Wed 20 Apr 2011

Chill Pill: You Need One (and I’ll make them for you!)

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awesome chill pill ice cube tray

Because sometimes, seriously, you should just take a chill pill.

Now I want to suggest something that might sound impossible

This ice cube tray produces actual Chill Pills. Like real, working, effective “calm your crazy self down” chill pills.

How? Simple. The placebo effect.

“Placebo effects can arise not only from a conscious belief in a drug but also from subconscious associations between recovery and the experience of being treated—from the pinch of a shot to a doctor’s white coat. Such subliminal conditioning can control bodily processes of which we are unaware, such as immune responses and the release of hormones.”
“Placebo Effect: A Cure in the Mind.” Scientific American February 2009.

“Ha ha, these ice cubes are cute. Chill pill. I get it. It’s even printed on the pill with the dosage amount just like a real pill…” Unh huh.

Pack your cooler or fill your guests cups with these cubes and 5 minutes later everyone will be maxin’ and relaxin’.

Did these chill pill ice cubes work for you? Tell your story in the comments below!

Mon 17 Jan 2011

No Fry Corndog Maker: Carnival Food for Breakfast?

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no fry corndog maker

You know what’s in a hot dog, right? Good. So, wanna keep your veggie dogs in the “healthy” zone? But maybe you’re dreaming of fair style deep fried food on a stick lately? Someone has heard your prayers. The “No Fry Corn Dog Maker” is just as marvelous as it sounds.

Quickly create a healthier and tastier treat in three steps; prepare your favorite batter, dip in your food of choice, and bake them in the easy to clean (non-stick) snack maker.

Here are some suggestions from the web store: pizza roll cheese sticks, breakfast pancake sausage rolls and even CANDY BARS on a stick! If you can dip it in batter and put it on a stick our new No Fry Corn Dog Maker can take care of the rest! What a guarantee.

Includes 24 sticks and a recipe book with a classic corn dog recipe.

Some of the customer reviews were so emphatic and excited that I had to share. Awesome how much happiness some baked corndogs can produce…

I love to use this to create quick gluten free corn dogs. Which in the store are very expensive and not that tasty. I just kept working with the recipe until I came up with the one I love. Thank You for this product!

The best thing I have come up with so far to make in this machine is pancakes + sausages on a stick. Delicious. Try it!

Too cute…used it to make little twinkies

Vegan corndogs! Yesss!!!!

Best thing ever!

What no-fry food combos are your favorite?

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Thu 11 Dec 2008

Green Christmas Ideas

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Green Christmas IdeasWe love our local co-op. Every month they publish an amazing newsletter that is full of fresh articles and ideas that inspire us to “live green”. When I read their December cover list called “Celebrate the Eco Way”, I knew I had to share it with Mable’s readers. Enjoy and have a wonderful green holiday season!

“During the holiday season we tend, as a whole, to consume more. And, in doing so we create more… waste, that is. The following is a short list of ideas to help you reduce, reuse and recycle this season.

  • Purchase living gifts such as house plants, garden seeds or potted trees that can be transplanted in the spring.
  • Reduce waste by offering homemade food items or personal services as gifts. Baking cookies or preparing a meal a week for someone who would appreciate the help are two examples.
  • Reuse holiday wrapping: use old maps or pages from newspaper comics for wrapping gifts.
  • Reuse good quality, nearly new items as gifts or as donations to less fortunate individuals and families. Local charities can help distribute these items.
  • If your celebration calls for a Christmas tree, compensate for the harvest of your tree; arrange to plant a new tree in your yard or neighborhood next spring.
  • Give gifts that promote eco friendly life style changes. For example: cloth napkins and tablecloths, cloth or string shopping bags, a compost bin, gift certificates to resale shops, lunch boxes, reusable or biodegradable picnic plates, cups and utensils, recycling bins, or any gift made from recycled materials.

To preserve the spirit of giving, don’t try to give too much. Less “stuff” means less waste and a healthier environment for everyone.”

For more eco-friendly gift ideas,br> check out our other green holiday pages

Article courtesy of San Diego’s organic and vegetarian Ocean Beach People’s Co-op.

Tue 24 Jun 2008

Wardrobe Refashion 2008

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Wardrobe Refashion pledge We’re barely a week into summer and now feels like a great time to try something new. In an effort to inspire ourselves and create an entirely eco-fashion friendly wardrobe, we’ve decided to take the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge:

We,, pledge that we shall abstain from the purchase of “new” manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 4 months. We pledge that we shall refashion, renovate, recycle preloved items for ourselves with our own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract. We pledge that we will share the love and post a photo of our refashioned, renovated, recycled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thy thriftyness brings! Signed Lauren & Sean

So from July 1st – October 1st we’ll be sharing our adventures with creating, living in, and loving our “preloved” wardrobes. Honestly, being huge fans of vintage and reconstructed clothing, this won’t be a big stretch from what we’re already doing. We like the idea of making a commitment to it though, and sharing our journey with others. We look forward to trying out new refashioning techniques, scouring vintage clothing stores on eBay and better connecting with the sources of our clothes.

