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What do you love most about Halloween now that you’re an adult? Many women, myself included, relish the fun and freedom of dressing up in a Halloween costume that allows for a night of endless possibilities. Put on a mask (or wig or gown or weapon…) and be anyone you want on Halloween! Let your alter-ego out to play in the Halloween costume that makes you feel happy and fun; no matter what it is!

Start looking below at the new Halloween costumes and decide if you want to dress sexy, gothic, sweet, traditional, or totally unique. There’s no reason to pay retail prices at a chain Halloween costume shop: find a discount costume through and save your money for Halloween partying.


Rouge Pirate Costume

Wicked hot and figure flattering pirate costume in cream and black

The Sushi's On Me Costume

The Japanese have such delicious and salacious ideas. LOVE this costume and so will the other party goers.

French Kiss Ring Mistress Costume

Show stopping costume covered in luscious details. What the ladies of a sexy Tim Burton circus themed movie would wear.


Sexy Neytiri Costume from Avatar

Here’s a popular costume to show off your bangin bod: vibrant blue striped bodysuit, apron, arm gauntlet and 2 sets of multicolored beads for the wrist and apron.

Alice in Wonderland Movie - Deluxe Alice Costume

The ONLY Tim Burton version of the Alice costume. Dress features a light blue organza overlay, attached petticoat, black button details and designs along the hem plus striped glovettes

Alice In Wonderland Movie Deluxe Red Queen Costume

The ONLY Tim Burton version of the Red Queen costume. Dress features heart embellishments on the full skirt, petticoat, stand up collar and a gold crown


Transformers - Optimus Prime Sexy Costume DELUXE

This costume will hit the boys like a Mac truck. Transformers + a hot girl? Hello mind control! Plus, check out the sweet leg warmers!

Top Gun Women's Flight Dress Costume

This dress has a simple cut for a flattering and insanely sexy look. Comes with 2 Name badges, and aviator Sunglasses.

Gone With The Wind - Scarlet Picnic Dress Costume

Absolute BEST Scarlet Ohara costume dress. Definite costume contest winner.


Sexy Peacock Costume

Stunning sexy peacock costume perfect for parties, burlesque and even a night in

Mischievous Mad Hatter Costume ELITE

This costume contest winner comes with everything including maddening amounts of sexy

Exotic Corset Pirate Costume

Corset and ruffled gauntlets = one of the sexiest and unique female pirate costumes around


Purple Carousel Witch Costume

Wickedly sexy purple and black witch costume (would SO good with the matching shoes!)

Polka Dot Sexy Alice Costume

One of the CUTEST sexy Alice costumes ever. Perfect for blondes and brunettes alike. Check out all the sweet details.

A Nightmare On Elm Street - Miss Krueger Plus Costume

A luscious boob baring dress, Freddy’s glove and hat.


Lady Gaga VMA White Performance Outfit Costume

Stunning recreation of Lady GaGa’s VMA appearance. This totally unique costume idea comes with EVERYTHING. Bring it.

Sexy Donatello Costume DELUXE - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Are you sexy and brilliant? AND can you put with hearing “Donatello does machiiiines!” all night long? The purple turtle is for YOU.

Sexy Leonardo Costume DELUXE - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Are you the leader of your group? Here’s a crazy hot costume for an 80s girl like you


Sexy Michelangelo Costume DELUXE - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Are you the ‘party dude’ in your group? Here’s the perfect costume for a crime fighting hottie who loves to party

American McGhee's Alice Costume

True to the game costume. Read the raving customer reviews for this dark Alice costume

All Aboard Sexy Conductor Costume

Smoking hot sexy conductor costume. Get ready for some tunnel jokes.


Sexy Leopard Ballerina Costume

Smoking hot leopard print corset, skirt, tail, choker, and headpiece.

Tea Party Alice Costume DELUXE

This super sexy Alice costume is Limited Edition so don’t be late in purchasing

Sexy Snow White Costume

Probably the highest quality and SEXIEST Snow White costume there is


Western Dance Hall Saloon Girl Costume

Incredibly cute dancing girl costume. Love the ruffled bloomers!

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

This is one sexy costume mashup but it pretty much requires that awesome hat don’t you think?

Pirate Vixen Adult Coat

My fellow pirateering ladies, THIS is the coat you want. Perfect over any sexy pirate costume. Luscious velvet with skull buttons.


Teddy Bear Girl Costume

Has 5 star customer reviews! The boys are going to want to cuddle with you all Halloween night. Super soft & flattering zip-up mini dress, boot covers and fingerless paw gloves

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Black Widow Sexy Costume

Looking for a costume you pour yourself into? This deep blue jumpsuit (plus belt and cuffs) will show off all your dangerous curves

Queen of Heartbreakers Light-Up Costume

Women, we need more excuses to wear clothes that light up. Get your glow on in this super sexy and comfortable Red Queen costume


Lady GaGa Poker Face Costume - Blue Swimsuit

Absolutely show stopping Lady GaGa costume from the Poker face video. Imagine how effing cool you’re going to look in this.

