Tue 26 Nov 2013

Cupcakes Fit in Stockings. Awesome.

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robots and cupcakes? Robots and Cupcakes. File this combo under Why The Fluff Not?
Or Deliciously Dangerous.

New gadgets roll out so fast that it’s hard to remember a life where I couldn’t bake up a half dozen mini cupcakes in 5 minutes.

And someday, your robot nanny will sit your child on it’s knee and explain that we used ovens for cooking before lasers became the norm. Ahhh, progress.

Here are a few of the electronic-bakery highlights;

$3.49 – $44.99

mini cupcake maker brain cupcake mold kit teacupcake molds robot cupcake mold

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Sun 24 Apr 2011

15% Off Water Ionizer Sale Going on Now

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** SALE: Use coupon code genesis15 to save 15% **

genesis platinum water ionizer sale

Just over a year ago, I talked about the Genesis Water Ionizer in the post Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?. I shared the personal story of my in-laws, who introduced me to ionized water:

All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water/filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they ‘felt hydrated for the first time ever’, and the water was even ‘much easier to drink’.

I’ve got good news. Now it’s your turn to try.

The once a year water ionizer sale is ON.

Save 15% on the Genesis Platinum water ionizer. Use coupon code “genesis15″.

If you have questions – and I mean any questions at all – about ionized water, email me at .

I have been a solid gold fan of my water ionizer for over a year. Ask me anything, because I wanna help you feel healthy and vibrant, too :)

Buy Now
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Wed 16 Mar 2011

Easy Garlic Prep for Garlic Lovers

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Combo Garlic Grater & garlic press If I had to choose my favorite spicing or flavor, I’m pretty sure I’d choose garlic. It’s delicious, and the health benefits of garlic are endless: great for your heart, metablolisim, keeping your cholesterol down, healing infections, and preventing the “big c”.

I bet garlic is a staple in your cooking, too, isn’t it? You know it can be tricky to prepare; peeling, chopping, mincing, and clean up can get so tedious. I use garlic in my kitchen almost everyday, so I needed to find a way to make garlic prep easier on myself.

There are a LOT of options available, and through trial and error I’ve found that only a few products work well.

Do you hate cleaning a garlic press as much as I do? The Garlic Card may have been invented specifically for us. You just rub a peeled garlic clove against the card and it creates a finely grated puree. To clean, just run under the faucet and BAM it’s clean. No picking to get little bits out of a garlic press…

OXO Garlic Press But if you have the OXO Garlic Press, the clean up is tons easier. Outside of the Pampered Chef and Rösle garlic presses (which are both quite expensive), the OXO is the only garlic press that really works well. Unlike many other brands, even large cloves won’t squish up and out from the sides. Now you can mince my garlic in an instant, and cleaning the press out isnt a hassle either. Thanks to the little reverse cap, you can “flush” out garlic skin and other junk that you couldn’t mince. I love the fact it’s heavy duty steel, and I know I wont ever have to replace it. :)

Now go forth, fellow garlic luvahs, and spice to your heart’s content.


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Mon 17 Jan 2011

No Fry Corndog Maker: Carnival Food for Breakfast?

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no fry corndog maker

You know what’s in a hot dog, right? Good. So, wanna keep your veggie dogs in the “healthy” zone? But maybe you’re dreaming of fair style deep fried food on a stick lately? Someone has heard your prayers. The “No Fry Corn Dog Maker” is just as marvelous as it sounds.

Quickly create a healthier and tastier treat in three steps; prepare your favorite batter, dip in your food of choice, and bake them in the easy to clean (non-stick) snack maker.

Here are some suggestions from the web store: pizza roll cheese sticks, breakfast pancake sausage rolls and even CANDY BARS on a stick! If you can dip it in batter and put it on a stick our new No Fry Corn Dog Maker can take care of the rest! What a guarantee.

Includes 24 sticks and a recipe book with a classic corn dog recipe.

Some of the customer reviews were so emphatic and excited that I had to share. Awesome how much happiness some baked corndogs can produce…

I love to use this to create quick gluten free corn dogs. Which in the store are very expensive and not that tasty. I just kept working with the recipe until I came up with the one I love. Thank You for this product!

