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Marie Antoinette Costume

Victorian Marie Antoinette Costumes

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming of Marie Antoinette inspired or Victorian costumes? Decadent fashion, of course. Luxurious fabrics like brocade and silk, coupled with tons of embellishments like lace and braid make for gorgeous Halloween costumes. Like we saw on Kirsten Dunst in the 2006 movie, the 1700s French Revolution period costumes are all about excess, beauty and a provocative look. We’ve scoured the Internet to find every beautiful, sexy Marie Antoinette costume in existence so just look below to choose the one that your adore most. Every one is fit for a queen!

Very Sexy Marie Antoinette Costume

Elite Ghost of Marie Antoinette Costume

Lace Victorian Marie Antoinette Boots

Marie Antoinette Wig

Kirsten Dunst Style Floral Marie Antoinette Shoes

Black/Gold Marie Antoinette Boots

White Marie Antoinette Powdered Wig

Pale Blonde Marie Antoinette Wig

Golden Blonde Marie Antoinette Wig

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Girls Marie Antoinette Costumes

Girls Marie Antoinette Costume
Currently, this is the ONLY girls Marie Antoinette costume available. (Weird, isn’t it?) It comes with a beautiful pale blue and gold dress with faux corset detailing, and a matching lace choker. Just add a girls Marie Antoinette Wig and your little miss will be transformed into a high fashion queen.

Be sure to check eBay for more Marie Antoinette costume items. You can sometimes find custom costumes, homemade accessories, and other unique finds.

Outstanding Marie Antoinette Costumes on eBay