electricskinny Vintage

Raise your hand if your closet contains clothes that looked to die for in a photo… but ended up being unwearable in real life. Yah, every girl has been there. That’s the magic of a good stylist + photographer! But you know who doesn’t play that game, and has the customer feedback to prove it? electricskinny vintage, purveyors of pre-loved clothing that will actually look good on you.
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Vulture Culture Vintage

It’s not just vintage clothes that have soul. The fine folks who sell it do, too. I had a chat with Michelle Seibold, the owner of Portland, Indiana based Vulture Culture Vintage, and discovered that her shop was actually born from another passion. “Vulture Culture Vintage began to simply support our small foster and rehabilitation program for homeless shelter animals. Since our ‘official’ naming in 2007, we’ve taken in over 30 dogs and cats, vetted, fostered and rehomed them. We continue to volunteer, as much as possible, to local animal welfare groups and donate a portion of all fur/fur trimmed vintage garments to small, needy wildlife rehabilitation groups. Our slogan for this program is ‘respect the past, present and future‘.” 
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American Archive Vintage

Are you tired of finding the same vintage clothing staples in thrift stores and in online boutiques? Hungering for something more unique? Something truly outstanding? Hold onto your closet space, because American Archive Vintage has a sixth sense for finding the goods. We’re in love with quite a few vintage shops, but American Archive just might win our unofficial Best Vintage Buyer of the Year Award.
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Hunamunca Vintage

Hey, do you miss sleepyheadvintage, too? It used to be one of our favorite online vintage stores. Good news, little miss memory-of-an-elephant: they’re back under the name huncamunca vintage!
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Luxie Vintage

You know how sometimes you need to go through a phoenix cycle and just burn up the old before you create something new? The owner of Luxie Vintage knows that all too well. For 8 years she owned and ran the vintage clothing shop Meat Market Vintage. It had an amazing run, but Cory knew it was time to evolve into Luxie Vintage!
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Trashy Vintage

Maybe Trashy Vintage is sitting on a secret super power. After all, the City of Santa Clarita is one of the largest in LA County, but somehow the shop’s owner, Crystal, manages to find only the sweetest stock in the entire LA area. I sat down with Crystal and – although she didn’t admit to any super-human skills – you can tell she has an extraordinary love of all things vintage.
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