Mon 17 May 2010

A Bed Fit for an Eco-Friendly King (or Queen)

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King Gustav Bed in dark wood King Gustav Bed in light wood
Do you go weak in the knees for striking scalloped furniture? Are you enchanted by the beauty of old wood, yet mindful of it’s eco impact?

The King Gustav Bed will please even the most royal of tastes. It’s hand crafted in the USA from wood that is repurposed from demolished buildings. That means no new trees were cut to create the Gustavian Bed, yet it’s materials are up to 100 years old! Now you can enjoy the gorgeous textural character of ancient fir wood and help the planet at the same time.

Comes in dark and light shades and fits twin all the way up to California King mattresses. Curious about the name? Visit Viva Terra to learn how Swedish King Gustav got this bed named after him…

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Sat 31 Jan 2009

Bring Nature Indoors with Eco-Friendly Decor

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Entwined Root BookcaseWe’ve talked about VivaTerra‘s Root of the Earth Bowls. They are beautiful and make a great gift idea, but it’s time to feature some larger items that can really help surround you with nature in the comfort of your own home.

Set the stage for your magical getaways (a.k.a. books) with this whimsical book shelf that utilizes dense elm wood as well as Indian root and trunk materials for outer decoration. Finally something to hold all your Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other nerdy fantastical escapes!
There is also a matching Root Wine Rack for those who like to live dangerously and drink while reading.

Now where will you set your book down while you get up to get your wine from the favorite reading spot? On this
Branch & Glass Side Table
of course! Yep, with branches working together to support the snazzy glass top it looks like nature is here to serve you. A matching Branch & Glass “Console” Table (whatever that means) is also available.

Reclaimed Teak StoolLast but not least on today’s list is … say it with me kids … a STOOL! Yay for stools! (pun intended).
These reclaimed wood stools are made of beautiful Japanese teak wood, and they are great for an impromptu sit down, end table, or they can even be magical chairs out in your secret garden.

Where will you put your eco-friendly furniture?

Sat 06 Oct 2007

Organic Cotton Sheets Roundup

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Organic is one of our passions at Mable’s, and we’re always on the lookout on how we can help spread the word. I don’t want to play the fear card, but just stating the statistics is a scary thought. We’ve brought these up before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Did you know that about 1/3 pound of chemicals are used to grow and manufacture just 1 pound of cotton? And did you know that conventionally grown cotton is the most chemically treated crop in the world, using 1/4 of all toxic chemical pesticides produced each year?

Organic Cotton Sheets from GaiamWe lay our bodies on our sheets about a third of our lives, which, from my point of view, is too much time spent with the most chemical-laden crop in the world. Thanks to the many online retailers soft organic sheets are an affordable nightly luxury that we should all enjoy.

Right now Gaiam is having an Organic Sheet Sale with prices as low as $40 per sheet. They also carry attractive printed organic sheets vs the standard solid white most retailers carry.

Viva Terra carries organic Pima cotton sheet sets in queen and king, as well as organic Duvet Covers. If you are in need of other sizes I’d head over to Design Public for their organic full fitted and flat sheets.

For the little ones, who probably benefit most from chemical-free sheets, Kee-Ka carries organic cotton baby bedding in solid colors and delicious cupcake patterns. Pair the sheets together with an organic blanket and your baby should be all set.

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Sun 26 Aug 2007

La Chamba Ware

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Chamba Lidded Casserole Are there any fellow foodies out there? As a lover of baking, I’ve done some experimenting with and researching of the available cookware materials: aluminum, glass, silicone, stone, steel, cast iron, and clay. Each has it’s own specialties and downsides, including possible health risks. Non-stick Teflon coatings, silicone, and lead containing glazes are a few of the materials that raise the biggest concerns about bakeware safety. So what options does that leave us with? So glad you asked!

Chamba Bowls (set of 4)I was recently introduced to La Chamba Ware, which seems to be ideal in just about every way. The pottery is handmade under Fair Trade standards in Columbia. Created from only mica clay, it is not glazed and contains no toxins. Instead, the clay is polished with river rocks; how cool is that? The pieces are then finished in wood kilns that turn them a lustrous and striking black. These stylish dishes are also very versatile and can be used on a gas stove (and electric stovetop using a heat diffuser) cleaned in the dishwasher, and even used in a microwave if that’s your thing. The only downside is that they don’t tolerate drastic changes in temperature, and thus need to pre-heat along with the oven. No biggie. Along with Viva Terra, you can often find discount La Chamba cookware on eBay. Happy (and safe) cooking!


