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Although Halloween gets more popular every year, it can still be a little difficult to find a great mens costume idea. When you were a kid you could dress up as silly or creative as you wanted to, but now you worry about a Halloween costume that will impress the ladies and make you look cool. Most men have already done the "pimp" thing, and adding fake blood to a regular outfit… so what else is there?

Women have lots of hot costume choices, so why not try a sexy costume for men? Another great option is super heroes who always dress to impress; those capes and muscle chests are sure to make kids as well as the ladies smile. Start looking below at the new Halloween costumes and decide if you want to dress scary, sexy, traditional, or just plain weird. Avoid paying retail at a chain Halloween costume shop: find a discount costume through

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KISS - The Authentic Demon Costume

If you’re looking to win the costume contest or are in a KISS tribute band this is THE costume to buy

KISS - The Authentic Starchild Costume

If you’re looking to win the costume contest or are in a KISS tribute band this is THE costume to buy

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Iron Man Mark 6 Super Costume DELUXE

If you’re going to wear an Iron Man costume, do it right and get this impressive Dexlue version. Definite costume contest winner.


Double Occupancy Costume

Bound to be a classic. Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?

Magneto Classic Costume

OK so we don’t get a Magneto movie for another few years, but you can wear this kick ass Magneto costume. Score!

Prince Of Persia - Dastan Costume DELUXE

The ladies are going to LOVE this costume that comes complete with everything*. The most memorable aspect of this movie was Jake’s muscles! *Just add the big old sword of your choice ;)


Wandering Western Gunman Clint Eastwood Costume

The Man With No Name costume has 5 star customer reviews & is perfect for any spaghetti western costume

80's New Wave Singer Costume

This costume rocks the FACE off of other 80s costumes. Includes shirt with triangle buttons, huge flock of seagulls wig, and keytar!

Evil Mad Hatter Costume

Very cool details on this creepy Mad Hatter ensemble. Check out that bunny cane!


Iron Man Costume Mark 6 Light Up DELUXE

Very kick ass muscled Iron Man costume

Scottish Kilt Plus Size

Swap the leg covers for some authentic tall white socks and I swear to you the ladies will melt. And have no idea why.

Small Head Beetlejuice Costume (with Inflatable Shoulder)

A couple decades overdue, this inflatable Shrunked Head Beetlejuice costume is just plain awesome.


March Hare Costume

This is THE classic March Hare costume. Definite costume contest winner.

Mad Hatter Costume SUPREME - Alice In Wonderland Movie

The ultimate Johnny Depp Mad Hatter costume. Definite costume contest winner.

KISS - The Authentic Catman Costume

If you’re looking to win the costume contest or are in a KISS tribute band this is THE costume to buy


KISS - The Authentic Spaceman Costume

If you’re looking to win the costume contest or are in a KISS tribute band this is THE costume to buy

Charles Lindbergh Costume

Swanky vintage style aviator costume

Frankenstein Elite Costume

Fairly epic Limited Edition Franki costume


Gone With The Wind - Rhett Butler Costume

The absolute best Civil War era suit costume you are going to find

H.R. Pufnstuf Costume

Travel back in time to your favorite mind blowing kids show

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Costume

Hello sandwich, goodbye figure!


Strawberry Costume

A big old strawberry with Mickey Mouse style gloves and 5 star customer reviews

Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror Jacket Costume

Pay tribute to the King with this killer reproduction jacket

Indian Brave Plus Costume

High quality Native American costume


Moving-Jaw Gorilla Costume

Here’s a weird one guaranteed to freak out the kids!

RoboCop Super Costume DELUXE

An insanely quality RoboCop costume that’s a total costume contest winner

Mushroom Costume

Alright “Mushroom costume”, you just made it on the list… of Worst Costumes Ever


Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Costume

Super sleek 1930s style white suit. Add hat and your killer dance moves

Psychedelic Mushroom Costume

Alright “Mushroom costume”, you just made it on the list… of Worst Costumes Ever

Complete Chimpanzee Costume

Money see, money Trick or Treat. Wait.


Gorilla In Cage Costume

Probably a very toasty costume that will scare the poop out of the kids, which you can then throw at them. YES I WE WENT THERE.

Pink Gorilla Costume

Great, now you have a Valentine’s Day costume too

Day Of The Dead Groom Plus Costume

Spooky and handsome Day of the Dead bride. Add some ornate makeup for a killer costume


Hot Chili Pepper Costume

Would you believe that food costumes like this are actually really popular?