Are you interested in taking the Wardrobe Refashion pledge with us? You can sign up for 2, 4, or 6 month period and rest assured you will be in great company. This is the 3rd year and participation gets bigger each time. There are currently over 400 members in the Flickr pool! Whether or not you’ll be joining us in this DIY fashion adventure, what do you think of the idea? Could you avoid buying new clothes for a few months?

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Sun 28 Jan 2007

Super Sweet Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day evokes many memories and feelings, though mine are somewhat different from the norm. Being a single gal, Valentine’s isn’t just about romance at my house. Instead, it’s taken on a new form, and is essentially a great reason to bake/decorate/eat beautiful sweets.

iconAt the top of the list are cupcakes, which are a subject close to my heart. My newest love in the cupcake realm is silicone bakeware: I cannot praise it enough. My favorite part is obviously the non-stick capabilities, and growing assortment of shapes. I also love the fact that it’s lightweight, easy to wash, and won’t break like glass bakeware. Here’s an extra cute *PINK* silicone mini muffin pan from Tar-jay.

KitchenAid 24-c. Flexible Mini Muffin Mold with Sled, RedFor those of you with multiple batches to bake, take a look at this *RED* 24 cup silicone muffin pan with sled (available at Target, too).
Or if you’d really rather bake a whole cake, here’s a large heart shaped silicone pan (also available from Target).

I also found these heart shaped pancake molds from Lillian Vernon, and heart shaped waffle iron from Hearth Song. Why is it that food instantly seems more appealing when it’s heart shaped? I’ll never know. I like the idea of serving your loved ones “I <3 U" pancakes, for breakfast in bed. But these are great for anytime or year, and all ages. After all, in this world or drive-thrus and take-out, people always enjoy lovingly prepared home-made goodies.

Presentation is everything, so after you’ve made your yummy cupcakes, you’ve gotta serve em’ up right! Treat all your Valentines to hand painted sugar-sweet place settings to go with their dessert. Each set is comprised of a heart shaped plate and mug, with an over all “candy heart” theme. They even have matching embroidered placemats.

So if you’re fretting over what your Valentine’s Day plans will be, try something different! Stock up on supplies and plan a sweets-sampling get together for all the loved ones in your life.

COUPON: At Lillian Vernon, get 10% off orders $75+ (enter Media/Promotional Code 066850100 in your shopping cart) or 15% off orders $100+ (use code 076850100).

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Mon 27 Nov 2006

Raw & Vegetarian Cooking Courses

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raw cuisine and vegetarian cooking coursesHippocrates was right on the money when he said “let food be thy medicine”. We know that what we put in our bodies is responsible (at least in part) for how we feel, and that how we raise and prepare our food is responsible for the state of the environment. But how do we go about lessening our “global footprint” on the earth while eating foods that are both nourishing and satisfying?

Increasing your intake of organic fruits and veggies with vegetarian, vegan, or raw meals is a great way to start. You don’t have to be a full-time vegetarian to reap the benefits either. Reducing the amount of pre-packaged foods and animal products that you eat is far easier on the earth and your body. The only question left then is, will I enjoy the taste? You better believe it! In a hands-on cooking class designed for beginners and budding chefs alike, you’ll learn to make delicious plant-based meals that will impress and satiate everyone. After the courses you will understand the basics of creating fast, healthy, yummy recipes, allowing you to align your diet with your green ideals. An excellent gift for yourself or anyone who wants to eat better and feel better.

Raw Cuisine (L.A. or Miami) $270-370
Vegetarian Cooking (L.A.or O.C.) $305

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Sat 09 Sep 2006

Halloween Cupcakes

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A few days ago I blogged about some Halloween Baking Pans for making full-size cakes and mini cakes. How did I forget to talk about my favorite of all cake sizes, the cupcake?! Along with shaped pans, another baking item that I find indispensable are reusable silicone cupcake liners. They are traditionally available in bright colors (with more pastels available during the Easter season), but new for this Halloween are some black and orange ones… more
[via 365 Halloween]

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Tue 05 Sep 2006

Halloween Baking Pans

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Halloween is a time for reinvention and trying new things. We take ideas that seem mundane on any other day, and with an added creepy kick, they become unique Halloween entities. Pretty prom queens become zombie prom queens, pumpkins become jack-o-lanterns, and cupcakes become skull cakes. Mmm, skull cakes… more
[via 365 Halloween]

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