Found via Road Less Traveled
Also: Creative Clay Cooking Blog

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Sun 11 Mar 2007

Organic Cotton Towels 50% OFF Sale

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Organic Cotton TowelsIs it organic cotton sale month? First we found great deals on organic underwear, and now Viva Terra is offering organic cotton towels at a whopping 50% off.

Did you know that about 1/3 pounds of chemicals are used to grow and manufacture just 1 pound of cotton? Towels are a daily necessity, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to dry off with chemical-laden materials everyday. Another neat thing about organic cotton is its super absorbent capability. Organic cotton towels are more absorbent than conventional ones, which means you’ll dry off faster and your towels will sustain less wear and tear.

You won’t have to sacrifice elegance for buying green either. Each towel boasts a Dobby hem, the trademark of fine linens. These would make a great bridal shower or housewarming gift, but would be perfect gift for yourself, too.


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Thu 30 Nov 2006

Veggie Parchment Bowls

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Veggie Parchment BowlHand made from fresh Mexican papaya, beets, or zucchini, these parchment bowls make an excellent earth friendly gift any time of year. Each veggie parchment bowl is hand shaped by sculptor Margaret Dorfman to resemble large, bright undulating flowers with vivid repeating patterns. With their vibrant translucent colors these bowls can brighten up any room when set near an open window or other bright light source.


For more eco-friendly gift ideas with style check out Viva Terra’s gift ideas. They also offer gift certificates in case you can’t decide on the best present.

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Tue 28 Nov 2006

Root of the Earth Bowl

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Root of the Earth BowlThese Root of the Earth bowls are reclaimed by artisans who hand carve them into magnificent eco-friendly gifts. Hand made from discarded root balls of Chinese fir trees these bowls are as close to zero impact as possible. Available from stylish and earth conscious VivaTerra these bowls can be used as centerpieces, fruit bowls, or just natural sculptures to help bring a rustic earthy feel indoors. They come in 3 separate sizes and each one is as unique as it’s hand crafted origin. I recently saw bowls like these at my local farmers market and the pictures here just don’t do them justice. You really have to see and touch their smooth and earthy feel to appreciate them 100%.

Small, Medium, Large; $35, $49, $95

For more eco-friendly gift ideas with style check out Viva Terra’s gift ideas. They also offer gift certificates in case you can’t decide on the best present.

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Fri 24 Nov 2006

Italian Maize Throw Blanket

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Italian Maize ThrowWhat’s more comforting then snuggling up in your favorite spot with the most soft and warm blanket in the house? Knowing that you’re cuddling with a throw blanket made from 100% environmentally-friendly Italian maize (corn), that’s what! This imported blanket promises to “coddle your skin like the softest cashmere” all season long.


For more eco-friendly gift ideas with style check out Viva Terra’s gift ideas. They also offer gift certificates in case you can’t decide on the best present.

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Mon 28 Aug 2006

Eco-Friendly Products with Elegance

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Plant A TreeWe got wind of a coupon that could save you some money from an eco-friendly online store and we want to share it with you. VivaTerra is their name and we’ve mentioned them once before in our Nature Inspired Home Decor post. Their products fuse eco-friendly materials with exceptional quality and design while using organic and sustainable sources for their creation.

I was particularly impressed with their Bamboo Bath Towel Sets because of the ingredients used and where they are made. They use organic cotton and bamboo-extract which improves in silkiness with each wash. Awesome! Then mention that these are made by a windmill-powered factory on an island off the coast of Japan. Sweet! And to top it all off these bamboo towels are extremely lightweight, highly absorbent and quick-drying. What else do you want in a towel?

VivaTerra is also making donations to worthy causes with very purchase over $75. You get to choose whether you want to plant a tree for environmental restoration or to offset 100 lbs. of CO2 (the cause of global warming) by contributing to building new wind turbines on Native American Reservations in South Dakota. They will ask you to choose one during the checkout process.

COUPON: Free shipping on orders over $75 Use Coupon Code CJ0806 during checkout. Expires Oct. 8th 2006.

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