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Baby & Infant Halloween costumes

If you have an infant or toddler, you know how fun it can be to dress them up in an adorable Halloween costume. Thanks to all the quality costumes available, the options can feel limitless. Do you want to dress your baby to fit her personality? How about a little angel… or devil? Your little toddler can match dad in a soldier costume or be a Wonder Woman just like mom. Perhaps they can be their favorite TV characters from Blue’s Clues or Over the Hedge. They can be sweet princes and princesses or naughty little ninjas and pirates. If you’ve got twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2 make great matching costumes, as well as 2 peas in a pod! And for infants, nothing is cuter (or more comfy) than an animal costume. Avoid paying retail at a chain Halloween costume shop: find a discount costume through

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Girl’s Infant/Baby Costumes Girl’s Toddler Costumes

New Baby/Infant and Toddler Halloween Costume Picks

These are some of our favorite brand new costumes this year. Many unique new styles have been created for this Halloween season and below are the ones we think stand out the most.
If you have other children, be sure check out our boy Halloween costumes and girl Halloween costumes sections, too.

Pirate Toddler Costume
Pirate Toddler Costume

Alice Toddler Costume

Alice Toddler Costume

Exclusive Item!

Amtrak Train Engineer Toddler Costume
Amtrak Train Engineer Toddlers Costume
Blue Bunny Infant Costume
Blue Bunny Infant Costume
Blue Lamb Infant Costume
Blue Lamb Infant Costume
Bumble Bee Infant Costume
Bumble Bee Infant Costume
Pirate Baby Bunting
Baby Pirate Bunting
Pirate Baby Bunting
Baby Football Bunting
Billion Dollar Baby Bunting
Billion Dollar Baby Bunting
Future Hip Hopper Toddler Costume
Future Hip Hopper Toddler Costume
Happy Harlequin Toddler
Happy Harlequin Toddler Costume
Lil Dino Silly Teradactyl - Purple Toddler
Lil Dino Silly Teradactyl – Purple Toddler



Boy’s Baby/Infant Costumes

Baby Bunting – Pizza Infant

One slice, please, add extra baby!… more

Pea In The Pod Infant

Fresh from the garden of cuteness!… more

Pea In A Pod Bunting Infant

Cute enough to eat!… more

Red Hot Chili Pepper Bunting

Straight from the garden to your heart…. more

Red Hot Chili Pepper Walker Infant

Does your little one have a certain ZEST for life?… more

Little Pepper Bunting

This is one little hotty!… more

Sugar Babies Baby Bunting Infant

A delightful little package!… more

Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting Infant

So cute you could eat em up!… more

Lil Pumpkin Pie Infant

Your little one can be this adorable pumpkin!… more

Hot Dog Bunting

What a little wiener… more

Banana Baby Infant

A-peeling to moms everywhere!… more

Ice Cream Baby Bunting

Creamy, dreamy baby!… more

Junior Mints Baby Bunting Infant

Wrap your little tots in these tasty little dots!… more

Care Bears Champ Bear Plush Deluxe Infant

And the winner is…… more

Care Bears Grumpy Bear Infant

This adorable costume will shower your little one with love…. more

DC Comics The Flash Deluxe Infant

Speedy little guy isnt he?… more

The Flash Standard Infant/Toddler

The fastest toddler alive!… more

Robin Infant

Being a superhero is hard work, especially for this little guy!… more

Superman Bunting

This is the coolest baby costume ever!… more

Superman Infant

Can jump over the sandbox in a single bound!… more

Baby Hulk (12-18 Months)

