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Unique Shower Curtains

In our opinion, the shower curtain is a very under-appreciated media for unique decorating and personal expression. Thankfully, with the growing number of unique shower curtains available, this seems to be changing. With novelty shower curtains featuring anything from animal prints or characters (Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, etc.) there are tons of cool shower curtains to choose from. Animals are a cute option (duck, butterfly, and fish patterns are the most popular), but the more outlandish styles really spice things up: clear pocket shower curtains, solid pink or black, or the infamous Psycho shower curtain! Maybe I’ve seen just Psycho too many times, but I prefer the clear ones with tiny full-color prints: unique, but with a good view!

But bathroom creativity isn’t limited to just the wacky designs. Many contemporary shower curtains come in tasteful striped or polka dotted color schemes that will compliment any bathroom. If that’s more your style, make sure to check out Mirabella‘s gorgeous designs, especially the pink and brown line. IKEA also makes shower curtains with retro modern prints, novelty themes, and plain colors.

Mirabella makes a wide range of unique shower curtains

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No matter what you choose, just make sure it fits your personality and and comes in colors that aren’t too hard to match. Pair your unique shower curtain with some equally unusual curtain hooks and your bathroom will be beautiful and funky in no time!

Obviously, eBay is THE place to buy Unique Shower Curtains. So many options!

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