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Top Halloween Costumes for 2012

Every year “What’s Hot” for costumes changes a little bit. Media plays the biggest role, with new movies, shows, video games, and other pop culture icons influencing what the top costume choices will be. Look below to see what the most popular Halloween costumes will be for 2012. If you don’t see a costume that fits your personality, just keep browsing because the most creative and amazing choices are rarely top sellers.

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Womens Costumes
  1. Alice in Wonderland Costume movie versionTim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
    Here is some curious Halloween trivia: even though Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland broke tons of box office records, there is only ONE Alice costume available from the movie. (There’s not even a girls Alice costume!) Perhaps this is why this gorgeous womens costume is flying off the shelf. There are many other sexy Alice costumes available, but if you want to be seen in the Tim Burton style dress, best order now. Don’t be late!
  2. Red Queen of HeartsRed Queen Costume
    Giving Alice fierce competition as this year’s most popular costume is our dear Red Queen (also known as the Queen of Hearts). There are several new versions of this classic character, ranging from classy long-sleeved, full-length gowns to mini skirted halter dresses. But the absolute most popular version is the movie version, complete with enormous red royal wig/hat. Pick your favorite and have fun commanding “ooooooff with his head!” to anyone who trifles with you this Halloween.
  3. Sexy Vampire CostumesSexy Vampire Costumes
    With the another wildly popular year for True Blood and Twilight, this Halloween will see many sexy vampires. Evoke the classic look by wearing dark shades of plum purple or deep wine red, even if you opt for a “street wear” costume like the True Blood characters. For a traditional take, choose one of the many gowns or mini skirt costumes that come with elegant lace and sashes. If you’re going the DIY route, you may be able to find the items in your closet for a Sookie costume.
  4. Neytiri Avatar CostumeAvatar Costume: Neytiri
    Become the Pandora princess in the only available women’s Avatar costume: Neytiri. Customers say this sexy bodysuit costume runs small so order a size up. Take time with your makeup. It will make the difference between a decent and a knockout Neytiri costume. Paint a pair of elf ears blue for the finishing touch. Shaving your eyebrows is optional (kidding!)
  5. Sexy Pirate CostumesSexy Pirate Costumes
    If sexy pirate costumes ever go out of style, you can bury us in Davy Jones’ locker. It’s just not Halloween without saucy pirate wenches and female pirate captains pillaging about. There are a whopping 15 new sexy pirate costumes available this year, so scavenge through the choices and claim your favorite now.
  6. Sexy Ninja Turtle CostumeSexy Ninja Turtle Costume
    Straight outta left field comes this year’s most surprise top costume for women: sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We couldn’t make this stuff up! All four TMNTs got their own new super sexy costumes: Raphael in red, Donatello in purple, Leonardo in blue, and Michelangelo in orange. Get 3 of your foxy friends together and fight crime (or just rowdy boys) with Turtle Power. Whatever that means.

Mens Costumes
  1. Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costume
    The Johnny Depp Mad Hatter costume is this year’s big hit. The new Alice in Wonderland movie gave us a wildly new version of the Mad Hatter costume and character: one that’s both darker and sexier. And if you do anything crazy while wearing this costume, blame the mercury fumes. “Sorry Alice, they’ll make anyone mad as a hatter!”
  2. Halo CostumeHalo Costume
    Alright men, you’ve got 4 choices. First, you can spend months creating your own custom Halo costume. Right, didn’t think so. Your remaining choices are economy, Deluxe, and SUPREME. Despite the price tag, the Supreme Halo Costume has been a top seller every month this year. It’s a guaranteed costume contest winner, and will impress the crap out of your kids, friends, and your lady.
  3. Iron Man CostumeIron Man Costume
    The 2010 Iron Man movie brings us several Mark 6 style Iron Man costumes as well as the War Machine costume. There’s a “super deluxe” version that is really stunning and detail oriented. Definite costume contest winner. Blows the other ones out of the water. When you slip it on for the first time, you won’t be able to resist saying “The suit and I are one.”
  4. men's sexy vampire costumesSexy Vampire Costumes
    Thirsty for some Tru Blood? HBO’s bloody vampire show has everyone thinking about dressing as a sexy blood sucker. For an easy couple’s costume, have your lady wear a faux vampire bite and she can be your “fang banger”. If you get a pair of custom made fangs you can wear any normal outfit like characters from Twilight or True Blood. For a more elegant but modern option, check out the newest sexy vampire costumes. They feature short capes and less dramatic/Victorian styling so you can look hot, not like Dracula.
  5. Sexy Pirate CostumesSexy Pirate Costumes
    If you ask a woman which pirate costumes are the “sexy” ones, her response will be “any one with you in it”. And you can thank Captain Jack Sparrow. Thanks to the law of association, women now associate pirates not just with rowdy rum drinkers, but ruggedly handsome bad boys. Brush up on your best English accent, suit up in the pirate costume you fancy most, and prepare to collect some booty. (Zing!)
  6. Top Gun CostumesTop Gun Costumes
    A true classic never dies. Maverick and Goose may have been ripping through the skies over 20 years ago, but their super cool aviator glasses still live in our hearts. Choose from the full flight suit – which customers have called “very comfortable” – or the bomber jacket costume. Both come with those hot shot aviator glasses. The suit comes with 2 patches so you can choose your character.

