Tue 26 Nov 2013

Cupcakes Fit in Stockings. Awesome.

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robots and cupcakes? Robots and Cupcakes. File this combo under Why The Fluff Not?
Or Deliciously Dangerous.

New gadgets roll out so fast that it’s hard to remember a life where I couldn’t bake up a half dozen mini cupcakes in 5 minutes.

And someday, your robot nanny will sit your child on it’s knee and explain that we used ovens for cooking before lasers became the norm. Ahhh, progress.

Here are a few of the electronic-bakery highlights;

$3.49 – $44.99

mini cupcake maker brain cupcake mold kit teacupcake molds robot cupcake mold

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Wed 29 Feb 2012

Fingerstache In Your Face!

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fingerstache tattoos

Good Idea: Grow a righteous mustache.
Better Idea: Get a fingerstache tattoo.
Best Idea: Get a temporary fingerstache tattoo.

There are few accessories as unexpected as a moustache tattoo on your finger. It’s like waving a hipster’s magic wand and instantaneously having a cute opening line. (And some faux whiskers, too.) Perfect for girls who dig irony or guys with more scruff than stache’. Kids love playing with them, too. Those whippersnappers.

We’re actually quite enamored with the moustache. Our Co-Owner Sean is the (sole) owner of an enviable handlebar mustache.

Maybe you could have guessed?

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Wed 20 Apr 2011

Chill Pill: You Need One (and I’ll make them for you!)

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awesome chill pill ice cube tray

Because sometimes, seriously, you should just take a chill pill.

Now I want to suggest something that might sound impossible

This ice cube tray produces actual Chill Pills. Like real, working, effective “calm your crazy self down” chill pills.

How? Simple. The placebo effect.

“Placebo effects can arise not only from a conscious belief in a drug but also from subconscious associations between recovery and the experience of being treated—from the pinch of a shot to a doctor’s white coat. Such subliminal conditioning can control bodily processes of which we are unaware, such as immune responses and the release of hormones.”
“Placebo Effect: A Cure in the Mind.” Scientific American February 2009.

“Ha ha, these ice cubes are cute. Chill pill. I get it. It’s even printed on the pill with the dosage amount just like a real pill…” Unh huh.

Pack your cooler or fill your guests cups with these cubes and 5 minutes later everyone will be maxin’ and relaxin’.

Did these chill pill ice cubes work for you? Tell your story in the comments below!

Wed 16 Mar 2011

Easy Garlic Prep for Garlic Lovers

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Combo Garlic Grater & garlic press If I had to choose my favorite spicing or flavor, I’m pretty sure I’d choose garlic. It’s delicious, and the health benefits of garlic are endless: great for your heart, metablolisim, keeping your cholesterol down, healing infections, and preventing the “big c”.

I bet garlic is a staple in your cooking, too, isn’t it? You know it can be tricky to prepare; peeling, chopping, mincing, and clean up can get so tedious. I use garlic in my kitchen almost everyday, so I needed to find a way to make garlic prep easier on myself.

There are a LOT of options available, and through trial and error I’ve found that only a few products work well.

Do you hate cleaning a garlic press as much as I do? The Garlic Card may have been invented specifically for us. You just rub a peeled garlic clove against the card and it creates a finely grated puree. To clean, just run under the faucet and BAM it’s clean. No picking to get little bits out of a garlic press…

OXO Garlic Press But if you have the OXO Garlic Press, the clean up is tons easier. Outside of the Pampered Chef and Rösle garlic presses (which are both quite expensive), the OXO is the only garlic press that really works well. Unlike many other brands, even large cloves won’t squish up and out from the sides. Now you can mince my garlic in an instant, and cleaning the press out isnt a hassle either. Thanks to the little reverse cap, you can “flush” out garlic skin and other junk that you couldn’t mince. I love the fact it’s heavy duty steel, and I know I wont ever have to replace it. :)

Now go forth, fellow garlic luvahs, and spice to your heart’s content.


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Mon 21 Feb 2011

Throw n’ Grow Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs

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easy flower seed bomb
Have you ever noticed a weed growing in the sidewalk? The defiant way it springs up, surrounded by cement? Now that’s the original guerrilla gardening.

Wildflowers are notorious for “blooming where they’re planted”. Seed bombs take that idea and crank it to 11. They transform any gray urban landscape into a slice of reclaimed green space.

They come in 6 growing regions for the US; west coast, midwest, east coast, pacific northwest, southwest and southeast. Just pick the right region, throw, and your gardening is done.

Seed bombs are awesome for both gardening enthusiasts and anyone who can throw! Even kids can chuck these over a fence and watch the magic happen. Chuck a seed bomb in spring, summer, or early fall, and see what blooms.

Mon 14 Feb 2011

Butterfly in a Jar… Or Is It?

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If you look at history, now is a flippin’ sweet time to be alive. Need proof?

We have problems like “I want to constantly witness the beauty and mystery of a butterfly, but without harming it“. Beats the pants off of “I hope we chopped enough wood to make it through the winter”, doesn’t it?

blue butterfly in jarpink butterfly in jar Like an adorable confirmation from above, these electronic butterflies remind you how good life is. Simple, fascinating, beautiful. This is exactly the kind of gift I give to my Type A friends. When you tend to “live in your head”, reconnecting with simple pleasures is key.

