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Pirate Costume, Pirates of the Caribbean costume

Avast ye sexy pirate captains and winsome pirate wenches! Pirates are a great costume idea because they’re fun and versatile. Whether you opt to be scantily clad or suggestively covered, regal or tousled, flaunting traditional colors or unconventional pastels, see our suggestions below and you’ll find the sexy pirate costume that you’re dreaming of.

This Halloween, the pirate booty has gotten even better. In addition to the usual inexpensive costumes there are now some very creative and impressive Deluxe and Elite pirate costumes (some featured below). These are the costumes you should pick if you want to enter any costume contests, attend multiple parties, or just generally want to have the best costume in the room. They cost more and are worth every penny due to their detailed and quality construction. Now enjoy the Halloween night of pillaging and plundering, me gorgeous hearties!

Super Sexy Pirate Costume

Sultry Colonial Pirate Costume

Luxurious Sexy Pirate Costume

Ship Wrecked Sweetie Costume

Sexy Captain Hook Costume

Buccaneer Beauty Costume

Sexy Pirate Captain Costume

Ravishing Rogue Pirate Costume

Sexy Pirate Versatile Costume

Sexy Pirate Wench Costume

Sultry Captain Blackheart Pirate Costume

Racy in Red Sexy Pirate Costume

Sexy Pirate Wench Costume w/ High Low Hem

Sexy Sailor Costume

Sexy Black and Pink Pirate Costume

Super Sexy Pirate Costume w/ Cutout Front

Sexy Pirates Wench Costume

Sexy + Sultry Royal Pirate Costume

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