Tue 08 Jul 2014

Vulture Culture Vintage Shop

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vulture culture vintage

Ya know, we’ve been featuring jaw-dropping vintage stores for so many years that we’ve lost count.

But I can tell you with certainty that Vulture Culture Vintage is our best find yet!

We love em’ so much we did a fun little interview and added Vulture Culture to our elite list of Favorite Vintage Clothing Stores.

Shall we count the ways they rock our socks off?

  1. Top Rated Plus seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback = customer service champs!
  2. Been in business since 2007 so their buyers are way experienced at picking out The Goods.
  3. Founded with the vision of supporting homeless shelter animals!
  4. 10% of all vintage furs + vintage fur containing items support wildlife organizations with the intent to “respect the past, present and future”.
  5. So many big, clear, well styled photos in each auction!
  6. New retail store in Portland, IN is perfect for getting your in-person vintage clothing fix while getting a 20% discount for all clothing purchases.
  7. Styling advice via Facebook for that gorgeous vintage piece your just bought.

Take a peek at their ever-changing selection of vintage treasures and see what we mean.

And if you buy some vintage goodies, tell em’ Mable sent you ;)

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Fri 20 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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vintage fashion roundup

BAM! Just like the solar-flare spitting Sun, we are blazing through the Summer!

Come beat the heat with another ultra-cool edition of Vintage Fashion Friday.

And you don’t need to stand around doing the Pee-Pee Dance until Friday to get sweet Vintage relief.
Just follow @VintageMable on Twitter for your daily dose of vintage love.

Image credit: luliieislove on Polyvore

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Fri 13 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday: Friday the 13th Edition

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vintage fashion friday

Greetings, Magic Maker. And Happy Friday the 13th! Don’t believe the hype about today being unlucky.
In fact, Friday the 13th is an especially lucky day! So choose your own adventure by expecting good luck.
It will appear for you.

So can you believe we’ve only been doing Vintage Fashion Fridays for 1 full month now? I guess it’s like any good habit: it felt fun from day one, so we just kept at it :)

Remember, you don’t have to wait a full week to to get your fix of vintage magic.
Follow @VintageMable and feast your eyeballs on our daily finds.

Image credit: scenepanda97 on Polyvore

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Fri 06 Jul 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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Sleepyhead Vintage Shop

Oh hey, gorgeous. I’m so glad you came by! Welcome to the 3rd installment of Vintage Fashion Friday.
You know what the say: third time’s a charm ;)

If you’ve got a touch of ADD or an old-fashioned streak of impatience, you need a daily dose of vintage magic.
Follow @VintageMable to get your fix!

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Fri 29 Jun 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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vintage fashion friday

Hola, Magic-Maker! Welcome to another delightful Vintage Fashion Friday

or as I like to call it… FASHION TIME TRAVEL FRIDAY*

Don’t like waiting all week for the goods? Yah, me neither. For your daily dose of vintage awesome, follow @VintageMable on Twitter!

To all our readers in the US, enjoy the upcoming 4th of July parties. Everyone else, may your week be full of joyous festivities, too. <3

* I don’t really call it that. But maybe I should. Has a ring to it, yes?

Image credit: huichinlu on Polyvore

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Fri 22 Jun 2012

Vintage Fashion Friday Roundup

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vintage fashion roundup

Hey there, hot stuff. Welcome to the first of many fantastic Vintage Fashion Fridays!

There are approximately eleventy billion* brilliant examples of fierce vintage fashion online. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, and life isn’t going to live itself, we decided to start a weekly roundup to showcase the best and brightest.

For your daily dose of vintage pretties, follow @VintageMable on Twitter!

* We made up that number, but it seems pretty accurate.

Image credit: k10polyv on Polyvore

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Sat 23 Oct 2010

Vintage History in a Bottle

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history in a bottle
The teeny History in a Bottle jars are part time capsule and part goodie bag. You never know just what you’ll get, but it’s guaranteed to be an assortment of vintage pretties.

What will you make with your bottle of time traveled treats?

Twine Shop is the perfect blend of lovely goodies and conscious consumerism. They offer “natural materials, great design, handmade goods, and unique surprises”. Visit their shop for more amazing gifts and goodies.

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Fri 06 Aug 2010

Are You Searching for a Steampunk Costume?

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steampunk clothing
Until recently it’s been rather difficult to find Victorian era style clothing. Now it’s 2010, my friends, and retro clothing just got much, much older. The Victorian era style is coming back!

Mable’s guide to Steampunk Clothing is a great place to start when putting together your own custom costume.

Check out BuyCostumes for their Steampunk kits; if you’re just looking for a quick one-night costume.

Of course there is even the now famous Steampunk Emporium if you are looking for high quality everyday wear. They have excellent outfits ready to buy for many Victorian/Steampunk characters.

Where do you buy your Steampunk gear?

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Fri 25 Jun 2010

Vintage Clothing Sellers: 7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits

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7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits on Your Vintage Clothing Auctions Here’s a gift for all of our readers who dabble in the noble art of selling vintage clothing online. If it weren’t for you, our closets would be drab and monotonously modern!

There’s a lot of competition out there, and we want to share some expert tips for selling success. Follow our 7 Pro Tips For Doubling Profits on Your Vintage Clothing Auctions and watch your sales explode.

Here’s a succulent sample of what you’ll learn…

Creative Copy: It’s a fact of sales: People buy on emotion and rationalize with logic. As a seller, it’s your job to engage your customer’s emotions to help them get excited about your clothes. When you truly understand this, your sales will skyrocket. Use bold, descriptive, and conversational text in your auctions. Paint “word pictures” to transport your customers from their computer screens directly into your clothing. What will it be like to wear that gorgeous mint condition 1970s Boho dress? How will they feel? How will the world respond to them? What celebrities or movies/TV shows have been rocking that look? What kinds of clothing and accessories would really compliment the outfit? Write as though you were telling your best girlfriend about your newest thrift score.

Ready to learn more and double your eBay profits? Read the full article and you’ll be on your way!

Image credit: dooq

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Mon 17 May 2010

A Bed Fit for an Eco-Friendly King (or Queen)

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King Gustav Bed in dark wood King Gustav Bed in light wood
Do you go weak in the knees for striking scalloped furniture? Are you enchanted by the beauty of old wood, yet mindful of it’s eco impact?

The King Gustav Bed will please even the most royal of tastes. It’s hand crafted in the USA from wood that is repurposed from demolished buildings. That means no new trees were cut to create the Gustavian Bed, yet it’s materials are up to 100 years old! Now you can enjoy the gorgeous textural character of ancient fir wood and help the planet at the same time.

Comes in dark and light shades and fits twin all the way up to California King mattresses. Curious about the name? Visit Viva Terra to learn how Swedish King Gustav got this bed named after him…

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