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Zombie costumes for Halloween or a Zombie Walk

New Zombie Costumes for 2010

If there’s one thing that we at Mable’s know about, it’s zombies. Go ahead, ask us anything about the shambling undead and we’ll let you know whether decapitation works, if you’ll need to fully destroy the brain, or if the zompocalypse is upon us. You may even call our obsession a sickness, but it’s only "catchy" if you’re within biting range. So you’re safe… for the moment.

But what good is all this knowledge of zombies (and other similar ghouls) unless we are able to share it with others to help increase their chances of survival… or put together a really awesome zombie costume for Halloween or a Zombie Walk! If you’re interested in the latter, please read on and see your undead costume options.


Gravestone 3D Foam Suit Costume

Let’s see… what’s a creepy Halloween staple that isn’t done to death for costumes? Oh yah, tombstones!

Hazmat Costume

This freaky mask and suit will be clever additions to any costume party with a zombie theme!

Michael Jackson Thriller Costume DELUXE

Includes: Jacket, Pants. Does not include socks, wig or shoes.


Cryptic Rocker Plus Costume

Includes: Jacket with attached shirt and half cap-mask with hair. Does not include pants or shoes.

Cryptic Rocker Costume

Includes: Jacket with printed shirt, mask, and hat with attached hair. Does not include pants, makeup or shoes.

Skeleton Zombie Plus Size

Includes shirt and pants with attached bone details, mask and gloves.


Highschool Horror School Boy Costume

Includes: Jacket with attached shirt, tie and pants. Does not include shoes or wig.

Highschool Horror School Girl Costume

One glowing review, one pissy review. Best read up before buying this sexy schoolgirl zombie costume. The white contacts look great, don’t they?

Clive Barker - The Web Woman Costume DELUXE

Includes: Dress with attached belt, detachable spider and a headband with attached spider and veil. This is an officially licensed Clive Barker’s Dark Bazaar costume.


Restraint Zombie Costume

Includes jumpsuit and torn straight jacket with attached manacles. Does not include makeup or any other accessories.

Bleeding Zombie Ghost Face Costume

Includes hooded robe, belt, gloves and bleeding mask with hand pump. Does not include any other accessories.

Light Up Mummy Child Costume

Includes: Top, pants, mask and leg ties.


Light Up Undead Pirate Costume

Includes Head wrap, mask, belts, top. Does not include pants, shoes, or sword.

Metal Mayhem Costume

Includes: Shirt, detachable shoulder armor, mask with attached hair and gauntlets. Does not include pants, shoes or guitar.


Rotten Attitude Child Costume

Includes hoodie, mask, and gloves. Does not include pants, shoes, or skateboard.

Heartless Zombie Child Costume

Includes: Mask, top, pants and leg ties.

Rotten Flesh Costume

Includes shirt, pants, and mask. Does not include limb or makeup.


Mummy Dearest Costume

Includes headpiece, dress, neck wrap, and glovelettes.

Shredded Corpse Child Costume

Includes: Top, pants, headpiece and belt. Does not include scythe or shoes.

Stabbed In The Back T-Shirt Adult

Includes: Shirt with attached latex knife. Does not include makeup or pants or shoes.

Zombie Costume - zombie doctorPerhaps the coolest new zombie costume from last year is the Zombie Doctor. During a level 3 or 4 zombie outbreak, hospitals will be among the deadliest epicenters of infection, which makes this a realistic costume! Those who have been bitten will flee to hospitals, unknowingly infecting staff and other people around them as soon as they expire. There will be a lot of doctors (and various medical personnel) who will look just like the ghoul on the left, roaming the streets in search of juicy brains.

For the youngin’ who desires some tasty human flesh without all the gore, there are 3 Teen costumes that are more cute than scary. However, with the right zombie make up they can be disgustingly gruesome, too.

All Zombie Costumes


Groom Day of The Dead Costume

A Mable’s fave! So many details on this high quality costume. Click to see picture of the skull veiled top hat! Pair with the Dia de los Muertos Bride for an elegantly spooky couple costume.

Michael Jackson Thriller Costume DELUXE

THIS is the MJ costume to wear. Deluxe is always worth the few extra bucks.

Zombie Pirate Walk-Around Costume SUPREME

Includes pirate shirt, jacket, belt, pants, chains, bandana, shoulder pads, mask, and hands. Available in


Zombie Doctor Plus

Well there can’t be any use scrubbing in for this doctor. What can you catch from the undead? The Zombie Doctor costume includes: bloody lab coat, shirt with PVC exposed rotting chest, pants with PVC rotting knee, zombie mask, surgical cap, surgical face mask, and latex gloves. Available in Plus size. Stethoscope (may differ slightly from shown) sold separately.

Gauze Zombie Teen Costume

Includes a long black robe with a ragged gauze overlay, rope tie belt, black gloves and a black mask with two fading red electronic eyes. Available in Teen size only.

Complete 3-D Zombie Teen Costume

Includes pants, shirt, gloves and mask.


Complete Zombie Costume Plus Size

Costume includes Pants with Zombie thigh & knee bones, Zombie mask, shirt with rotted flesh chest & skeletal forearms, and a pair of skeletal gloves.

Zombie Doctor Teen Costume

Includes a long tattered white lab coat with red splatter accents, stained light green shirt with ripped chest with PVC chest underlay and light green pants with one ripped knee and rotted knee underlay, wrinkled gray zombie PVC mask, light green surgical mask and hat and white rubber latex gloves. Available in Teen size.Stethoscope sold separately.

Mummy Man Teen Costume

The Mummy Man costume includes: headpiece that covers all of face except your eyes, tattered, ruffled shirt, and tattered pants.


Prom Zombie Guy Teen

The Prom Zombie Guy costume includes: torn tuxedo jacket, torn black pants, blood-splattered dickey with red bow tie, red cummerbund, white cuff, and a matching hat.

Zombie Costume 3-D

Costume includes mask with wig, shirt with sewn in body parts, pants with sewn in body parts and gloves.

Zombie Doctor

If you’re the type that’s afraid to go to the doctor, then this doc will surely give you the shakes. The Zombie Doctor costume includes: bloody lab coat, shirt with pvc rotting chest, pants with rotting knee, zombie mask, surgical mask, surgical cap, and latex gloves.Be sure to check out our large selection of horror costumes .


Sexy Dead Bride Costume

Sexy stretch knit off the shoulder dress, rose ribbon details along the bust, tulle and lace petticoat, veil with roses headband, bouquet, and garter belt. Pair with the Dead Groom for a spooky couple costume.

Dead Groom Costume

Dead sexy crushed velvet jacket with attached aatin button front vest, top hat, bowtie and removable boutonnière. Pair with the Dead Bride for a spooky couple costume.

Mummy Bride Costume

Includes Dress, Veil.


Prom Zombie Girl Teen Costume

Costume includes black veil, bodice, netted skirt, bustle, and bouquet.

Skeleton Zombie Costume

Includes mask , shirt with bones, pants with bones, hand gloves. Available in one-size Standard.

Skeleton Zombie Teen Costume

Includes mask with gauze, shirt with gauze, pants with gauze, and skeleton hand gloves.

If you still don’t see any zombie costumes that fill your head with ghastly dreams then you need to start from scratch and create your own. Remember, zombies came from all walks of life and can look anyway you want them to. Pick an outfit from your closet or start with an entirely other costume and add zombie makeup and lots of blood, practice your shamble and moan, and you’ll look like part of the Walking Dead in no time.

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