What about kids? Check out the video below to see how enraptured they are playing with their butterfly.

Hmm, can you think of anyone else who might enjoy these little marvels?

Thu 13 Jan 2011

All This Belt Buckle Says and Does is Right

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moonanite belt buckle
If you’re an Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, you know at first glance how awesome this belt buckle is. It’s the kind of glow-in-the-dark fun that may entice you to take over the world. One poorly conceived plan at a time.

If Ignignokt isn’t your jam, there are a ton of other classic belt buckles.

Best Moonanites Quotes
“We are sorry in the most sarcastic sense of the word.”
“We do whatever we want, to whomever we want, at all times!”
“Everyone, bow your heads and pretend to be serious.”
“All we say and do is right.”

Sat 23 Oct 2010

Vintage History in a Bottle

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history in a bottle
The teeny History in a Bottle jars are part time capsule and part goodie bag. You never know just what you’ll get, but it’s guaranteed to be an assortment of vintage pretties.

What will you make with your bottle of time traveled treats?

Twine Shop is the perfect blend of lovely goodies and conscious consumerism. They offer “natural materials, great design, handmade goods, and unique surprises”. Visit their shop for more amazing gifts and goodies.

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Fri 14 Nov 2008

80′s T-Shirts That Make Me Smile

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For an easy way to find out how old someone is, just ask them how they spent Saturday mornings as a kid. If it involved heaping bowls of fluorescent colored cereal and watching cartoons about otherworldly creatures at 6AM… you’ve found yourself an 80′s child. Both Sean and I spent untold hours parked in front of our television screens, watching with equal amounts of awe and laughter as epic battles were waged between our heroes. Is it any wonder we gravitate towards 80′s t-shirts?

The characters were usually cloaked in goofy outfits and had funny sounding names, but they all has a pretty serious mission; Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears kept vitality and love in the world, GI Joe was battling global “terrorists”, the ThunderCats prevented an ancient mummy from controlling the planet, and He-Man and She-Ra were defending the entire universe. We never watched the animated offerings from Lucas, but the Star Wars movies were so influential for us and that plot also involved protecting the galactic from evil. 80s kids were definitely presented with some mature themes and we loved it.

Of course the 80′s were also influenced by the Me Generation mindset so we also ended up with fantastically silly or mundane plot lines. The Ninja Turtles were kind of a hybrid, as they fought off potentially multidimensional domination by evil, but they also used surfer slang and ate ice-cream topped pizza. (Which, by the way, is absolutely delicious. Thank you TMNT for prompting me to try that back in the late 80′s.) And then we’ve got a boatload of movies like Dirty Dancing where the drama stems from coming of age and a simple need to dance. Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future were also some “heavy” 80s movie offerings that tickled our imaginations as well as funny bones. It was an amazing time for media and for just being a kid.

All things considered, I’m really grateful that I got to spend my adolescence in the polarized yet magical decade of the 80′s. How about you, fellow 80′s children?

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Mon 29 Sep 2008

Custom Natural Makeup from Pink Quartz Minerals

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Natural Mineral Makeup from Pink Quartz Minerals
Sometimes having too many options can be a little overwhelming, but when entering the Pink Quartz Minerals shop I feel like a kid in a candy store! Doree is a one woman DIY powerhouse who makes a variety of all natural makeup, but she always makes time to create any item to your exact specifications. What color do you want that lip balm? How opaque do you want the color? Want to add a flavor? An all natural sweetener? How about customizing the label with any text you want? Even cooler, these options are standard and there is never an extra charge for them. I have been loving my marshmallow flavored, stevia sweetened, deep rose lip balm for months and I’m actually excited to order a few more.

As someone who really doesn’t wear much makeup – usually some tinted lip balm or mineral foundation – my affinity for Pink Quartz Minerals might seem surprising. Keep in mind though that I’m a really particular shopper; I always know just what I want… and what I don’t want.

Natural Mineral Makeup from Pink Quartz Minerals Unlike most products out there, all of Doree’s handmade goodies are safe for your eyes, lips, skin, and face, which says a lot about how “natural” they really are. The ingredients consist of only 6 minerals (except the lip balms of course), and there are never any preservatives, chemicals, or animal-based ingredients. Everything is vegan friendly, and truly hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. I was visiting family recently and took a peek at the ingredients on my little sister’s sparkly lip balm set. Talk about night and day! There was a huge list of chemicals and it was petroleum based, too. Yuck! What bums me out is that makeup containing dangerous, junky ingredients is standard. Thank goodness for businesses like Pink Quartz Minerals who have integrity and create only safe and exquisite makeup items.

I also had the pleasure of trying the mineral foundation and the fabulous vegan kabuki brush. Both are amazing! I bought the sample kit to find the perfect shade for me, but you can also have a color custom blended. I’ve been asked so many times “Are you wearing makeup? Your skin looks so nice.” Could there be a better testimonial? During the visit to see my family, my mom tried the kabuki brush and could not stop raving. “It’s so much softer than the expensive one I bought and doesn’t shed all over the place either”. Since she doesn’t stop by this blog too often I’ll let you guys know that I’m going to order her a brush and sample kit, too :)

Unless you’re madly in love with your makeup and can identify all the ingredients on the label, I really encourage you to try some of the lovely handmade products from Pink Quartz Minerals. They’re safe, affordable, and bring out your natural beauty so you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.