The Incredible Baby Hulk!… more

Batman Bib Infant

Toddler Superhero Bib & Cape Set…. more

Batman Infant

Dont underestimate this pint-sized superhero!… more

Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Infant

Now your little one can be Spider-Man too…. more

Captain America Infant

A baby superhero!… more

DC Comics Green Lantern Infant

Beware the power of the Green Lanterns light!… more

Baby Zorro Infant

Perfect for even the littlest hero!… more

Lil Firefighter Newborn

A cute and cuddly little fire fighter…. more

Cat in the Hat Baby Hat & Bib Infant

A teeny tiny look right from the book!… more

Winnie the Pooh Disney Eeyore Infant

Dont pin the tail on this donkey!… more

Baby Einstein Disney Lion Infant

Youll roar with Baby Einstein…. more

Cuddly Cub Infant

A sweet little costume for your sweet little kid…. more

Dragon Infant

The softest Dragon costume youll ever find!… more

Finding Nemo Clownfish Infant

No clowing around, you will love this little fish!… more

Petite Panda Infant

The plushest, softest panda… Youll wish it came in adult size… more

Baby Spider Infant

Youll love this itsy-bitsy spider!… more

Puppy Infant

How much is that doggy in the window?… more

Monkey Infant

A sweet little monkey, so soft and cuddly!… more

Baby Einstein Disney Dragon Infant

Get a head start with Baby Einstein…. more

Baby Einstein Disney Duck Infant

Baby comes first with Baby Einstein…. more

Bear Oatmeal Infant

A cute, cuddly costume your little one will adore!… more

Engineer Bear Infant

All aboard!… more

Devil Little Infant

This dashing little devil is too cute!… more

Devil Bunting Infant

Mommys little devil!… more

Darling Devil Infant

This adorable devil will warm your heart!… more

Lil Devil Newborn

For your little devil…. more

Baby Captain Hook Bunting

No hook…and no feet either!… more

Mini Muscle Man Infant

Future iron man in the making…… more

Vampire Infant

Baby Count Dracula is just too cute to spook!… more

Baby Vampire Bunting

Dracula was never so cute!… more

Raggedy Andy Bunting

A classic costume for your little one…. more

Mickey Mouse (12-18 months)

M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E!… more

Curious George Infant

A curious costume indeed…. more

Blues Clues Baby Blue Infant

Help Joe find the clues in this great costume!… more

Elvis Infant

He’ll bring the house down when he dances to the diaper rock!… more

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Infant/Toddler

Never too young to take on a Death Star…. more

Little Trees® Car Freshner Infant

Just when you thought youve seen it all…… more

Woopie Cushion Baby Bunting Infant

May include sound effects…… more


Soldier Bunting Infant

A great camouflage baby bunting!… more

Pilot Infant

The perfect Red Baron costume for your little one…. more


Heir To The Throne Infant/Toddler

This dark little prince will one day rule over Thy Evil Court…. more

Lil Linebacker Infant/Toddler

Run for the endzone…. more

Humpty Dumpty Infant

You always knew your little one was a good egg!… more

Puny Pirate Infant

Shiver me timbers!… more

Scarecrow Infant

And the award for Cutest Scarecrow goes to… more

Lil Bones Infant

No bones about it!… more



Boy’s Toddler Costumes

Big Boxer Toddler

A great costume for your little champion…. more

50s Rebel Toddler

This is one cool dude!… more

Lil Lederhosen Toddler

Perfect for German Fest and Octoberfest too!… more

The Wizard of Oz Premium Cowardly Lion Child

Follow the yellow brick road to find courage!… more

Scarecrow Child

This happy little scarecrow is an autumn classic!… more

Mini Magic Toddler

Abracadabra, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!… more

Superman Returns Deluxe Toddler

Its a bird! Its a plane! No, its SUPER BABY!!more

Captain American Fiber Optic Child

A marvel-ous hero! Light up the night in this fiber optic Captain America costume!… more

