Fri 07 Sep 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Welcome September

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vintage fashion

Welcome to September, dearlove. The month of guaranteed change… The Mable’s Team just relocated to southern Florida from Orange County, CA, and we’re really feeling the shift. New time zone, totally new seasonal cycles, and oh so much curl-enhancing moisture in the air!

Ya know, among other things ;)

So what’s new with you, pussycat? Got any tales of sudden change to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

And now, the best and brightest in vintage fashion for the week…

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  • LOVING the vintage swimwear from @RetroRocketGirl especially this #80s thong suit! :D
  • Hypnotic… RT @smallearthvtg: 1930s delinquents, Game of Thrones-inspired fashion & a glittery gold lipstick holder!
  • 60 days until Halloween. Excited! And a bit shocked at how the summer flew by… from @VintageMable
  • 1950s styling, midi skirts & tea length dresses from Duyos: from @natashabailie #fashion #designer
  • YES! RT @karinadej: The topic of #authenticity has been touched during every panel @ #IFBCON . Stay true to yourselves. via @thecoveted
  • Can you believe the shapes & details on these Edwardian hats?! from @adoredvintage #photography #vintage #fashion
  • Adorable progress w/ the covers! RT @retroruth: On The Blog: My Vintage Volkswagen Westfalia – Progress Report #3
  • Are you swooning over these Pastel Retro Shoes like we are? from @JoyHey #vintage #fashion
  • Kim Gordon!!! RT @slvintage: Some Like it Vintage: Trying on A Piece of Rock History #fashion

Image credit: Natasha Bailie Blog

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Wed 07 Apr 2010

Rare Vintage Swimsuits Found Online

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vintage swimsuitsSpring Break is upon us all over the US, and Summer is fast approaching, but what ever will you do about that vintage swimsuit you’ve been dreaming for?

Vintage Swimsuits weren’t always easy to find without some serious searching online. Don’t fret my pet, Mable’s Crew has done the hard work for you and found a way to put the most sought after eBay auctions for vintage swimwear on one easy to view page. We call it our totally fab Vintage Swimsuit page, but you can just call it bookmarked. *hint hint*
Vintage Swimsuit: find rare womens or men’s retro swimwear from the hands of those who scour the US for truly retro styles.

Be sure to check out our already extensive line of retro and vintage clothing today and get yourself some stylin’ threads from the past without leaving your home.

For even more selections on retro swimwear browse through the always hip ModCloth’s selection of gorgeous vintage inspired swimsuits.

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Mon 21 Jul 2008

Vintage Bathing Suits

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My Lee Vintage Bathing Suits from eBay Look at my new vintage bathing suit! That beautiful blue and black polka dotted one-piece from eBay is my newest swimwear. A homemade bikini was actually in the works, because we took the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge. But like most great wardrobe choices, that bathing suit was love at first sight and I had to have it!

I haven’t worn a one-piece in years and frankly I didn’t think that a genuine vintage bathing suit would be very comfortable since a lot of them were wool. But I put those concerns aside and decided to be adventurous.

I’m so glad I did because not only is this skirted one-piece cuter than any of the bikinis I have been watching, and it’s made of super comfortable cotton. Even better, it was “new old stock” (commonly noted as “NOS” on eBay) so although my Lee Swimplay suit is probably from the 1950′s, I’m still the first one to wear it!

If you’re still searching for the perfect swimsuit (or one of many) and want something really unique for summer then you must see the selection of vintage bathing suits on eBay.

Here are a few of the hottest vintage swimsuits being bid on right now. It surprised me that, almost without exception, one-pieces are the hottest sellers. Despite the popularity of the modern bikini – and I swear it’s not hyperbole to say that nearly everyone in southern California wears one – it seems that a new retro-loving generation is discovering the one-piece.

Some truly fantastic maillot swimsuits did come from seasons past; highly styled designer suits of the 40′s and 50′s, the profusely psychedelic prints of the 60s, deep V necklines and bias cuts of the 70s, and uber high cut legs and fluorescent colors of the 80s. Whether you’re a vintage fashionista or a lover of all things retro and ironic, there’s a style for you.

Find the perfect retro vintage inspired swimwear on our Vintage Swimsuits page for both women and men!

Tue 05 Jun 2007

Little Miss Matched Reversible Swimwear

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reversible bathing suit

Add these reversible swimsuits to the why wasn’t this around when I was a kid? category. As a child, I’d pour through the pint-sized racks in search of the coolest swimwear in existence. I knew that if I settled for the cute-ish one in my hand then the absolute best suit would surely be on the next rack. Not much has changed for me when it comes to finding new summer swimwear, and ladies (both young and grown-up) know that feeling. What if I find something cuter later?

Little Miss Matched to the rescue! Each piece from the reversible Little Miss Matched bathing suit line comes with 2 print/color combinations. The one piece suit with cover-up offers 4 options, and the 2 pieces with cover-ups create 8 options! Whether your little girl likes hearts, polka dots, stripes, solids, one-pieces, two-pieces, bikinis, or tankinis, she will find something adorable at Little Miss Matched.

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