The best thing I have come up with so far to make in this machine is pancakes + sausages on a stick. Delicious. Try it!

Too cute…used it to make little twinkies

Vegan corndogs! Yesss!!!!

Best thing ever!

What no-fry food combos are your favorite?

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Mon 15 Mar 2010

Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?

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** SALE: Use coupon code wfl15 to save 15% until April 15, 2010 **

Every once in a great while, we discover a new idea so brilliant that it takes the rest of humanity years to accept it and make it part of their daily lives. Electricity, telephones, cars, and even TV fall into this category. People needed time to wrap their heads around the idea that something so beneficial could be produced so easily.
fountain of youth water ionizer
I felt the same way when I first heard about water ionizers. “A little machine that makes magic anti-oxidant water? For way less than the cost of bottled water? That has to be a scam”, I reasoned. A few years later my in-laws were excitedly telling me about the holistic health benefits of their new water ionizer machine, and I had to reconsider.

ionized alkaline healing watersSo they told me their first hand accounts and I was shocked. They’re not health nuts by any means. All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water and filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they “felt hydrated for the first time ever”, and the water was even “much easier to drink”. (That’s due to the newly “micro clustered” water molecules, which actually do hydrate our bodies much better than non-ionized water.)

Now as someone who eats and drinks in a very health-conscious way, I was skeptical that one could still make less-than-awesome food choices and feel great with the simple addition of water. And yet that is exactly what my in-laws experienced. They are still loving their water ionizer and discovering new cumulative health benefits as time goes on. There are other benefits that they, and their friends have experienced, but they are so wonderful as to be unbelievable sounding so I’m not going to mention them here. Let me just say that I think Fountain of Youth would be an appropriate name for the Genesis Water Ionizer.

If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I don’t know if I would have believed these amazing claims. Ionized, alkaline water is not yet available in stores so it’s one of those products that we still have to experience through our friends and family. Or we act on faith and see what amazing results we will personally experience. Plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so there is plenty of time to SEE what improvements you notice from drinking and using ionized, alkaline water.

Have you tried ionized water? Leave your stories, questions, and comments below and share the love!

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Thu 14 Aug 2008

Miracle Fruit, I love you

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A couple months ago a friend emailed to tell me about a berry that I “might be interested in”. She pointed me to the now infamous NY Times article about the “Miracle Fruit“, and I proceeded to flip out. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this truly magical berry, it makes sour things taste sweet and food in general just tastes better. How exciting is that? It contains a substance called “miraculin” that binds with your taste buds for up to 2 hours of “everything tastes like heaven” fun. Wow, talk about a natural sweetener. Sign me up!

talk about a natural sweetenerBut there’s just one problem: availability. Wikipedia says Miracle Fruit was documented way back in 1725, yet it only gained popularity in America in 2008, thanks largely to the “flavor trippers” referenced in the NY Times article. Without a solid growing infrastructure in place, it’s been really difficult to obtain the berries or the packaged tablets. Most retailers run out of stock for months at a time! I tried to find some seeds so I could grow my own, but at the time nobody had any stock available.

This morning I opened up an email from my homies at Think Geek and almost fell out of my chair when I saw they are now selling Miracle Fruit tablets! The date on the email said it arrived yesterday, but by the time I arrived at their site they were already sold out and taking backorders. Noooo! But since Think Geek is located in the USA (unlike most retailers) and has amazing customer service, I’m just going to backorder a couple packs now. What can I say, I have an insatiable sweet tooth and the idea of sucking on a lemon and having it taste like candy is too novel to resist.

Every story I’ve heard about Miracle Fruit has been funny and amazing. If you’ve tried this miraculous berry, please share your story in the comments. I’ll report back when my shipment arrives :)

PS- I predict that this berry is going to be so instrumental in getting people to eat healthy. We’ll start by eating a miracle berry before a big leafy green salad – you know, so even the most picky tastebuds can “tolerate” real food. Then we’ll only need a half berry as our bodies become used to eating well. Then one day we’ll realize that we don’t even need to “flavor trip” anymore. Did this idea occur to anyone else?