Little Black Grecian Toga Costume

Read the 5 star reviews. Everyone will be wearing white to the toga party. Stand out in a the Grecian take on the little black dress

Amelia Earhart Costume

The well meaning but ill conceived costume that will make your hips look a mile wide


Black Swan Costume

Incredibly high quality sexy feathered and sequined costume with a ballet-burlesque feel

Bride of Frankenstein Costume ELITE

Show stopping Bride of Frankie costume that is Limited Edition

Golden Hollywood Musketeer Costume

Lingerie with a slight Musketeer/Pirate vibe. Yah that’s the ticket.


Day Of The Dead Bride Plus Costume

Spooky and lovely Day of the Dead bride. Add some ornate makeup for a killer costume

Indian Maiden Plus Costume

Gorgeous dress and look at those hot boot covers!

Crazy Sexy Female Mad Hatter Costume

Wildly sexy gold and black version of the Mad Hatter


Crazy Sexy Female Mad Hatter Plus Size

Wildly sexy gold and black version of the Mad Hatter

The Three Amigos Costume Deluxe - Womens

Sexy mariachi jacket, cummerbund, suit pants and hat.

Voodoo Priestess Costume ELITE

What’s sexier than red velvet, leopard print, and a crown of skulls?


Sexy Vamp Costume

Classic take on the Dracula vampire plus stand up collar and ruffled butt = AWESOME

Enchanting Matador Costume

the sexiest bull killing costume in history, but add yer own damn cape and sword

Barbarian Woman Plus Costume

Luscious in leopard print


Gypsy Costume

Hot dang that model is giving that corset a run for its money

Sally Super Costume DELUXE

Patchwork Sally dress, glovelettes, and wig.

Oktoberfest Beer Garden Girl

The lovely long skirt is perfect for colder climates but the top is as sexy as ever


Cabaret Cutie Costume

Oh la la Marie Antoinette would be jealous of this costume

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Costume

This dazzling gold spandex costume is a definite show stopper

Wicked Tattoo Snake Charmer Costume

For the highly confident and patient woman, who is ready for night long snake jokes


Classy Sexy Matador Costume ELITE

This sultry Spanish costume includes everything. Guaranteed to tame his heart.

Egyptian Jewel Plus Costume

Stunning and high quality Cleopatra costume comes complete

Kick-Ass Movie - Hit-Girl Costume DELUXE

We love the idea of Hit Girl but this costume looks like sad purple sack


Top Gun Women's Bomber Jacket Set Costume

The sexy women’s version of the Maverick jacket and aviator glasses, plus skirt and belt

Miss Cracker Jack Costume

Super sexy sailor costume with a crop top to show off your yummy tummy

Top Cop Costume

THE sexiest and skimpiest female cop costume outside of a lingerie shop


Victorian Vampiress Costume

Gorgeous, ornate, sexy vampire costume with dramatic popped collar and Victorian elegance

Family Guy - Plush Brian Costume

Finally, Brian gets his own costume

Fantasy Mermaid Costume

Gorgeous mermaid costume with lots of pretty details


Hollywood Glam Sequined Dress in Black

Shine like the star you are, covered in glittering sequins

Hollywood Glam Sequined Dress in Fuchsia

Shine like the star you are, covered in glittering sequins

Twilight Hooded Dress Volturi Costume

Includes one hooded dress.


Burlesque Nurse Costume

What a hot costume mashup! Like sexy nurses? Beautiful burlesque babes? This costume will satiate both tastes.

Cutie Maid Costume

Suuuuper cute and sexy pink & black maid costume. Check out all the sweet details!

Pin Me Up Sailor Costume

A rare long sleeved sexy sailor costume. Lots of cute details on this one.


Queen Of Broken Hearts Costume

Hot damn this costume is a hot mess

Sexy Beer Garden Costume in red

Stunning and sexy Oktoberfest costume with lots of detail work

Hot Topic Sexy Sailor

This dress reminds me of a standard Hot Topic outfit. All dark, covered in shiny stuff, with a bit of red contrast!


Friday The 13th - Sexy Miss Voorhees Plus Costume

Best part? That’s not a goalie mask, it’s a purse!

GI Joe - Scarlet Camo Movie Costume

Best part: skin tight camo catsuit. 2nd best part: the 2nd product photo!

Jean Grey Phoenix Costume

Attention Ginger Girls: Get your sexy selves into this costume and show em what you’ve got! Limited Edition!



Something about this school girl costume seems awkward, huh?

Sexy Stewardess Costume

If Lady Gaga were a flight attendant

Untamed Jockey Costume

Sexy Madonna style equestrian costume in all black


Vampira Plus Size

Includes: Dress, Corset, Stockings, Choker. Does not include boots or petticoat.

Captain Chaos Costume

Includes dress, collar, and hat. Does not include stockings or shoes.

Charm Schooled Costume

Includes skirt and jacket with attached blouse. Does not include props, jewelry, knee highs or shoes.


China Doll Costume

Includes corset, skirt, and jacket. Does not include hair sticks, fan, stockings, or shoes.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Plus Costume

Includes: Top with attached vest and skirt. Does not include pom pom’s, boots or earrings. This is an officially licensed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader product.