Fraggle Rock Gobo Costume

Complete Gogo costume for men or women

Fraggle Rock Mokey Costume

Complete Mokey costume for men or women


Fraggle Rock Red Costume

Complete Red costume

Fraggle Rock Wembley Costume

Complete Wembley costume for men or women

Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger Costume

Anybody else see this as the sexy sleeper hit costume for dudes?


Grey Werewolf Costume

Fearsome timberwolf / werewolf

Tootsie Roll Mr. Owl Costume

Do you think there will be any OTHER jokes that go along with this sucker of a costume?

Pineapple Costume

HI I’M A PINEAPPLE *facepalm*


2010 Predator Costume

Higher quality Predator costume

Lobster Costume

What do I really want to be for Halloween? A bottom feeder.

Michael Jackson Costume - Smooth Criminal

Classic MJ white 1930s suit, spats, arm band and general air of awesomeness


Michael Jackson Costume - Thriller Wolf

Soon to be at every Thriller Flash mob in the world!

Skeleton in Cage Costume

I keep wondering what the visibility is like in the new “in a cage” costumes


Moon Costume

The moon is awesome. This moon costume is the total opposite of that.

Star Costume

Not awkward looking AT ALL

Sun Costume

Hey bright eyes!


Circus Elephant Costume

Didn’t someone get the memo that elephants don’t belong in the circus? Wait, is this ironic?

Ernie the Keebler Elf Costume

Irony is paying to promote someone else’s brand. At least you get a giant cookie prop!

Froot Loops Toucan Sam Costume

In case no one is sure, his name is on the front :\


Ring Master Costume

Flamboyant red ring master costume will steal the show

Ron Burgundy Suit Costume

Perfect for any party held in the old old German town of a Whale’s Vagina

Mad Hatter Costume ELITE - Alice In Wonderland Movie

This is THE Johnny Depp Mad Hatter style costume. Unlike the cheaper version, it comes with the funky pants, too


Peach Costume

In the word of Nick Cage, I could eat a peach for hours…

Black Stallion Costume

The less popular brother to the Butterscotch Stallion

Clone Wars Cad Bane Costume DELUXE

Just add your sexiest jeans and be the most fearsome bounty hunter since the Fetts


Clone Wars Pre Vizsla Costume DELUXE

High quality complete costume for the ruthless (and nerdy) leader in you

Kick-Ass Movie - Kick-Ass Costume DELUXE

We’ll let you in on a secret: men’s jumpsuit costumes never fit properly :(

Michael Jackson Costume - Black Military Jacket

Sha’mon and get yourself the black military jacket that MJ made so iconic


Michael Jackson Costume - Red Military Jacket

You have to see the customer submitted photo for the Female Michael Jackson costume!

Peanuts Snoopy Costume

A costume of Snoopy EATING YOUR FACE

Peanuts Woodstock Costume

The only thing Woodstock likes more than Halloween is EATING YOUR FACE


Pokey Costume

That view hole in the side of Pokey’s face is hilarious!

Wild West Reaper Cowboy Costume

A real bad boy costume… because in the Wild West there were no laws…

Thor Classic Costume

If Thor is the God of Thunder then this costume is for the man who knows how to make some noise


Top Gun Costume Bomber Jacket Set

Super cool and easy costume. Maverick style bomber jacket and aviator glasses.

Wicked Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume

Super creepy! The mask and straightjacket make this Mad Hatter costume uniqne and chilling too!

Headless Butler Costume

Headless costumes like this are always great for freaking out kids and winning costume contests


Pear Costume

aPEARantly fruit costumes sell like crazy every year. Weird, huh?

Playboy Hugh Hefner Robe Plus Costume

Always a costume party favorite, here’s a plus size version of Hugh’s iconic robe

Royal Blue Victorian Tailcoat Costume

Dramatically cut Victorian costume for men


Big Boy Costume DELUXE

Comes with a latex headpiece but no burger prop?!

Black Shadow Stormtrooper Costume

Menacing all-black stormtrooper costume is perfect for cloaking yourself on Halloween night

Cheech El Camino Movers Costume Set

Up in Smoke Cheech costume


Deluxe Big Foot Costume

Perfect for Tenacious D Pick of Destiny group costumes!

