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Steampunk Watches

Steampunk Watches

Above watches from SteamPunk HandMade Watches Studio and RoniGirlART.

Lean in and I’ll tell you a succulent secret that most Steamy lovers keep to themselves… If used properly, a genuine vintage watch can help you literally time travel. The exact method is simple but you have to learn it yourself. Step #1? When you see a watch that seems to whisper magic, honor your knowing, buy that watch, and keep it with you. You’ll figure out the rest soon enough ;)

Besides brass goggles or a DIY ray gun, watches are probably the most popular accessory any Steampunk outfit will have. Exposed gears, sprockets, springs, chains, and the Victorian feel make pocket watches an iconic piece of the Steampunk culture.

Oodles of jewelry are made from old watch parts alone. A quick search through the handmade wonders of Etsy or eBay reveals a treasure trove of genre-smashing timepieces.

Steampunk Handmade Watches

Below are some beautiful handmade watches available on eBay. Each with a unique look to fit your unique character. Act fast because these watches don’t stay on the market long!

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Steampunk Pocket Watches

Along with the pocket watch, intricate wrist watches are huge in the Steampunk community. Fat or skinny brown straps, metal or copper incorporated into the band, and of course copper gears, sprockets, and attention to details help you travel back in time. Every time.

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