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Matt & Nat Purses

Matt and Nat

We love Matt & Nat! They create beautiful handbags that have a positive impact for everyone on earth. Made with love in Montreal, Canada, Matt & Nat bags are environmentally friendly in several ways. The purses are made with high quality cruelty-free vegan leathers and fabrics. All linings are made from recycled plastic water bottles. (A message inside of each bag will let you know exactly how many bottles were recycled to produce your item.) Additionally, all of their packaging and marketing materials are made from recycled content.

The part that really melts our hearts is the "signature of positivity" message that’s printed on the bottom of each bag.

The Matt & Nat line of purses is huge and always changing, so when you find a style you like buy it before it sells out! Whether you’re intentionally looking for a vegan purse (free of animal skins or fur) or just want a hip and functional handbag, Matt & Nat will undoubtedly surpass all your expectations.

To buy discount Matt & Nat purses you have one awesome option: eBay!

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