Fri 03 Jan 2014

Get In Shape: New Year’s Resolutions

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Get In Shape: New Year’s ResolutionsWith last year just days away, you’ve probably got New Year’s resolutions on the brain. Amirite? There’s definitely something about a fresh calendar year that jump starts our desire to make positive changes. Being surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers who are also brainstorming ways to improve makes this an especially ideal time for such endeavors. Bonus!

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring some of the most popular New Years resolutions in a new series of blog posts. Be sure to come back and let us know which of the featured resolutions that you will be committing to, or to suggest tips for sticking to new resolutions.

The most popular New Years resolution is always… drumroll please… Get In Shape!
There are countless ways to do this, and here are a few of my favorite tips and fitness products.

Get Fit this year

The best in-person fitness option is Groupon
Seriously, Groupon just obliterates your excuses for not trying something new.
The discounts are insane, and you get lots of local options to choose from.
Bootcamps, personal trainers, and unlimited fitness classes for a month are just a few of the fitness related Groupons I’ve seen listed.
Why not try a new style of exercise this year? Who knows, maybe you’re a Capoeira master and you just don’t know it yet ;)

Xbox 360 plus Kinect
The best at-home fitness option is a Kinect.
An Xbox 360 with Kinect was totally The Best gift I got this Christmas!
Nike+ Kinect and Hip Hop Dance Experience are my favorites for straight up fitness.
There’s just something about workin’ and twerkin’ at home in my undies :)
But you know what? Even the non-fitness game titles – like Adventures – give a pretty decent workout, too.
Plus, there is a huge variety of niche exercise games like Zumba, UFC training, and of course lots of dance games.

No matter what option you choose, be sure to set clear fitness goals for yourself, get plenty of rest and pure water, and maybe most importantly…

Be playful about fitness!

Studies show that when we approach a task with a playful mentality – also called “beginners mind” – we reach our goals faster and have a better time along the journey.

So speak kindly to yourself as you’re transforming your body, and remember to approach exercise like a game.
You’ll have more fun :)

New Year’s Resolutions

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Sun 24 Apr 2011

15% Off Water Ionizer Sale Going on Now

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** SALE: Use coupon code genesis15 to save 15% **

genesis platinum water ionizer sale

Just over a year ago, I talked about the Genesis Water Ionizer in the post Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?. I shared the personal story of my in-laws, who introduced me to ionized water:

All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water/filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they ‘felt hydrated for the first time ever’, and the water was even ‘much easier to drink’.

I’ve got good news. Now it’s your turn to try.

The once a year water ionizer sale is ON.

Save 15% on the Genesis Platinum water ionizer. Use coupon code “genesis15″.

If you have questions – and I mean any questions at all – about ionized water, email me at .

I have been a solid gold fan of my water ionizer for over a year. Ask me anything, because I wanna help you feel healthy and vibrant, too :)

Buy Now
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Wed 20 Apr 2011

Chill Pill: You Need One (and I’ll make them for you!)

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awesome chill pill ice cube tray

Because sometimes, seriously, you should just take a chill pill.

Now I want to suggest something that might sound impossible

This ice cube tray produces actual Chill Pills. Like real, working, effective “calm your crazy self down” chill pills.

How? Simple. The placebo effect.

“Placebo effects can arise not only from a conscious belief in a drug but also from subconscious associations between recovery and the experience of being treated—from the pinch of a shot to a doctor’s white coat. Such subliminal conditioning can control bodily processes of which we are unaware, such as immune responses and the release of hormones.”
“Placebo Effect: A Cure in the Mind.” Scientific American February 2009.

“Ha ha, these ice cubes are cute. Chill pill. I get it. It’s even printed on the pill with the dosage amount just like a real pill…” Unh huh.

Pack your cooler or fill your guests cups with these cubes and 5 minutes later everyone will be maxin’ and relaxin’.

Did these chill pill ice cubes work for you? Tell your story in the comments below!

Wed 19 Jan 2011

I Have Other Ideas for the Bed Wedge

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bed wedge system for sleeping better... and a varied sex life!I’m getting an idea and it’s going like this:

“Hey doc, I wake up with super stiff muscles. It’s effecting my work performance and quality of life. Definitely.”

That’s when doc writes a note and the insurance company ponies up for one of the ungainly named “Contoursleep Bed Wedge Systems“.

And that’s how I get free adult furniture. That I can comfortably sleep on, too.

What part of that isn’t genius?