Sun 06 Jul 2008

Zero Waste Lunch: Reusable Lunch Bags

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Eco-Friendly Reusable Lunch Sacks and other green optionsZero Waste Lunch SackDid you know that, on average, kids throw away 67 pounds of trash every year from their school lunches? This costs schools much needed funds to collect and dispose of that trash, as well as being a huge ecological problem. (I wonder how much adults throw away during lunch.) But we can quickly make lunch time a lesson in zero waste. Participate in the Zero Waste Lunch program by bringing your lunch, and your childrens’ lunches, in stylish and reusable bags. Check out some tips to follow that will help reduce the amount of trash purchased, created, and needlessly thrown away.

Nubius Organics Zero Waste Lunch bagFor those that want to invest in a quality reusable bag we recommend checking out Nubius Organics’ zero waste lunch section. They feature a stylish line of insulated, reusable totes for transporting your lunch as well as some large bags that are made of recycled plastic bottles. Most, if not all, of their bags/totes are PVC free, teflon free, and lead free so you know your food is safe from toxins.

Nubius Organics also carries another Mable’s favorite: the Laptop Lunch System. Made famous by the Vegan Lunchbox Blog.

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Fri 18 Apr 2008

Grow Green with Organic Eco-friendly Herb Garden

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Organic DIY Herb GardenWe’ve mentioned personal gardens before; AeroGarden, Miniature Garden, Organic Dwarf Lemon Tree, Garden Fort, etc., but none were soooo eco-friendly they came in a biodegradable pot! Ha!

These 100% biodegradable pots are made from renewable grain husks, are certified organic, and will hold their shape and size for about 5 years. That’s a long time to grow some delicious herbs. As an added Green bonus, by growing plants indoors they will convert the CO2 you expel into Oxygen for your lungs. Yay for synergy!

Order yours today and choose between Lemon Basil, Lavender, Oregano or Parsley. Remember you can always pick up your own seeds from somewhere else and use those in these organic biodegradable pots. These make great green gifts for teachers, and families with kids to help show us all what goes into growing food.


Find more green growing gifts in our Plants and Gardening gifts section.

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Tue 22 Jan 2008

Swiss Hot Steam Humidifier & Best Electric Tea Kettle

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The Swiss Hot Steam Humidifier.The Swiss Hot Steam Humidifier: This pretty little humidifier boils water to eliminate waterborne bacteria and viruses before emiting hot steam that improves ambient air moisture in these dry winter months. Deliciously scientific isn’t it? Now go buy one.

The Best Electric Tea Kettle.The Best Electric Tea Kettle: This is the best electric tea kettle, simply because it outperformed all other models due to its awesome heat retention, quick boiling time (twice as fast), automatic shut-off, and safety features. The perfect gift for those tea lovers.

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Sun 26 Aug 2007

La Chamba Ware

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Chamba Lidded Casserole Are there any fellow foodies out there? As a lover of baking, I’ve done some experimenting with and researching of the available cookware materials: aluminum, glass, silicone, stone, steel, cast iron, and clay. Each has it’s own specialties and downsides, including possible health risks. Non-stick Teflon coatings, silicone, and lead containing glazes are a few of the materials that raise the biggest concerns about bakeware safety. So what options does that leave us with? So glad you asked!

Chamba Bowls (set of 4)I was recently introduced to La Chamba Ware, which seems to be ideal in just about every way. The pottery is handmade under Fair Trade standards in Columbia. Created from only mica clay, it is not glazed and contains no toxins. Instead, the clay is polished with river rocks; how cool is that? The pieces are then finished in wood kilns that turn them a lustrous and striking black. These stylish dishes are also very versatile and can be used on a gas stove (and electric stovetop using a heat diffuser) cleaned in the dishwasher, and even used in a microwave if that’s your thing. The only downside is that they don’t tolerate drastic changes in temperature, and thus need to pre-heat along with the oven. No biggie. Along with Viva Terra, you can often find discount La Chamba cookware on eBay. Happy (and safe) cooking!


Found via Road Less Traveled
Also: Creative Clay Cooking Blog

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