Thu 27 Feb 2014

Retro Rocket Shaped Cocktail Shaker

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Rocket ShakerLooking for the perfect retro inspired cocktail shaker? Blast off with this swanky 1950s rocket shaped cocktail shaker, and just sit back and enjoy the ride…

Made of stainless steel and able to hold 24 ounces of the “rocket fuel” of your choice, this cocktail shaker is ready to launch you and your party guests back to a more space-fascinated time.

$34.99 @ ModCloth

Wed 29 Feb 2012

Fingerstache In Your Face!

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fingerstache tattoos

Good Idea: Grow a righteous mustache.
Better Idea: Get a fingerstache tattoo.
Best Idea: Get a temporary fingerstache tattoo.

There are few accessories as unexpected as a moustache tattoo on your finger. It’s like waving a hipster’s magic wand and instantaneously having a cute opening line. (And some faux whiskers, too.) Perfect for girls who dig irony or guys with more scruff than stache’. Kids love playing with them, too. Those whippersnappers.

We’re actually quite enamored with the moustache. Our Co-Owner Sean is the (sole) owner of an enviable handlebar mustache.

Maybe you could have guessed?

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Wed 20 Apr 2011

Chill Pill: You Need One (and I’ll make them for you!)

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awesome chill pill ice cube tray

Because sometimes, seriously, you should just take a chill pill.

Now I want to suggest something that might sound impossible

This ice cube tray produces actual Chill Pills. Like real, working, effective “calm your crazy self down” chill pills.

How? Simple. The placebo effect.

“Placebo effects can arise not only from a conscious belief in a drug but also from subconscious associations between recovery and the experience of being treated—from the pinch of a shot to a doctor’s white coat. Such subliminal conditioning can control bodily processes of which we are unaware, such as immune responses and the release of hormones.”
“Placebo Effect: A Cure in the Mind.” Scientific American February 2009.

“Ha ha, these ice cubes are cute. Chill pill. I get it. It’s even printed on the pill with the dosage amount just like a real pill…” Unh huh.

Pack your cooler or fill your guests cups with these cubes and 5 minutes later everyone will be maxin’ and relaxin’.

Did these chill pill ice cubes work for you? Tell your story in the comments below!

Mon 14 Feb 2011

Butterfly in a Jar… Or Is It?

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If you look at history, now is a flippin’ sweet time to be alive. Need proof?

We have problems like “I want to constantly witness the beauty and mystery of a butterfly, but without harming it“. Beats the pants off of “I hope we chopped enough wood to make it through the winter”, doesn’t it?

blue butterfly in jarpink butterfly in jar Like an adorable confirmation from above, these electronic butterflies remind you how good life is. Simple, fascinating, beautiful. This is exactly the kind of gift I give to my Type A friends. When you tend to “live in your head”, reconnecting with simple pleasures is key.

What about kids? Check out the video below to see how enraptured they are playing with their butterfly.

Hmm, can you think of anyone else who might enjoy these little marvels?

Mon 17 Jan 2011

No Fry Corndog Maker: Carnival Food for Breakfast?

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no fry corndog maker

You know what’s in a hot dog, right? Good. So, wanna keep your veggie dogs in the “healthy” zone? But maybe you’re dreaming of fair style deep fried food on a stick lately? Someone has heard your prayers. The “No Fry Corn Dog Maker” is just as marvelous as it sounds.

Quickly create a healthier and tastier treat in three steps; prepare your favorite batter, dip in your food of choice, and bake them in the easy to clean (non-stick) snack maker.

Here are some suggestions from the web store: pizza roll cheese sticks, breakfast pancake sausage rolls and even CANDY BARS on a stick! If you can dip it in batter and put it on a stick our new No Fry Corn Dog Maker can take care of the rest! What a guarantee.

Includes 24 sticks and a recipe book with a classic corn dog recipe.

Some of the customer reviews were so emphatic and excited that I had to share. Awesome how much happiness some baked corndogs can produce…

I love to use this to create quick gluten free corn dogs. Which in the store are very expensive and not that tasty. I just kept working with the recipe until I came up with the one I love. Thank You for this product!

The best thing I have come up with so far to make in this machine is pancakes + sausages on a stick. Delicious. Try it!

Too cute…used it to make little twinkies

Vegan corndogs! Yesss!!!!

Best thing ever!

What no-fry food combos are your favorite?

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Thu 14 Aug 2008

Miracle Fruit, I love you

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A couple months ago a friend emailed to tell me about a berry that I “might be interested in”. She pointed me to the now infamous NY Times article about the “Miracle Fruit“, and I proceeded to flip out. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this truly magical berry, it makes sour things taste sweet and food in general just tastes better. How exciting is that? It contains a substance called “miraculin” that binds with your taste buds for up to 2 hours of “everything tastes like heaven” fun. Wow, talk about a natural sweetener. Sign me up!

talk about a natural sweetenerBut there’s just one problem: availability. Wikipedia says Miracle Fruit was documented way back in 1725, yet it only gained popularity in America in 2008, thanks largely to the “flavor trippers” referenced in the NY Times article. Without a solid growing infrastructure in place, it’s been really difficult to obtain the berries or the packaged tablets. Most retailers run out of stock for months at a time! I tried to find some seeds so I could grow my own, but at the time nobody had any stock available.