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Mon 15 Mar 2010

Do You Know They Sell an Actual Fountain of Youth?

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** SALE: Use coupon code wfl15 to save 15% until April 15, 2010 **

Every once in a great while, we discover a new idea so brilliant that it takes the rest of humanity years to accept it and make it part of their daily lives. Electricity, telephones, cars, and even TV fall into this category. People needed time to wrap their heads around the idea that something so beneficial could be produced so easily.
fountain of youth water ionizer
I felt the same way when I first heard about water ionizers. “A little machine that makes magic anti-oxidant water? For way less than the cost of bottled water? That has to be a scam”, I reasoned. A few years later my in-laws were excitedly telling me about the holistic health benefits of their new water ionizer machine, and I had to reconsider.

ionized alkaline healing watersSo they told me their first hand accounts and I was shocked. They’re not health nuts by any means. All they did was add in the alkaline water instead of drinking bottled water and filtered tap water. With that ONE change, they began to lose weight without effort, had more energy and slept deeper, they “felt hydrated for the first time ever”, and the water was even “much easier to drink”. (That’s due to the newly “micro clustered” water molecules, which actually do hydrate our bodies much better than non-ionized water.)

Now as someone who eats and drinks in a very health-conscious way, I was skeptical that one could still make less-than-awesome food choices and feel great with the simple addition of water. And yet that is exactly what my in-laws experienced. They are still loving their water ionizer and discovering new cumulative health benefits as time goes on. There are other benefits that they, and their friends have experienced, but they are so wonderful as to be unbelievable sounding so I’m not going to mention them here. Let me just say that I think Fountain of Youth would be an appropriate name for the Genesis Water Ionizer.

If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I don’t know if I would have believed these amazing claims. Ionized, alkaline water is not yet available in stores so it’s one of those products that we still have to experience through our friends and family. Or we act on faith and see what amazing results we will personally experience. Plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so there is plenty of time to SEE what improvements you notice from drinking and using ionized, alkaline water.

Have you tried ionized water? Leave your stories, questions, and comments below and share the love!

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Thu 11 Dec 2008

Green Christmas Ideas

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Green Christmas IdeasWe love our local co-op. Every month they publish an amazing newsletter that is full of fresh articles and ideas that inspire us to “live green”. When I read their December cover list called “Celebrate the Eco Way”, I knew I had to share it with Mable’s readers. Enjoy and have a wonderful green holiday season!

“During the holiday season we tend, as a whole, to consume more. And, in doing so we create more… waste, that is. The following is a short list of ideas to help you reduce, reuse and recycle this season.

  • Purchase living gifts such as house plants, garden seeds or potted trees that can be transplanted in the spring.
  • Reduce waste by offering homemade food items or personal services as gifts. Baking cookies or preparing a meal a week for someone who would appreciate the help are two examples.
  • Reuse holiday wrapping: use old maps or pages from newspaper comics for wrapping gifts.
  • Reuse good quality, nearly new items as gifts or as donations to less fortunate individuals and families. Local charities can help distribute these items.
  • If your celebration calls for a Christmas tree, compensate for the harvest of your tree; arrange to plant a new tree in your yard or neighborhood next spring.
  • Give gifts that promote eco friendly life style changes. For example: cloth napkins and tablecloths, cloth or string shopping bags, a compost bin, gift certificates to resale shops, lunch boxes, reusable or biodegradable picnic plates, cups and utensils, recycling bins, or any gift made from recycled materials.

To preserve the spirit of giving, don’t try to give too much. Less “stuff” means less waste and a healthier environment for everyone.”

For more eco-friendly gift ideas,br> check out our other green holiday pages

Article courtesy of San Diego’s organic and vegetarian Ocean Beach People’s Co-op.

Wed 09 Jan 2008

Step One to Becoming a Super Hero

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Sorry we’ve been away for a while, but we got sick and had to wait it out with lots of movies and sleep. It’s the time of year again when a lot of people get sick, so we thought we could help others and remind ourselves on how to prevent a surprise illness as well as treat some common issues with homeopathic remedies.

Native Remedies has some excellent tips on strengthening your immune system. Along with their very popular ImmunityPlus herbal remedy they also note that sufficient exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, quality sleep, good hygiene, are essential to a strong immune system. Native Remedies sets themselves apart from other online stores like theirs by providing lots of very useful info related to the product/illness. It’s almost like reading a Wiki on the ailments that tells you why it’s happening, how you can prevent it next time, and what to do about it now. They are also full of glowing reviews from real customers, and it appears a lot of them are repeat customers. Native remedies also has an ongoing great value on pretty much any product they carry of buy 2 get 1 free.

