Sat 24 Apr 2010

Eight Hottest 80′s Cartoon T-Shirts

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You’re probably not enough of an 80′s child to get all these rad references, but I’ll reveal the eight hottest 80s cartoon t-shirt list anyway. We’ve blogged about our idea of Rad 80′s Shirts before, but this time it’s official.

BEHOLD! Now announcing The eight hottest 80′s Cartoon T-Shirts ever!

There it is, the top 8 shirts that represent your Saturday morning 80′s lovin’ lifestyle. Find more at the always awesome 80′s Tees store.

Looking for more retro clothes?

Need more options for 80′s themed t-shirts? Here’s one, two, and maybe you want to cut your shirts up 80′s style like this video.

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Tue 09 Feb 2010

Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The Vampire Seduction HandbookWoah! Check out the awesome Valentine’s day gifts over at ThinkGeek.

Mable’s favs on the Geeky list:
- Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets: Everything tastes sweet now! (WTF Miracle Fruit?)
- The Vampire Seduction Handbook: hold still for a minute will ya.
- Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow: for those rare nights alone.

This is only a small sample of the rad gifts available at ThinkGeek right now. Choose from other nerdy gifts like plants that grow to say I love you, electronic assisted t-shirts of love, lots of caffeinated themed goodies, and plenty of novelty breath mints for those old school gamers and cupcake lovers. Visit V-Day Gift Guide now.

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Fri 14 Nov 2008

80′s T-Shirts That Make Me Smile

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For an easy way to find out how old someone is, just ask them how they spent Saturday mornings as a kid. If it involved heaping bowls of fluorescent colored cereal and watching cartoons about otherworldly creatures at 6AM… you’ve found yourself an 80′s child. Both Sean and I spent untold hours parked in front of our television screens, watching with equal amounts of awe and laughter as epic battles were waged between our heroes. Is it any wonder we gravitate towards 80′s t-shirts?

The characters were usually cloaked in goofy outfits and had funny sounding names, but they all has a pretty serious mission; Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears kept vitality and love in the world, GI Joe was battling global “terrorists”, the ThunderCats prevented an ancient mummy from controlling the planet, and He-Man and She-Ra were defending the entire universe. We never watched the animated offerings from Lucas, but the Star Wars movies were so influential for us and that plot also involved protecting the galactic from evil. 80s kids were definitely presented with some mature themes and we loved it.

Of course the 80′s were also influenced by the Me Generation mindset so we also ended up with fantastically silly or mundane plot lines. The Ninja Turtles were kind of a hybrid, as they fought off potentially multidimensional domination by evil, but they also used surfer slang and ate ice-cream topped pizza. (Which, by the way, is absolutely delicious. Thank you TMNT for prompting me to try that back in the late 80′s.) And then we’ve got a boatload of movies like Dirty Dancing where the drama stems from coming of age and a simple need to dance. Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future were also some “heavy” 80s movie offerings that tickled our imaginations as well as funny bones. It was an amazing time for media and for just being a kid.

All things considered, I’m really grateful that I got to spend my adolescence in the polarized yet magical decade of the 80′s. How about you, fellow 80′s children?

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Tue 11 Mar 2008

Reprint Praise for Threadless

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Staby McKnife ShirtIt was only a few days ago we were saying how cool it would be if Threadless reprinted the Staby McKnife design so we could get one. They must have read our minds, because we soon received their newsletter with another opportunity to purchase this friendly knife. W00t for reprints!

Also just announced is the 2007 Bestee Award Winners where you can view the designs of the year, best collaboration designs, groundbreaking design of the year, best use of one color, and more.

Although our friend Staby McKnife didn’t win any awards, another reprint did win Slogan of the Year. Get it while it’s hot.

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Mon 28 Jan 2008

New Artist Designs Daily at UneeTee

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UneeTee - New Designs Daily!Searching for an easy gift that is unique and stylish? Check out the daily artist submitted designs over at UneeTee. These designer t-shirts don’t cost a lot and they are printed on American Apparel brand shirts for their eco-friendliness and USA manufactured quality.
Amazing Childhood
Hot Tip: Make your decision quickly as these t-shirt and hoodie designs sell out quick!

My personal pick would be this Amazing Childhood design for it’s brightness and fun outdoor activities. Don’t you wish you could just spend the day on a swing set, or playing freeze tag with your friends? I do.

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