Fantastic 4 -The Thing Toddler

Hes a tough little guy!… more

Tiny Treats Tiny Ninja Infant

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-YAH!… more

Steel Ninja Toddler

A ninja attacks silently, and disappears without a trace!… more

Boy High Seas Buccaneer Toddler

A plundering pirate!… more

Pirate Boy Toddler

This mateys ready for an adventure…. more

Wee Little Pirate Toddler

Youll walk the plank for this cute pirate…. more

Peewee Pirate Toddler

The plundering pirate is a treasure himself!… more

Over the Hedge Hammy Child

Take back the neighborhood, one snack at a time…. more

Over the Hedge RJ Child

Welcome to the suburbs…. more

Lazy Town Sportacus Deluxe Toddler

Join Sportacus play some sports outside!… more

Sesame Street Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler

Gotta Love Me!… more

Sesame Street Elmo Vest Toddler

Now your little one can be his favorite Sesame Street® character!… more

Clifford the Big Red Dog Deluxe Child

Who doesnt love the cute and cuddly Big Red Dog, Clifford!… more

Curious George Child

The curious little monkey!… more

Harry Potter Hedwig Deluxe

Harry Potters friendly Owl…. more

Peter Pan Disney Child

For the child who never wants to grow up…. more

Care Bears Champ Bear Plush Deluxe Toddler

And the winner is…… more

Scooby Doo Deluxe Child

Dont forget your Scooby snacks!… more

Peter Pan Captain Hook Child

The pirate whos out to get Peter Pan!… more

Lil Elvis Presley Toddler

For that little Elvis fan!… more

Star Wars Yoda Fleece Toddler

This future Jedi master is sure to be very wise one day…. more

Bob the Builder-Bob Child

Bob the Builder from the popular TV series!… more

The Cat In The Hat Dr. Suess Thing 1 Child

The crazy helpers of the Cat in the Hat™ are ready to have fun with you!… more

The Cat In The Hat Dr. Suess Thing 2 Child

With fun for you, its Thing 1™ and Thing 2™!… more

Cat in the Hat – Tiny Tikes Infant/Toddler

Offical Movie Merchandise from The Cat In The Hat…. more

Cheetah Toddler

Go little cheetah go!… more

Zany Zebra Child

Is your little one fast as the wind and wild at heart?!… more

Organ Grinder Monkey Toddler

A fun costume, for your little monkey!… more

Itsy Bitsy Spider Toddler

This is one sensational spider!… more

Penguin Toddler

Get ready to march…. more

Bear Oatmeal Toddler

A cute, cuddly costume your little one will adore!… more

Plush Lion Child

ROARINGLY cute!… more

Grape Ape Toddler

Youll go bananas for this cute gorilla get-up…. more

General Mills Sprout® Toddler

The Jolly Green Giants sidekick!… more

Train Toddler

Here comes the choo-choo train!… more

Im A Jeep Toddler

3-D soft foam costume…. more

Jet Toddler

A great airplane and pilot costume…. more

Dragonsaurous Toddler

Who knew that a dragon could be so adorable?… more

Indian Boy Infant

Going native is the way to go…. more

Circus Clown Toddler

Clowntastic!… more

Skelebones Child

Absolutely the cutest lil skeleton around!… more

Vampire Toddler

A caped cutie! This vampire is too little to bite, hes a nibbler!… more

Heart Throbs Tiny T-Rex Toddler

Pre-historic heart throb!… more

Rasta Monster Toddler

A fun and funky monster!… more

Heart Throbs Yummy Mummy Toddler

He loves his mummy!… more

Darling Devil Toddler

…for your little angel…. more

Lil Cowboy Toddler

Perfect for your little cowboy!… more

Ride -em Cowboy Toddler

One of the most unique toddler costumes in years!… more

Lil Cowboy Toddler

Mamas, let your babies pretend to be cowboys!… more

Medieval Hero Toddler

A hero of the Dark Age…. more

Knight of the Dragon Toddler

A valiant knight indeed…. more

Medieval Knight Toddler

Makes a great Lancelot costume…. more


Lil Firefighter Infant/Toddler

The cutest little firefighter ever!… more

Fire Truck Toddler

A fun costume for a future fire fighter!… more

Fire Chief Toddler

Look who wants to put out fires!… more

Police Motorcycle Toddler

A totally unique costume!… more

Jr. Policeman Toddler

Stroller patroller – keeping the playground safe!… more

G.I. Fatigue Toddler

Reporting for duty, sir!… more




Girl’s Baby/Infant Costumes

La Petite Fleur Toddler

A cute little flower!… more

Wonder Woman Infant

She can help fight evil with her friends from the Justice League…. more

Queen Bee Infant

Shes the queen of the bumble hive!… more


Lil Bee Infant

Your baby will bee perfect…. more

Buzzy Bumble Bee Infant

There’s lots of buzz about this costume! more

Baby Bee Bunting Infant

This will BEE the buzz of your Halloween…. more

Baby Bug Infant

This little cutie wont bug you…. more

Lil Ladybug Infant

An irresistable little ladybug…. more

Lady Bug Infant

Cute as a bug!… more


Baby Butterfly Infant

Transform your baby from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly!… more


