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gloomy the bear

Gloomy Bear

"A cute way of expressing the natural relationship between humans & bears"

Hello Kitty with Claws

From Japanese illustrator Mori Chack comes the story of a little boy named Pity and an abandoned pink bear cub named Gloomy.

The little boy brought home the pink bear cub and raised it. However, as Gloomy Bear grows up his bear attacks on Pity became more gruesome. This idea comes from Chack’s thoughts about incompatibility between humans and animals. In "the wild" a bear would not form the same bond with a human like a cat or dog would, so Gloomy is a "cute" way of expressing the "natural" relationship between humans and bears!

Gloomy Bear has a huge line of super cute items that all come imported from Japan. Stuffed animals, vinyl figures, hand puppets, key chains, paper products, bathroom products, and even a very rare bloody claw arm pillow as seen above (The only too-gross product line are the watches since the straps are made from animal skins. Yucky!). While it may take a while for Gloomy Bear to reach wild US popularity like other cute Japanese characters (Hello Kitty, Sanrio, San X, etc.) he is unavoidable n his home country. Japanese children and adults alike love his mixture of cuteness and strangely interesting hyperviolent behavior (like Hello Kitty with claws, right?), and you can find Gloomy Bear products everywhere in Japan. Mori Chack has drawn a lot of other great art, but Gloomy Bear is definitely our current favorite.

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