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Sexy Pirate Costumes

Avast ye scurvy bilge rats and winsome wenches! Pirates are a great costume idea because they’re fun and can be very versatile. You can choose to be fully covered or scantily clad, sexy or fearsome, regal or scruffy, traditional or unconventional, boy or girl… you get the idea. This Halloween, no matter what your budget, see our suggestions below to get the pirate costume that you’ve always dreamed of.

Intensely Awesome Pirate Costumes


Rouge Pirate Costume

Wicked hot and figure flattering pirate costume in cream and black

Sexy Elegant Pirate Costume

Corset style white top with underwire bra cups and boning, zippered spandex back and gold lace overlay, a knitted velvet red jacket, black zippered mini skirt and a velvet red pirate hat with lace trim.

Hot Pink Caribbean Pirate Child Costume

Rated 5 stars by customers & a Mable’s fave! The cutest pirate to sail the seven seas.


Exotic Corset Pirate Costume

Corset and ruffled gauntlets = one of the sexiest and unique female pirate costumes around

Cutthroat Captain Costume ELITE

This distinguished and fully finished garment is a customer favorite. See the great reviews and customer photos! Includes a gold brocade vest with attached satin sleeves and ruffled collar, long blue coat trimmed in metallic braids, headpiece and boot tops with gold trim, satin eye-patch, and gold clip on earring.

Rustic Pirate - ELITE Costume

Be sure to read the great reviews for this high quality, customer favorie pirate costume. It includes an embossed vest, gauze shirt, boot tops, sash, bandana, belt with gold buckle, pirate hat, eye patch, and earring.


Luscious Corseted Pirate Costume ELITE

This customer favorite, top quality and sassy costume includes a gold trimmed corset vest, gauze blouse, pants, bandana, gold trimmed boot tops and hat.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume ELITE (POTC 3)

This is THE Jack Sparrow costume. Check out the great customer reviews and customer photots! Includes dashing brown jacket, shirt, vest, across the chest belt with buckle, sash, two belts with attached buckles, pants, boot covers, hat and bandana with attached beaded braids.

Pirate Costume ELITE

This superior costume is rated 5 stars by customers! Includes a gauze shirt, embossed vinyl trimmed vest, black faux leather boot tops, sash, scarf bandana, earring, eye patch and belt with gold buckle.


Pirate Lady Costume ELITE

See the 5 star customer reviews and customer photo for this superior quality pirate costume. Includes a satin and panne dress trimmed with lace, lace-up gold trimmed corset, striped waist sash, and bandana.

Pirate's Wench Costume ELITE

Read the great reviews and see the customer pics on this customer favorite pirate costume! This stylish, fully finished garment includes a midlength dress made from deep red crushed panne and white satin, ruffled lace cuffs, lace-up vest with gold braid trim, tulle petticoat, striped satin sash and bandana andjeweled velvet choker.

Classy Female Pirate Captain Costume

This sultry female pirate costume is rated 5 stars by customers. Read the gushing reviews! Includes a velour lace-up black & ivory coatdress with romantic lace sleeves.


Super Sexy Pirate Booty Costume

Customers LOVE this costume. Includes a vest, bra, and a deliciously tattered skirt.

Clever Reversible Costume - Sexy Pirates

2 costumes for the price of 1! One reversible mini dress, corset, hat, sleevelets, and eye patch.

Female Pirate Captain Black Costume

Customer love this stunning and dark pirate costume. Inlcudes captain’s jacket with lace trim and pants (meant to ride lower on the hips).


Rogue Pirate Costume

This rugged pirate costume is a customer favorite. Read the great reviews! Includes the shirt with attached vest, pants, bandana,waist sash, belt, and boot tops.

Glimmering Gold Pirate Wench

Customers rate this sultry pirate costume 5 stars! Gorgeous costume includes a golden peasant top dress with a jeweled brooch. Add a huge, glam pirate hat for one siren of a costume.

Red Vixen Pirate Wench

This sexy female pirate costume is rated 5 stars by customers! It includes the red dress with a peasant-style top and flared skirt. Bow accents and ruching on the sleeves give the dress a romantic touch. The double lace-up, velvet corset and velvet skirt overlay are additional luscious details.


South Seas Siren Pirate Costume

This sultry female pirate costume is a customer favorite. Read the great reviews! Includes a romantic dress with a handkerchief skirt and head tie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

See the great customer reviews and photos for this Captain Jack costume! They love the shirt with attached vest, sash, two belts with attached buckles and pants. The bandanna with beaded braids is included, but we suggest upgrading to the better wig or adding it to your natural hair.

