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Tiki Mugs

Tiki Mugs

"Mid-century island inspired mugs for your next luau."

Can't talk. Sippin' dranks & imagining Hawaii.

Say Aloha to what is undoubtedly the swankiest drinkware on the planet: tiki mugs! Give a little tropical island flare your tiki room with a set of ceramic tiki mugs and fill them up with the wildest Polynesian cocktails you can imagine. Each mug lends its island flair to even the lamest of beverages. Perfect for serving a Hawaiian Punch or Fuzzy Navel at your personal tiki bar.

If you’re new to tiki culture, some coveted names to look out for are Tiki Don, Munktiki, Trader Vic’s, SvenTiki, Tiki Farm, and Bosko. Makes a perfect luau party decoration! Just turn on some Exotica music, fill your mug, and relax…

eBay is LOADED with new and vintage tiki mugs. Behold!

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