Mon 07 Feb 2011

In love? In like? Valentine’s Day Gifts by Like-o-Meter

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Valentines day gifts. Love or like?

On a scale of 1 to ohmahgah, how into your sweetheart are you?

Just tell the Uncommon Love Meter your level of lovin’, and it will show you hand-picked gift ideas perfect for your Valentine. Chances are, you’ll probably find a really stand-out Valentine’s Day present; this shop specializes in the truly unique. Check out how much of it is artisan made and eco-friendly, too.

So what’s your Love Meter at this year?

No matter who you spend the day with, or how you celebrate your relationship, have an awesome, heart-centered Valentine’s Day.

The Mable’s Crew

Tue 09 Feb 2010

Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

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The Vampire Seduction HandbookWoah! Check out the awesome Valentine’s day gifts over at ThinkGeek.

Mable’s favs on the Geeky list:
- Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets: Everything tastes sweet now! (WTF Miracle Fruit?)
- The Vampire Seduction Handbook: hold still for a minute will ya.
- Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow: for those rare nights alone.

This is only a small sample of the rad gifts available at ThinkGeek right now. Choose from other nerdy gifts like plants that grow to say I love you, electronic assisted t-shirts of love, lots of caffeinated themed goodies, and plenty of novelty breath mints for those old school gamers and cupcake lovers. Visit V-Day Gift Guide now.

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Tue 12 Feb 2008

Last Minute Valentines Deal: Dozen Free Organic Roses

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free dozen roses Putting off your Valentine’s Day purchase until the last minute? Well, it’s down to the wire so don’t wait any longer! The folks at Organic Bouquet told us about a limited time offer where you can get 2 dozen organic roses for $49.95. That’s the normal price for 1 dozen, but until February 14th, you can get the 2nd dozen for free. What a steal!

Shipped fresh direct from the grower via FedEx Next Day, these beautiful roses are guaranteed to last at least 7 days from the time of delivery. Your sweetie will also appreciate that they were grown using “Veriflora” so they were “produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner”.

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Wed 06 Feb 2008

Handmade Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Last year, the handmade revolution caught on like wildfire. Giving handmade gifts says so much more than any factory made item, and it supports independent artists, too. We scouted out some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that would make a loving and unexpected gift for your special someone.

funny, snarky, mean anti Valentine's Day cardsIt’s official: Etsy is the place to get handmade items year-round. They have a beautiful Valentine’s Day Showcase to make it easy for us shoppers to find those truly unique items.

Let’s begin with a couple anti Valentine’s Day gift ideas, because not everyone thinks hearts and candy on February 14th. The one of a kind creations from Snarky Cards make me genuinely LOL. Over the course of about a week, I’ve read every card to Sean, which prompts us to cackle with delight. (I almost wish I had more questionable relationships so that I would have a reason to use these cards. Almost.) They’ll send the perfect message to your ex, or anybody else you want to stick it to this V-Day.

handmade Anti Valentines Day SNARK bracelet This Anti Valentines Day bracelet from Ben can Dance Creations is similarly blunt and snarky. With such unmistakable missives as DIE, KTHX BYE, and U SUCK, your target will get the message loud and clear. A perfect piece of jewelry that says “I hate Valentine’s Day”, but is still super cute.

For those of you with more traditional- and functional- relationships in mind this holiday, here are our absolute favorite picks from the myriad of handmade cards on Etsy:

handmade Valentines cards
Handmade Valentine’s Day cards (from left to right) from Art by Nakisha, Twisted String, and picklehead.

Although Etsy is increasingly popular, there are still lots of handmade Valentine gifts on eBay, so be sure to check those out, too:

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Fri 02 Feb 2007

Digital Photo Keychain

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Digital Photo KeychainPhotos make great gifts, photo albums are even better, but neither are as portable as this Digital Photo Keychain. As a gift, I would load it up with all my favorite family photos and send it off to a family member who doesn’t get to visit often.

The Digital Photo Keychain holds over 50 digital photos, displays them on a 1.4″ LCD screen, fits on a keychain and provides 2.5 hours of viewing time on a single charge. Everything you need to transfer your favorite digital photos is included with this special product from Brookstone.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m thinking this would make a great gift for that special someone if it was loaded with lots of loving memories you’ve shared together in the past. If it’s a newer relationship, why not take suggestive photos of memories you’d like to create in the future. *wink wink*


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Wed 31 Jan 2007

Personalized Roses

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The Personalized Roses.Roses can’t talk aloud, but when you get a dozen premium long stemmed roses embossed with a special message it says a lot!

