American Archive Vintage

Are you tired of finding the same vintage clothing staples in thrift stores and in online boutiques?
Hungering for something more unique? Something truly outstanding?

Hold onto your closet space, because American Archive Vintage has a sixth sense for finding the goods. We’re in love with quite a few vintage shops, but American Archive just might win our unofficial Best Vintage Buyer of the Year Award.

The party started eight years ago when Rachel and her husband Casey started selling vintage clothes on eBay. But like most dreams, the inspiration for their store came from childhood.

“When my Dad was growing up in a small town in Ohio, he worked at the local Men’s Shop selling clothes in the mid to late 70’s. He was always dressed the best and never wore out or got rid of any of his clothes. When I was growing up I would dress up in his concert t-shirts and bell bottom jeans. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized how rare and collectible old clothes are, and that I had been wearing great vintage even before I knew it.”

So how did she transform this realization into a full-time career of selling on eBay? The power of team work has certainly made a difference.

“We operate our business out of our home in Encinitas, CA. Currently Casey and I manage all facets of our business together, but we also have help from our friend/model, Natalie. We also employ a full-time seamstress to help with repairs, etc. and are partnered with the fashion department at a local community college which allows us to take advantage of student interns.”

That teamwork is apparent when you see the quality of their whole store. Shop American Archive Vintage and experience the endless supply of gorgeous vintage clothes and inspirational photos for yourself…