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Teen Halloween costumes for girls or boys

Are you ready for your best Halloween costume ever? Every year Halloween gets more popular in America, with lots more costumes being created and sold. This means you have more options, but also more competition for best costume! As a teen you can choose from both "teen costumes" and adult costumes, so you have the most options of any age range. Lucky you! Start looking below at the new Halloween costumes and decide if you want to dress scary, sexy, spooky, sweet, traditional, or just plain weird. Your Halloween costume has to be unique, be affordable but not look cheap, and make you feel like the star of the evening. There are so many teen Halloween costume ideas to choose from so start browsing and don’t stop until you find that perfect Halloween costume! Avoid paying retail at a chain Halloween costume shop: find a discount costume through

New Teen Girl Costumes New Teen Boy Costumes

These are some of our favorite brand new teen costumes. Tons of unique new styles have been created for this Halloween and below are the ones we think stand out the most. If you have other children, be sure check out our boy Halloween costumes, girl Halloween costumes, and infant Halloween costumes sections, too.


Teen Girl Halloween Costumes

Malice in Wonderland Teen

Finally, a cool brunette Alice costume! A twisted look through the looking glass.

Temperamental Alice Teen

This Alice fell down the wrong rabbit whole. She’s a bit moody and has no time for games.

Snow Fright Teen

A Frightful gothic take on an old favorite.

Jane Jetson Teen

Jane is ultra chic in shiny purple with stand up white collar and signature flipped orange wig.

Judy Jetson Teen

Judy is super sweet in shiny pink with stand up white collar and platinum blonde wig.

Death Jr. Pandora Teen

Pandora has a way with locks… EXCLUSIVE BuyCostumes costume

Swashbuckling Siren Teen

Super cool and sophisticated, this sexy pirate is ready to come on board.

First Mate Teen

This first mate is too feisty to follow orders!

Tokyo Pop Princess Teen

What a creative take on the geisha! An exquisite cyber beauty from the far east.

Batgirl Teen

Same bat girl, sexy new getup!

DC Comics Supergirl Teen

Super sassy Supergirl to the rescue!

Wonder Woman Teen

It’s no wonder why the boys don’t mind getting beat up by a girl anymore!

Ex-Spelled Teen

This witch is busy studying her craft.

HoKiss PoKiss Teen

This pinup witch will have you spellbound.

Sweet & Sassy Witch Teen

A sweet spellmaster .

Red Hot Witch Teen

This is one Red Hot Witch!

Witchy La Bouf Pink Teen

A poofy, corseted, pink and black witch.

Garden of Evil Mystic Teen

You’re already under her spell…

Hottie Totties Little Red Riding Hood Teen

Watch out for the big bad wolf!

Ahoy Matey Teen

This sweet navy girl has a splash of sass!

Little Bo Peep Teen

Will you help her find her sheep?

Native Princess Teen

A Native American cutie!

Major Attitude Teen

She spends most of her time having to do push-ups. And she likes it.

White Angel Teen

Did it hurt… when you fell from heaven?

Garden of Evil- Spiritina Teen

She prefers “sultry spirit” to just “ghost”.

Purrty Kitty Teen

The most graceful and intreging of animals.

Revealing Kitty Teen

A costume that says just what you want it to: look over here!

Very Bat Girl Teen

Not much sugar, lots of spice, and nothing nice!

Alluring Mummy Teen

Well this is one curse you’ll be glad to have.

Prom Zombie Girl Teen

Vote for me for Prom Queen.

Devil Bride Teen

And the bride wore red. Reminds us of Lydia from Beetlejuice.

Sweet & Sassy Vampiress Teen

This Vampire will get the bite on you.

Dark Angel Teen

She’s a little bit wicked, but still fun.

Sweet & Sassy Fairy Teen

Let this fairy work her magic on you.

Little Dead Riding Hood Teen

Guess the big bad wolf caught up with her.

Garden of Evil – Pharrah Teen

She is going to give Cleopatra a run for her Egyptian pound

Bad Sport Cheerleader Teen

This girl is bad to the skull and crossbones!

Garden of Evil – Bridezilla Teen

Nice day for a wicked wedding.

Garden of Evil – Red Hot Devil Teen

She is sassy and scorching and knows all of the skeletons inside a mortal’s closet.

Revealing Witch Teen

This vampiress lures her victims with her stunning beauty and mischievous charm.

Lady Bug Teen

Dopey little ladybug.




Teen Boy Halloween Costumes

X-Men Marvel Wolverine Deluxe Deluxe Teen

The deadliest mutant in the Marvel Universe.

Mummy Man Teen

Whos your daddy, er, no, um, mummy?

Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Davey Jones Deluxe Teen

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of…Revenge!

T-Bird Pleather Jacket Teen

For the really cool Greaser guys.

Smith and Weston Teen

Genius comes in a pair.

Death Jr. Teen

Wouldnt you cause a little chaos as Death too?

Zombie Doctor Teen

Did you know that hospitals are almost always zombie epicenters?

Gauze Zombie Teen

Part zombie, part mummy, and all freaky.


Prom Zombie Guy Teen

My prom date is back, and theres gonna be trouble.

South Park Satan Muscle Deluxe

The love of Saddam’s life!

Winged Reaper Teen

He will find you, anywhere…

South Park Cartman Muscle Deluxe

“Respect my authoritay!”


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