Dancing Queen Premier Costume

Includes: Jumpsuit, belt and headwrap. Jewelry and shoes are not included.


Reno 911 - Deputy Johnson Plus Costume

Includes: Shirt, skirt, badge, belt and hat. Does not include clup or shoes. This is an officially licensed Reno 911 product.

Sequins Bee Costume

Includes top, tutu, wings, and headband.

Spongebob Squarepants - Spongebabe Plus Costume

Includes: Shirt, skirt and socks. This is an officially licensed Spongebob Squarpants product.


White Navy Stripes Sailor Costume

Includes vest, skirt, and hat. Does not include petticoat, stockings, or shoes.

Arrest Me Please Costume

Includes bustier, skirt, hat, gloves, and cuffs. Does not include petticoat or boots.

Barbarian Woman Premier Costume

Includes: Dress, belt, glovettes and headpiece. Does not include choker or shoes.


Beauty And The Beast - Belle Deluxe Plus Costume

Includes: Dress and headpiece. This is an officially licensed Disney Princess product.

Bollywood Dancer Costume

Includes: Body veil, top, skirt, briefs and fabric bangles. Does not include body art or shoes.

Egyptian Jewel Costume

Includes: Dress, collar, headpiece and belt.


Lilah Costume from Jonah Hex (Red Outfit)

In this Lilah costume you’ll be sexy like a fox! (A Megan Fox that is ;) Glam and super hot black and red saloon girl dress plus gloves

Lilah Costume from Jonah Hex (White & Pink Outfit)

In this Lilah costume you’ll be sexy like a fox! (A Megan Fox that is ;) Glam and super hot ivory and blush-pink saloon girl dress plus gloves

Playboy - Sexy Girlfriend (Red) Costume

Includes: Jacket with belt and pipe. This is an officially licensed Playboy product.


Baroness Von Bloodshed Costume

Includes: Dress with attached collar.

Sexy Captain Black Heart Costume

This sexy female pirate costume is smokin’ hot! We get a classy pirate-hooker vibe. A “bordello pirate” if you will. Comes in a luxurious shade of maroon.

Cinderella Deluxe Plus Costume

Includes: Dress, choker and headband. This is an officially licensed Disney Princess product.


Dark Queen Plus Size

A sexy queen of hearts style halter dress featuring a faux corseted bodice and a ruffled collar neckpiece.

Lovely Alice Costume

Includes dress waist cincher, and apron. Does not include headband, petticoat, stockings, or shoes.

Queen Nefertiti Costume

Includes dress, headpiece, collar, arm bands and belt.


Senorita Costume DELUXE

Includes dress and headpiece. Does not include wig, jewelry, stockings, or shoes.

Hot Flapper Girl Costume

Super sexy take on the 1920s style. Fringed mini flapper dress, a faux pearl necklace, and a beautiful feathered headpiece

Snow White Deluxe Plus Costume

See the 5 star customer reviews! Dress features satin puff sleeves, royal blue bodice with gold detailing, canary yellow skirt, detachable cape and matching headband with bow.


Tragic Trapeze Costume

Includes: Dress and hat. Does not include stockings or shoes.

Beer Stein Babe Costume

Includes romper, top, detached sleeves and hat. Does not include socks or shoes.

Double-Zip Officer Naughty Costume

Includes dress, hat, corset, choker, belt and badge. Does not include baton, handcuffs or boots.


Panda Babe Costume

Includes dress, headpiece, arm warmers and leg warmers.

Sexy Sorceress Costume

Includes dress with built-in petticoat and hat. Does not include boots.

Star Trek Classic Red Dress Deluxe Plus Size

Includes: Dress Does not include: shoes. This is an officially licensed star Trek product.


Side-Slit Sexy Pirate Costume

This sexy pirate gown is slit all the way up to THERE. Comes with a fierce belt guaranteed to drive a man mad with fear and lust

Whimsical Queen of Hearts Plus Size

Whimsical Queen of Hearts Adult Costume

White Rabbit Costume

Get ready for the boys to follow you down the rabbit hole, or ANY place you lead them.


Beer Maiden Costume

Includes dress and choker.

Beer Maiden Plus Size

Includes dress and choker.

Birthday Surprise Costume

Includes dress, wrap, and gloves.


Cheerin' in the USA Costume

Includes dress and pom poms. Does not include leg warmers or shoes.

Clash of the Titans - Sexy Aphrodite Costume

Includes: Dress, corset and gauntlets. Does not include wig or shoes. This is an officially licensed Clash Of The Titans product.

Clash of the Titans - Sexy Athena Costume

Includes: Dress, vest and gauntlets. Does not include shoes or wig. This is an officially licensed Clash Of The Titans product.


CSI Costume

Includes dress, jacket, hat, magnifying glass. Does not include boots.

CSI Plus Size

Includes dress, jacket, hat, magnifying glass. Does not include boots.

Dame of the Dead Costume

Includes dress, hair clip, and fan. Does not include shoes or jewelry.