Fairy Infant

A fabulously fun fairy costume for your little one!… more

Baby Fairy Bunting (0-6 Months)

Isnt she precious!… more

Princess Infant

A baby beauty!… more

Princess Bunting Infant

A beautiful princess costume for your precious little one…. more

Perfect Princess Infant

From the “Too cute to spook!” collection…. more

Little Angel Infant

A little part of heaven right here on earth…. more

Baby Mermaid Infant

What a catch!… more

Indian Girl Infant

Become a native daughter…. more

Cuddly Kitten Infant

The softest little kitty costume ever!… more

Lil Pony Infant

The sweetest little horse costume around the corral…. more

DC Comics Supergirl Infant

Look up in the sky! Its a bird, its a plane, no its a baby!… more

Holly Hobby Dress Infant/Toddler

Shes a simple little country girl whos happy and friendly…. more

Raggedy Ann Bunting

Your baby will be the cutest little rag-doll ever!… more

Care Bears Cheer Bear Infant

A cheerful costume for your happy little one!… more

Care Bears Funshine Bear Plush Deluxe Infant

Let the sun shine…… more

Care Bears Bedtime Bear Infant

Look whos ready for bed…. more

Care Bears Tender Heart Bear Infant

For the “little” love of your life…. more

Snow White Bunting Newborn

Nothing surpasses this beauty!… more

Precious Witch Infant

From the “Too cute to spook!” collection…. more

Witch Infant

A precious little witch!… more


Girl’s Toddler Costumes

Care Bears Bedtime Bear Plush Deluxe Toddler

Bedtime Bear will give you sweet dreams!… more

Care Bears Funshine Bear Plush Deluxe Toddler

Let the sun shine…… more

Care Bears Cheer Bear Plush Deluxe Toddler

The cheery bear that brightens everyones day!… more

Care Bears Harmony Bear Plush Deluxe Toddler

This happy bear will put a smile on your face!… more

Lil Leopard Toddler

This in one ferocious little feline!… more

Little Ducky Romper Infant

Just Ducky!… more

Pink Kitty Hooded Toddler

You wont find a cuter cat costume!… more

Lil Miss Wrangler Toddler

A sweet little cowgirl…. more

Rodeo Diva Toddler

A great little cowgirl costume!… more

Honey Bee Child

A busy little bee!… more

Bee Mine Toddler

A cute little bumble bee, fun for dance recitals…. more

Little Bee Toddler

A busy little bee for your busy little one!… more

Ladybug Toddler

One cute little ladybug…. more

Lady Bug with Wings Child


Lady Bug Child

A lovely littlelady bug…. more

Lil Lady Bug Toddler

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…… more

Little Lady Bug Toddler

A precious little insect!… more

Little Butterfly Toddler

What a beautiful Butterfly kit!… more

Hello Kitty Butterfly Child

A beautiful butterfly costume for your Hello Kitty girl!… more

Feathery Butterfly Toddler

Perfectly pretty in pink!… more

Adorable Witch Toddler

Too cute to be a “wicked” witch!… more

Heart Throbs Whimsical Witch Toddler

She uses her powers for good!… more

Pretty Little Witch Child

Hocus pocus, boppity-boo, your pretty little one will love this costume too!… more