German Lederhosen Costume

High quality costume for Oktoberfest or pairing up with any Alpine cutie couple costume

Graveyard Bones Costume

The Classic skeleton costume will always be a cool choice


Egyptian Man Plus Costume

Sexy Egyptian costume that’s both comfortable and flattering to all figures. Great details, too

Gravestone 3D Foam Suit Costume

Let’s see… what’s a creepy Halloween staple that isn’t done to death for costumes? Oh yah, tombstones!

Hazmat Costume

This freaky mask and suit will be clever additions to any costume party with a zombie theme!


Freedom Fighter Che Guevara Costume

Fight for what you believe in wearing this complete Che costume.

Gothic Butler Costume

Dapper tails for a faithful manservant like you

Green Hornet Costume

Swanky superhero costume comes complete with suit and mask. Just add pants. Limited Edition!


Long Coat Louie Clown Costume

There’s so much going on with this costume that kids will be mesmerised

Night Fiend Costume - Vampire, Demon, Monster?

Absolutely awesome coat, plus hands and “motion mask” will creep anybody out

Prince Charming Deluxe Plus Costume

Makes for a super popular couple costume, or go solo and reel in the ladies like Prince Charming


Saturday Night Live Ace & Gary - Ace Costume

This funny costume and the product photos are ambiguously awesome! MUST see the photos!

Saturday Night Live Ace & Gary - Gary Costume

This funny costume and the product photos are ambiguously awesome! MUST see the photos!

Sexy Fireman Costume

Great customer reviews for this sexy fireman costume. And no zipper up the front of the jacket = you’ll be baring your chest all night!


Thriller Jacket Costume

Check out the 5 star customer reviews for this rad jacket

Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Costume

Sexy flightsuit with a loooong front zipper and 5 star customer reviews

Twisted Clown Costume

If statistics on fear of clowns are correct, wearing this costume will scary 1 in 7 people


Vicious Lion Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit, mask, gloves and shoe covers.

Wartime Officer Male Costume

Includes: Jacket, pants, beret, tie and belt. Does not include shirt or shoes.

Michael Jackson Thriller Costume DELUXE

Includes: Jacket, Pants. Does not include socks, wig or shoes.


Playboy Men's Smoking Jacket Plus Size

Includes: Robe, Pipe, Belt. Does not include pants or shoes. This is an officially licensed PLAYBOY ™ costume.

Scottish Kilt Costume

Includes kilt, shirt, shoulder sash, leg covers, sporran and tam beret.

Wicked White Rabbit Costume

Includes Jacket with attached vest, jabot, mask, pants, and hat. Does not include chain clock, makeup, or shoes.


Barbarian Man Premier Costume

Includes: Tunic, headpiece, shin guards, wrist cuffs, sash, belt and chest piece.

Big Dog Plus Size

Includes jumpsuit with attached tail and matching headpiece.

Cryptic Rocker Plus Costume

Includes: Jacket with attached shirt and half cap-mask with hair. Does not include pants or shoes.


Quentin Turnbull Costume Plus Size from Jonah Hex

Includes: Coat, vest and hat. Does not include pants, shoes or shirt. This is an officially licensed Jonah Hex product.

Mexican Wrestler Costume

Includes: Bodysuit, Mask, Cape, Armbands, Boot Covers.

Mr. Scarecrow Costume

Includes jumpsuit and hat. Does not include boots.


Olive Costume

Includes: Body and hat. Does not include gloves, tights or shoes.

Baron Von Bloodsheed Costume

Includes: Vest and jacket. Does not include pants, shirt or shoes.

Deadpool Classic Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit, Mask. Does not include shoes or other accessories. This is an officially licensed Marvel product.


Iron Man Costume - Mark 6 Classic with Muscles

From the Iron Man 2 movie, here is the lowest priced Iron Man costume. It has a muscled chest and has some positive reviews, but it’s not nearly as cool as the light up and Deluxe costumes.

War Machine Costume with Muscles

War Machine muscled jumpsuit with mask

Miss German-breast Costume

Includes top, skirt, wig, working beverage dispenser bust. Does not include any other accessories.


Plush Cat Costume

Includes jumpsuit and matching headpiece.

Skunk Costume

Includes jumpsuit with attached tail and matching headpiece.

Spider-Man Classic Muscle Plus Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit and hood. This is an officially licensed Spider-Man product.


Strong Man Costume

Includes muscle shirt, shorts, tank top, belt and mustache. Does not include wig.

The Life Aquatic Crew Member Costume DELUXE

Includes shirt, jacket, pants and leg strap.

Toy Story - Green Army Man Costume DELUXE

Includes: Jumpsuit, helmet, hood and boot covers. Does not include makeup.

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