Girls Costumes
  1. Toy Story Jessie CostumeToy Story Jessie Costume
    Every girl’s favorite cowgirl, Jessie, is this year’s top costume for girls. Toy Story 3 was such a smashing success! There are 2 Jessie costumes available: standard and Deluxe. Both have great reviews from parents, but obviously the Deluxe version is higher quality and more impressive.
  2. Queen of Hearts CostumeQueen of Hearts Costume
    Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie showed us several beautiful new costumes. What’s curious is that no movie inspired girls Red Queen or Alice costumes were created this year. However, 2 incredibly cute and creative new Red Queen costumes were! Both have 5 star reviews from parents and are outselling the Alice costumes.
  3. Mad Hatter CostumeMad Hatter Costume
    Another curious fact is that the female Mad Hatter costumes are also more popular than the Alice costumes. This is a first! There are 3 fun and funky new costume options this year spanning ages from 3 to teen. Don’t let these equally cute costume choices drive you mad. Order now before they sell out!
  4. Alice in Wonderland CostumeAlice in Wonderland Costume
    For the first time ever, Alice costumes are less popular than other characters from Wonderland. The new Alice in Wonderland movie showed us several gorgeous Alice costumes, but all the new costumes you can buy are modeled off the classic Alice. Who green lighted this idea? Off with his head!
  5. Disney Princess CostumesDisney Princess Costumes
    One set of Disney costumes are always popular. It doesn’t matter what new kids movies or shows come out or how many years pass. Disney Princesses always capture the hearts of little girls. There are many to choose from, including the lovely, brave and honorable Tamina.
  6. Cleopatra CostumeCleopatra Costume
    Egyptian Queens (and female Pharaohs) were renowned for their beauty, power, grace, and divinity. Why be just a queen when you can be a goddess, too? These elegant costumes begin with a simple tunic dress and layer ornate golden details, jewels, and flowing scarves. Add last summer’s roman sandles, thick black eyeliner from mom’s makeup, and you’ll have a costume fit for a true queen. Check out the glowing customer reviews and see why moms & girls love these Egyptian costumes.

Boys Costumes
  1. Batman CostumeBatman Costume
    No matter what month of the year it is, this Batman costume is always a hot seller. Same thing with the adult version. Boys just love the caped crusader! Now that Halloween is coming, it’s quite possible that this one will sell out. If your boy is dreaming of fighting crime as Batman, order soon to avoid disappointment.
  2. Buzz Lightyear CostumeBuzz Lightyear Costume
    There are 2 versions of the Buzz Lightyear costume: the Deluxe which comes with an impressive chest piece and boot covers, and the Classic which only has the silkscreened jumpsuit. Both get great reviews from parents. Must see the customer photos for this one!
  3. Iron Man CostumeIron Man Costume
    Customer reviews say their kids don’t want to take off their Iron Man costumes! They’re comfy as well as made tough for your little Iron Man or War Machine. There are several new costume options thanks to the 2010 movie, ranging from economy to Deluxe and even a classic comic version.
  4. Yoshi CostumeYoshi Costume
    Finally, a Yoshi costume! Yoshi fans have been begging their moms for years to sew them a custom costume. Last year the Mario & Luigi costumes were super popular, so it looks like Nintendo finally realized how much kids still love these characters. This year you can skip the weeks of preparation and buy the brand new, the one and only, ready made Yoshi.
  5. Super Mario CostumesLuigi & Super Mario Costumes
    It’s me, Mario! The original Nintendo characters seem to get more popular every year. Now your video game loving kids can dress up as Mario, Luigi, or Toadstool. The Deluxe versions come with gloves and an inflatable belly for the Mario Brothers. All of them have 5 star reviews from parents!
  6. Woody CostumeWoody Costume
    There are 2 versions of the Woody costume: the Deluxe which comes with all the accessories, and the Classic which only has the hat. One savvy parent mentioned in her review of the Deluxe costume that the price is much better than buying the accessories separately. Must see the customer photos for this one!