Fri 03 Jan 2014

Get In Shape: New Year’s Resolutions

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Get In Shape: New Year’s ResolutionsWith last year just days away, you’ve probably got New Year’s resolutions on the brain. Amirite? There’s definitely something about a fresh calendar year that jump starts our desire to make positive changes. Being surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers who are also brainstorming ways to improve makes this an especially ideal time for such endeavors. Bonus!

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of the most popular New Years resolutions in a new series of blog posts. Be sure to come back and let us know which of the featured resolutions that you will be committing to, or to suggest tips for sticking to new resolutions.

The most popular New Years resolution is always… drumroll please… Get In Shape!
There are countless ways to do this, and here are a few of my favorite tips and fitness products.

Get Fit this year

The best in-person fitness option is Groupon
Seriously, Groupon just obliterates your excuses for not trying something new.
The discounts are insane, and you get lots of local options to choose from.
Bootcamps, personal trainers, and unlimited fitness classes for a month are just a few of the fitness related Groupons I’ve seen listed.
Why not try a new style of exercise this year? Who knows, maybe you’re a Capoeira master and you just don’t know it yet ;)

Xbox 360 plus Kinect
The best at-home fitness option is a Kinect.
An Xbox 360 with Kinect was totally The Best gift I got this Christmas!
Nike+ Kinect and Hip Hop Dance Experience are my favorites for straight up fitness.
There’s just something about workin’ and twerkin’ at home in my undies :)
But you know what? Even the non-fitness game titles – like Adventures – give a pretty decent workout, too.
Plus, there is a huge variety of niche exercise games like Zumba, UFC training, and of course lots of dance games.

No matter what option you choose, be sure to set clear fitness goals for yourself, get plenty of rest and pure water, and maybe most importantly…

Be playful about fitness!

Studies show that when we approach a task with a playful mentality – also called “beginners mind” – we reach our goals faster and have a better time along the journey.

So speak kindly to yourself as you’re transforming your body, and remember to approach exercise like a game.
You’ll have more fun :)

New Year’s Resolutions

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Sun 24 Apr 2011

15% Off Water Ionizer Sale Going on Now

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** SALE: Use coupon code genesis15 to save 15% **

genesis platinum water ionizer sale

Just over a year ago, I talked about the Genesis Water Ionizer in the post Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?. I shared the personal story of my in-laws, who introduced me to ionized water:

All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water/filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they ‘felt hydrated for the first time ever’, and the water was even ‘much easier to drink’.

I’ve got good news. Now it’s your turn to try.

The once a year water ionizer sale is ON.

Save 15% on the Genesis Platinum water ionizer. Use coupon code “genesis15″.

If you have questions – and I mean any questions at all – about ionized water, email me at .

I have been a solid gold fan of my water ionizer for over a year. Ask me anything, because I wanna help you feel healthy and vibrant, too :)

Buy Now
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Mon 15 Mar 2010

Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?

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** SALE: Use coupon code wfl15 to save 15% until April 15, 2010 **

Every once in a great while, we discover a new idea so brilliant that it takes the rest of humanity years to accept it and make it part of their daily lives. Electricity, telephones, cars, and even TV fall into this category. People needed time to wrap their heads around the idea that something so beneficial could be produced so easily.
fountain of youth water ionizer
I felt the same way when I first heard about water ionizers. “A little machine that makes magic anti-oxidant water? For way less than the cost of bottled water? That has to be a scam”, I reasoned. A few years later my in-laws were excitedly telling me about the holistic health benefits of their new water ionizer machine, and I had to reconsider.

ionized alkaline healing watersSo they told me their first hand accounts and I was shocked. They’re not health nuts by any means. All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water and filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they “felt hydrated for the first time ever”, and the water was even “much easier to drink”. (That’s due to the newly “micro clustered” water molecules, which actually do hydrate our bodies much better than non-ionized water.)

Now as someone who eats and drinks in a very health-conscious way, I was skeptical that one could still make less-than-awesome food choices and feel great with the simple addition of water. And yet that is exactly what my in-laws experienced. They are still loving their water ionizer and discovering new cumulative health benefits as time goes on. There are other benefits that they, and their friends have experienced, but they are so wonderful as to be unbelievable sounding so I’m not going to mention them here. Let me just say that I think Fountain of Youth would be an appropriate name for the Genesis Water Ionizer.