This morning I opened up an email from my homies at Think Geek and almost fell out of my chair when I saw they are now selling Miracle Fruit tablets! The date on the email said it arrived yesterday, but by the time I arrived at their site they were already sold out and taking backorders. Noooo! But since Think Geek is located in the USA (unlike most retailers) and has amazing customer service, I’m just going to backorder a couple packs now. What can I say, I have an insatiable sweet tooth and the idea of sucking on a lemon and having it taste like candy is too novel to resist.

Every story I’ve heard about Miracle Fruit has been funny and amazing. If you’ve tried this miraculous berry, please share your story in the comments. I’ll report back when my shipment arrives :)

PS- I predict that this berry is going to be so instrumental in getting people to eat healthy. We’ll start by eating a miracle berry before a big leafy green salad – you know, so even the most picky tastebuds can “tolerate” real food. Then we’ll only need a half berry as our bodies become used to eating well. Then one day we’ll realize that we don’t even need to “flavor trip” anymore. Did this idea occur to anyone else?

Sat 31 May 2008

Vintage Clothes: MakiMaki eBay Store

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MakiMaki Vintage ClothesOn the Mable’s Vintage Clothing page we list our favorite vintage eBay stores, but every now we just got to feature sellers who stand out from the rest. Enter MakiMaki Vintage: a vintage boutique specializing in one of a kind dresses and other exclusive items.

MakiMaki features vintage clothing from the 1950s, mod ’60s, hippy 70s, and radical 80s. Shae, the store owner, used to be a stylist and it shows in her fabulous photos that sets apart MakiMaki from the other vintage clothing sellers on eBay.

MakiMaki Vintage BoutiqueMakiMaki has been making waves lately in the media and has been featured in VenusZine, Dorian Magazine, as well as on MTV just to name a few. I imagine one of the reasons her store is so popular – besides her great clothing & photos – is the intuitive navigation that categorize by shoes, dresses, jackets, etc. which is a huge plus for an eBay store.

Be sure to stay up to date with their latest vintage finds by subscribing to the MakiMaki Vintage blog, or by becoming a friend on MySpace or Facebook.

MakiMaki Vintage eBay Store
Wed 14 May 2008

Perpetual Kid Spring Warehouse Sale

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Perpetual Kid Spring Warehouse Sale It’s been a long day on teh Interwebz. I’ve been glued to my laptop most of the day doing nerdy behind-the-scenes work for Mable’s and our Halloween website. Kinda fun, but rather tedious work.

But you know what makes it all better? Perpetual Kid is having a Spring Cleaning Warehouse Sale. A bunch of their items are marked down 20% – 70% off. Now would be a good time to stock up on Dead body Towels for company and replace that busted travel hula hoop of yours. Sheesh, why am I still writing this, I could be securing a lifetime supply of Cocktail Monkey necklaces right now.

Denture Ice Cubes Even better is their newest item: novelty ice cubes in the shape of… wait for it… dentures. (If this is your first visit and you weren’t sure what to expect from a “Unique Gifts Blog”, you now know just what you’re in for.) It’s official: these chompy cool treats are going to be the official ice cube at Mable’s HQ this summer.

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Fri 29 Feb 2008

Start Jumping to Conclusions on Leap Year

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Office Space KitIn honor of leap day I’d like to invite you all to start jumping to conclusions. Thanks to modern science we are all able to easily jump to conclusions by simply leaping forward in a particular direction. Simply amazing. Also included in the official Office Space Kit is a mini red stapler, Initech mug, TPS reports, starter “flair”, “Is this Good for the Company” sign, and a sticker for a copy machine that says “PC Load Letter.”

All this for only $12.99.

What does this mysterious “Jump to Conclusions” Mat look like? Find out.

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Sat 03 Nov 2007

The 8-Bit Tie for those 8-Bit Gamers

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8-Bit Tie from ThinkGeekRemember the 8-bit days of running and jumping from left to right and trying to avoid those carnivorous plants that arose from sewer pipes? Yeah me too. I was a rough life. Well fast forward 2 decades or so and now we are dealing with wireless controllers with like 8x more buttons and visual effects that we swear look totally real. If you or someone you know likes to reminisce of the simple 8-bit days then this pixelated style clip-on tie, dubbed The 8-Bit Tie, is a unique gift sure to be enjoyed. It has a silk-like feel, and each one is handmade for that special touch. Wear it with a button up, regular t-shirt, or snap it on your dog, where ever it goes it screams video game nostalgia and lets others know you are an old school techie fan.

For other novel ties with a techie flair check out ThinkGeek’s “Ties Suck” Tie and their Power Tie.

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