Fairy Tale Witch Toddler

Perfect for your good little witch…. more

Princess Witch Child

Not so wicked little witch…. more

Glitter Witch Child

Full of magical colors and lots of fun!… more

Pretty Princess Witch Toddler

A precious little princess witch!… more

Lil Miss Witch Toddler

Little Miss Witch Costume…. more

Story Book Witch Toddler

Let her create her own magic stories in this whimsical witch costume…. more

Wittle Witch Toddler

Watch out for this Wittle Witch!… more

Spider Princess Toddler

Along came a spider…… more

Princess Sleeping Beauty Toddler

A precious princess!… more

Cinderella Ballerina Child

Ditch the chores and dance the day away…. more

Sweetie Princess Toddler

My goodness what a sweetie!… more

Lilac Princess Toddler

Lilacs are popular and so are their princesses…. more

Princess Toddler

A precious powder blue princess!… more

Precious Pink Hooped Princess Toddler

Pink, pretty & precious is she, in this lovely gown a princess she’ll be…. more

Strawberry Shortcake Princess Child

A sweet little princess in strawberry pink!… more

Angel Fairy Toddler

An angelic creation…. more

Heavenly Angel Toddler

Perfect for your own little angel…. more

Guardian Angel Toddler

This angelic costume is heavenly…. more

Faire Princess Child

Who is the fairest princess of them all?… more

Double Trouble Toddler

A devil in the guise of an angel or is it the other way around?… more

Lil Devilette Toddler

Pink devils are the cutest…. more

Lil Spitfire Toddler

Didnt know devils got so cute…. more

Blue Sky Fairy Toddler

This Baby Blue Fairy is just for you…. more

Tulip Fairy Toddler

Talk about pretty in pink…. more

Sugar Plum Fairy Toddler

Consider this vision in your head…. more

Strawberry Fairy Toddler

You could just eat up this little strawberry…. more

My Little Pony Pegasus Fairy Child

An enchanting Pegasus Fairy from My Little Pony!… more

Sparkle Pixie Toddler

A terrific toddler costume!… more

Green Fairy Toddler

A magical fairy costume!… more

Flower Fairy Toddler

Every flowers favorite friend…. more

Butterfly Fairy Toddler

This charming fairy will steal your heart…. more

Glitter Fairy Toddler

Glitter Fairy costume…. more

Emerald Fairy Toddler

Glorious in green!… more

The Wizard of Oz Glinda Toddler

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?… more

Dorothy Toddler

A hit from Munchkin Land to Emerald City!… more

The Wizard of Oz Yarn Babies Dorothy Toddler

Follow the yellow brick road!… more

Yarn Babies Colorful Clown Child

Bright, colorful and lots of fun!… more

Raggedy Ann Toddler

A classic costume of the most famous Rag Doll!… more

Raggedy Andy Toddler

Raggedy Andy Toddler… more

Dora The Explorer Deluxe Child

Star Catching Dora!… more

Girl High Seas Buccaneer Toddler

An adorable swashbuckling heroine!… more

Precious Pirate Toddler

This Precious Pirate costume is a little treasure!… more

Lil Pirate Girl Toddler

A friendly little pirate girl…. more

Precious Pirate Infant

Arrrnt you a cute pirate…. more

Lil Vampiress Toddler

You dont want to get bitten by this Lil Vampire!… more

Hello Kitty Child

If she loves Hello Kitty, shell love this costume!… more

Southern Belle – Yellow Toddler

Shes a little lemon cupcake…. more

Southern Belle – Pink Toddler

Have your little one pretty in pink…. more

Tiny Treats Munchkin Maiden Infant

All hail Baby!… more

Little Mermaid Toddler

A precious pearl of the sea!… more

Tiny Treats Lil Red Riding Hood Infant

Nothing Grimm about this cute lil costume!… more

Patriotic Cheerleader Toddler

Isnt she so cute!… more

50s Poodle Cutie Toddler

A classic rock and roll cutie…. more

Lil Poodle Toddler

Perfect for your little 50s sweetie!… more

Polka Dot Rocker Toddler

Rock around the clock!… more

Minnie Mouse Child

Mickey Mouses sweetheart… Minnie Mouse!… more

Hula Girl Toddler

Hula on down to the beach…. more

Plump Pumpkin Toddler

A classic halloween costume… the jack-o-lantern…. more


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