If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I don’t know if I would have believed these amazing claims. Ionized, alkaline water is not yet available in stores so it’s one of those products that we still have to experience through our friends and family. Or we act on faith and see what amazing results we will personally experience. Plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so there is plenty of time to SEE what improvements you notice from drinking and using ionized, alkaline water.

Have you tried ionized water? Leave your stories, questions, and comments below and share the love!

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Wed 07 Feb 2007

Backyard Ice Rink

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backyard ice rink from Ice n Go Living in cold weather climates has it’s ups and downs. One of the funnest things about the normally not-so-fun freezing temperatures is the ability to make your own backyard ice rink! Just think… no more driving to the ice skating rink or paying entrance fees. Now you can have your very own outdoor home ice rink to skate or play hockey on anytime you like.

Whether learning how to ice skate is on your “to do” list or you’re an ice skating pro, having your own ice rink is a great winter treat. I just moved to California from back east, and although the warm weather is fantastic, I’ll always kinda miss cold weather fun like this. Playing in the snow is great, but outdoor ice skating is even better, it’s great excersize, and it’s fun for all ages. It doesnt even matter what size yard you have. KB Toys offers DIY kits to make an ice rink in 4 different sizes, so even smaller yards are not left out. There is a Snow Toy sale going on at KB from now until February 12th and all of the Ice n’ Go rinks are 30% off.

How to build an ice rink with your Ice n’ Go Kit

$149.99-279.99 (normally $199.99-399.99)

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Fri 24 Nov 2006

Protect Your Wheels Bike Registry

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For some of us, adults and kids alike, our bicycles are like good friends. They provide us with eco-friendly transportation, a healthy hobby, and many miles of outdoor fun. Many people receive bikes as gifts (particularly birthday or Christmas presents), and with a bike being stolen every 30 seconds that means a lot of heartbroken gift recipients. It’s estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year, and it only takes about 7 seconds to steal one! The odds look stacked against bicycle owners, but the National Bike Registry has an excellent tool to assist in the recovery of your stolen bike or scooter.

How does it work? With their bicycle registration service, you you can register your bicycle by serial number in their national database and apply the tamper-proof label you receive to your bike. If your bike is ever stolen, it can be identified and you can prove ownership. Law Enforcement anywhere can access our database, they advise NBR that your bike has been recovered, and you can be notified immediately. For a single bike the cost is just $10 for 10 years, and a family of 5 can register all of their bikes for just $25 for 10 years. The cost makes it economical for even a mid-priced bicycle, and an absolute steal if you have an expensive one.

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Fri 06 Oct 2006

Ballet and Striptease at Home

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Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, practicing your dance moves at home can be very fun and convenient. You’re free to dance your heart out and you can be your own DJ, too! Even in a small space you can fit a piece of equipment that can help you limber up or get on down: a dance bar or pole. Whether you just know ballet basics, do yoga, or simply want to work on stretching and balance, a ballet barre can be very helpful. They’re adjustable so adults and kids of any height can comfortably take advantage of them. Use of a ballet barre promotes flexibility, good posture, and graceful movement.

Pole Dancing Kit Looking for something a little more exciting? Peekaboo’s Pole Dancing Kit is the first complete portable pole dancing package and it comes with chrome plated, extendable dance pole that needs no screws or bolts. Thanks to DVDs like Carmen Electra’s fantastic Aerobic Striptease set (which I personally recommend) and Sheila Kelley’s S Factor, women can learn to dance sexy in the privacy of their own home. Don’t fret if you can’t actually imagine yourself giving a pole dance or striptease; despite the stigma, you don’t have to look or act a certain way to benefit from these videos. They can simply help you gain confidence in your body and learn how to dance and move with more freedom. After trying some videos and taking a class at 24 Hour Fitness, I can also attest to it being a fun yet very challenging workout that gets you results fast. Peekaboo’s kit comes with an instructional DVD and dance move guide so all you need to add is attitude.

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