at our door, and it feels a little like Christmas when we get to rip into them to satiate our thirst for knowledge.

That’s why I’m recommending a mystery box as a fun and friendly gift. Either create one of your own from things around your house, or buy one pre-packaged and ready to ship on eBay. Part of what makes this a great idea, in addition to the mystery awaiting inside the box, is that it can come from any part of the world and be full of things you never knew existed. You can even narrow down your mystery items to jewelry, electronics, or a chance at some big cash.

So send a mystery box to a friend, label it “Mystery Box 3000″ or don’t label it at all, and maybe even put in a card at the bottom of the box explaining your idea and why you sent it. Add to the excitement of solving the mystery and keep your identity a secret while only leaving clues in the box as to who sent it. Make it fun for you and fun for them, and you’ll both a have a great time.

Got any other ideas for sending or receiving a mystery box? Leave them in the comments and share with the rest of us.

Related: The Sampler: a monthly surprise box full of totally unique goodies made by independent online businesses.

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