Pirate Vixen Adult Coat

My fellow pirateering ladies, THIS is the coat you want. Perfect over any sexy pirate costume. Luscious velvet with skull buttons.


Red Vixen Pirate Plus Size Costume

Gorgeous and sultry velvet double lace up corset dress with a blood red playful peasant top. Add weapons of your choice!

Pink Punk Pirate Child Costume

Parents give high reviews for this punky little girl pirate costume. Pink and black dress with pink puff sleeves, lace-up bodice, black hat with lace and pink ribbon, and pink waist scarf

Golden Hollywood Musketeer Costume

Lingerie with a slight Musketeer/Pirate vibe. Yah that’s the ticket.


Captain Darkheart Pirate Costume ELITE

Costume includes: jacket with attached vest and shirt, feathered hat, ruby sash and brown boot tops. Pants and sword not included.

Caribbean Buccaneer Costume

Costume includes: long sleeved shirt, vest with buttons, knee length long sleeved jacket with rolled up cuffs, also has four 1″ black buttons on one side and some black braid on the other side opposite the buttons, waist sash, knicker style pants, and black tricorn style Hat.

Caribbean Pirate Queen Costume

Costume includes: long sleeved shirt, vest, knee length long sleeved jacket with rolled up cuffs, also has four 1″ black buttons on one side and some black braid on the other side opposite the buttons, waist sash, pants, and black tricorn style Hat. Pair with the Caribbean Buccaneer for an adventurous couples costume. Women’s sizes; Small 4-6, Medium 8-10, and Large 12-14. Boottops, wig with scarf,…


Lacey Pirate w/ Hat (Tan Suede) Costume

Includes dress with suede corset, choker, and pirate hat. Available in women sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Lacy Pirate (Wine Corset) w/ Hat Costume

Lacey Pirate (Wine Corset) w/ Hat costume includes dress, over-dress, corset, hat, and choker.

Pirate Ghost Costume ELITE

This ghastly and detailed costume includes a charcoal gray coat trimmed with tattered cheesecloth, charcoal gray pants, burgundy vest/shirt combo, black boot tops, black pirate hat with tattered cheesecloth, burgundy bandana with attached gray dreadlock wig, eyepatch, and gray beard. Available in Men’s sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large.

sexy or fearsome, traditional or unconventional
Buy a Rustic Pirate Lady Costume Buy the Captain Darkheart costume Buy the Captain Cutthroat Costume Buy the Captain Hooker Costume
Elite Rustic
Pirate Costume
Captain Darkheart Costume Elite Captain Cutthroat Costume Captain Hooker Costume

Last year there were a handful of really cool looking pirate costumes available for Halloween, but this year the pirate booty has gotten even better. In addition to the usual inexpensive costumes there are now some very creative and impressive Deluxe and Elite pirate costumes (some featured above). These are the costumes you should pick if you want to enter any costume contests, attend multiple parties, or just generally want to have the best costume in the room. They cost more and are worth every penny due to their detailed and quality construction.

DIY Pirate Costume Tips:

With a little creativity, you can also make your own Halloween pirate costume, or just augment a pre-made costume.

  • Anything with stripes or solid colors in black, red, and white, is a good start.
  • Use large, gold colored jewelry like hoop earrings or gaudy rings, and make a head scarf from a scrap of fabric.
  • An eye patch can make a good pirate accessory, but it does greatly impede your depth perception and can make you feel wobbly: not practical for an entire night of trick-or-treating, or for those who will be drinking lots of rum punch.
  • Pirates are an adventurous lot and jagged edges on your clothing will help convey that. Take a pair of scissors and sort of haphazardly snip across the bottom hem of sleeves or bottoms. Just be sure to do a test area to ensure that the fabric won’t unravel too quickly.
  • Jack Sparrow seemed to be the only pirate who used eye liner, but any lady who saw that film will attest to how smashing it looked! Put a thick layer across the base of the upper and lower eyelashes and use an eye shadow brush to lightly smudge it until you have the desired appearance.
  • Boys, don’t shave for at least a couple days to get that slightly shaggy look.
  • Black tooth wax and gold teeth are also good finishing touches. Pirates are way too busy chasing horizons to find a good dentist.

Enjoy the Halloween night of pillaging and plundering, me hearties!


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