Already sick? Here are some remedies for some of the most popular ailments.
Throat and Tonsil Dr.: for the natural treatment of throat infections, including Tonsillitis.
ComfiCoff: a complex remedy containing both herbal and homeopathic ingredients combined in therapeutic dosages to provide rapid and effective relief of congestion and phlegm.
KiddieVom Sprinkles: combines 100% safe and natural herbal and homeopathic ingredients that support the digestive process and relieves nausea and vomiting in children.

For proven, effective and safe natural remedies to anything from bed wetting to joint relief remember to visit and bookmark Native Remedies.

So now that you have all this info, you can see that preventing illness is a key component to being a super hero. Have you ever seen Superman sick or Wonder Woman too ill to fly her invisible plane? OK then, step one complete.

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Tue 20 Feb 2007

Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Toothbrush SanitizerMost people aren’t aware of how germ infested everyday household usually items are, even in well looked after homes. Kitchen sponges, door handles, toothbrushes… they all fall into the category of things people don’t clean very often. I think some people misunderstand disinfecting, and wrongfully assume that rinsing long enough will rid their toothbrush of any germs. Your mouth, no matter how much you brush, is bacterium’s playground. In order to truly have a clean mouth, and a cootie-free toothbrush, you need a sanitizer. Brookstone offers a great solution: their germicidal UV light toothbrush sanitizer which kills %99.9 of bacteria, viruses and anything else mucking up your toothbrush. It holds up to 4 of your family’s brushes, even the electric ones. It works with just a touch of a button, has an automatic shut-off feature, and performs it’s job in just 10 minutes! There’s also a travel version for keeping clean on the go.

$29.95 & $50.00

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Thu 13 Jul 2006

Popsicle Molds

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Delicious homemade popsicles For those of you who don’t have that fancy contraption called air conditioning (myself included), you can probably appreciate the deliciously cold wonder of popsicles. Even if you’re currently reading this from a comfortably chilled room, eventually you’ll find yourself in a place where the temperature forces you to seek out whatever cooling methods are available. If you also happen to have tastebuds and sweat glands (again, myself included), you might be dreaming of popsicles at some point.

This was exactly how it went last week; temperatures soared, I got cranky from the heat and lack of hydration, and visions of frozen juice danced in my head. The heat can make you do crazy things, so I called and drove to stores all day long trying to find the means to turn my kitchen into a popsicle factory. Target, K-Mart, every local grocery store and dollar store, Sears, Macy’s, and JC Penny all let me down. Perhaps earlier in the season this wouldn’t have been true (in fact, I had seen one style of mold at K-Mart about a month prior), but this late in the game there seemed to be a shortage on all things summer, including my beloved popsicle molds.

As a last ditch effort I visited an outlet mall which had a kitchen store and managed to pick up some “castle” style popsicle molds on the cheap. Castle Freezer Pop Mold My first choice was actually a more classic style from the same manufacturer, but those weren’t available in the store. D’oh! I also debated between the castle style and some really fancy looking rockets by Tovolo, but I’m kinda glad I stuck with the castles.

See, the more detailed the design of the mold, the more chance the popsicles have of getting mangled when they are removed. The tips of the castles sometimes don’t come out in their entirety, and I imagine the rockets (as rad and sci-fi as they look) would probably be a little more tricky.

Not everyone seems to be having trouble with the castle mold though. MormonChic has an article on homemade freezer pops featuring the castle mold, and as illustrated in the pictures, they look fab. There’s helpful info on keeping hydrated and a couple good recipes on there (as well as a huge, adorable picture of a be-popsicled toddler), but to step outside of the “throw a bucket of sugar into your mouth” norm that plagues most homemade popsicle recipes, check this metafilter thread about popsicles with “natural ingredients”.

So far the most popular “recipe” I’ve made was to just blend up some cantaloupe melon in the food processor. Incredibly simple, delicious, healthy and refreshing. My favorite is a copy-cat of Fruitful’s Fuzzy Navel juicebar, which includes whizzed up peaches, orange juice, and a little pineapple, leaving some chunks for a fun texture. As long as it’s fresh or frozen fruit, pretty much no matter what the combination, it’s going to be really tasty. Just stay away from canned or otherwise pre-packaged ingredients. You’ll really taste the difference.

And now, it’s back to the popsicle factory I go!

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