Are You Worthy of a Chair Fit for Royalty?

The Royalty Sports Chair.When was the last time you truly felt like royalty lounging in greatness?
Maybe it was your well worn Lazy Boy chair at home or maybe it’s your $4,000 massage chair labeled “The World’s Most Advanced Massage Chair.” Or maybe you just can’t remember that far into your past lives?

Well, relax I’m here to show you how special you really are. You deserve a a chair built for a king, and a queen. That’s right, both you and your fellow majesty can fit comfortably in this over-sized stadium style chair. Stadium style meaning; you are towering over those peasant sized chairs the normies use. And I know you, you are worried about your “help” getting hurt transporting this colossal chair for you. Well don’t fret, it comes with a duffel bag to make it easy to carry.

Plus it’s portable for all those outdoor sporting events you so effortlessly grace with your glowing presence. The lifetime guarantee lovers over at Hammacher call this the The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair, but we just call it awesome.

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