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Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock


Who else wants a Magical Morning Wakeup?

Are you making this common sleep mistake? Heavy sleepers often think the loudest alarm clock available is best. Wrong!

To wake up feeling refreshed you need to take advantage of your body’s natural desire to wake up gradually. Traditional alarm clocks are appropriately named because they alarm your senses with their jarring noise. They are designed to rouse us no matter which stage of sleep we are in, and to get us outta bed ASAP!

Now imagine those mornings when you don’t need an alarm clock, and you can leisurely wake up at your own pace. It’s not just the extra sleep you may be getting that makes you feel relaxed and well rested; the gradual process of waking naturally plays a big part, too.

FACT: Everyone can benefit from the gentle yet effective dawn simulator used in the Sunrise Alarm Clock. Research has also shown that sun alarm clocks help beat S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), also known as the “winter blues”.

As a result of having been in darkness all night long, human eyes easily perceive the increasing sunny glow and react to it as they would a real sunrise. When our eyes detect this increased level of light, a signal is sent to the brain’s pineal gland. The pineal then triggers the production of the hormone serotonin, which causes us to slowly, comfortably awaken. This natural method of waking leaves us feeling refreshed and energized. Bonus: If you choose a clock with aromatherapy and nature sounds then your nose and ears will help you wake up in the same way.

Our Fave Sunrise Alarm Clocks

How do you pick the best sunrise alarm clock for you? Pick your favorite features! Our vote for best sunrise alarm clock features are;

  • Dawn simulator (gradual increase in ambient light)
  • Aromatherapy (gradual increase in scents like Coffee and Lavendar, or use your own essential oils)
  • Nature sounds (gradual increase of sounds like Nightfall, Thunder Storm, Zen Melody, Mountain Stream, Songbirds, or Ocean Surf)
  • Optional buzzer for end of waking cycle (let’s call it an aural dose of “just in case”)
  • Sunset function (diminishing light, aromatherapy, and nature sounds)
  • Programmable (set sunrise/sunset duration from 0-120 minutes)
  • Nightlight function
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