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Retro Phone

Electronics today may be rather bland design-wise, but back in the day they had flare! Televisions, radios, kitchen appliances and telephones are just a few of the machines that experienced some major design revolutions over the years. Made in an array of materials including metal, Bakelite, porcelain, and plastic, retro phones come in a variety of styles to compliment any retro decor. For the early 1900s until 1930s retro home, candlestick phones (also called pedestal phones or tulip phones) may be the most period-accurate design for you. From the 40s onward many vintage phone styles were in use, including wall phones and desk phones, so you have many more options. One of the most searched for retro style phones is the princess phone, with it’s simple, sleek lines that are so telling of mid-century American design. Many novelty phones such as the circular Sculptura donut phone and Swedish designed Ericofon match 60s and 70s decor.

Here are a few more snazzy, retro inspired phone suggestions:

If a retro cell phone is what you’re after, Hulger (formerly called "Pokia") is the original. You can even build your own DIY retro cell phone handset. Retro cordless phones (for landlines) are also available, but styles are pretty limited. Like most non-clothing vintage items, retro and vintage phones are easiest to find online. There are a few online stores that sell refurbished and reproduction retro phones at a hefty price (some at $300+), but eBay is always the leader as far as selection and value go.

All hail eBay, the bringer of the best deals on Retro Phones!

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