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Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants are the quintessential guest at any cocktail party. (Unless you grew up with Dumbo and are left scarred by the dubiously popular pink elephant hallucination scenes.) While their origins are a little mysterious, pink elephant barware was very prevalent in the 1950′s, and can still be found today. Non cocktail related items like clocks and patches are a couple of the very few products being made today that display the pink pachyderm, but for actual barware you need to do some vintage shopping.

Everything from shot glasses, drink trays, cocktail shakers, cocktail glasses, drink hangers, and bar towels can be found, with many items still at affordable prices. If you’ve got a vintage kitchen or want to have a 50′s themed retro cocktail party, you shouldn’t be without a few pieces of pink elephant barware.

Truth? eBay is THE place to score vintage and modern Pink Elephant Accessories:

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