Check out the superb detail. These Personalized Roses come in your choice of red, white, pink, or yellow and your choice of messages. “I Love You,” “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Valentine’s Day” or maybe “You Rock My World”?

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Sun 28 Jan 2007

Super Sweet Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day evokes many memories and feelings, though mine are somewhat different from the norm. Being a single gal, Valentine’s isn’t just about romance at my house. Instead, it’s taken on a new form, and is essentially a great reason to bake/decorate/eat beautiful sweets.

iconAt the top of the list are cupcakes, which are a subject close to my heart. My newest love in the cupcake realm is silicone bakeware: I cannot praise it enough. My favorite part is obviously the non-stick capabilities, and growing assortment of shapes. I also love the fact that it’s lightweight, easy to wash, and won’t break like glass bakeware. Here’s an extra cute *PINK* silicone mini muffin pan from Tar-jay.

KitchenAid 24-c. Flexible Mini Muffin Mold with Sled, RedFor those of you with multiple batches to bake, take a look at this *RED* 24 cup silicone muffin pan with sled (available at Target, too).
Or if you’d really rather bake a whole cake, here’s a large heart shaped silicone pan (also available from Target).

I also found these heart shaped pancake molds from Lillian Vernon, and heart shaped waffle iron from Hearth Song. Why is it that food instantly seems more appealing when it’s heart shaped? I’ll never know. I like the idea of serving your loved ones “I <3 U" pancakes, for breakfast in bed. But these are great for anytime or year, and all ages. After all, in this world or drive-thrus and take-out, people always enjoy lovingly prepared home-made goodies.

Presentation is everything, so after you’ve made your yummy cupcakes, you’ve gotta serve em’ up right! Treat all your Valentines to hand painted sugar-sweet place settings to go with their dessert. Each set is comprised of a heart shaped plate and mug, with an over all “candy heart” theme. They even have matching embroidered placemats.

So if you’re fretting over what your Valentine’s Day plans will be, try something different! Stock up on supplies and plan a sweets-sampling get together for all the loved ones in your life.

COUPON: At Lillian Vernon, get 10% off orders $75+ (enter Media/Promotional Code 066850100 in your shopping cart) or 15% off orders $100+ (use code 076850100).

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Sat 27 Jan 2007

Fair Trade Valentine’s Chocolate

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In gift giving many people say “it’s the thought that counts”. Do you suppose that sentiment extends into thinking of others, too? I’d like to think so, and based on the Fair Trade offerings at Global Exchange, I’m not the only one. There is a variety of decadent, organic chocolates available on their site, all of which are produced and sold under Fair Trade practices. Your Valentine’s gift will be that much sweeter when it enables small cocoa farmers to earn a living wage and supports organic agriculture.

Whether your sweetheart is a true chocolate connoisseur or just one if its many fans, he or she will adore the rich selection at Global Exchange. There are lots of velvety dark chocolates with high cocoa content (my fave), as well as the standard milk chocolates and assorted caramels, bonbons, and other confections. One of their best sellers, the Valentine’s Day Action Kit, includes enough individually wrapped chocolates, retro styled Valentine cards and other goodies to satiate an entire classroom or office. There are also gift baskets and other sweet non-candy gifts available in their Valentine’s Day gift guide.


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Fri 26 Jan 2007

Valentine’s Day Lingerie from Fig Leaves

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Every store has their busy season. For us it’s Halloween, for most it’s Christmas, and for Fig Leaves it’s Valentines Day. For a holiday that’s dedicated to love and intimacy, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest Internet retailers of intimates gets swamped with orders. They prepare for V-Day all year and have some excellent resources to make shopping for your loved one (or nabbing a little something for yourself) easy as pie.

*Free shipping on orders over $75 now through Valentine’s Day.

*Lingerie Q & A for Men: How to select the right size, style, fabric and more. Also includes such essential questions as “How can I persuade my wife to wear a thong?”. Unh huh…

*Well categorized sections like Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas, sexy lingerie gifts, indulgent gifts, romantic gifts, gift sets, and a section just for him.

COUPON: Use coupon code LS010602 to save $15 off orders of a $100 or more until February 28th. Combine that with FREE Shipping on orders $75+ through February 14th and save even more.

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