electricskinny Vintage

Raise your hand if your closet contains clothes that looked to die for in a photo… but ended up being unwearable in real life. Yah, every girl has been there. That’s the magic of a good stylist + photographer! But you know who doesn’t play that game, and has the customer feedback to prove it? electricskinny vintage, purveyors of pre-loved clothing that will actually look good on you.

Vintage clothes have a few unique advantages over buying brand new clothing. What is your favorite aspect of buying vintage?

“The best thing about buying vintage is the freedom it gives you to express yourself. We love fashion and keeping up with the latest trends, but it is so important for us to have an edge and not look exactly like everyone else. Wearing unique vintage items allows you to play with trends and push boundaries without having the same exact pieces that everyone else is wearing.”

On eBay you’re a Top Rated Plus seller. What sets your store apart in terms of customer satisfaction? How do you make happy buyers into repeat customers?

“Besides offering free shipping whenever possible and always accepting returns, we try to pick pieces that are flattering and actually wearable in real life. No customer wants to receive an item that only looks good in the photos.”

Outside of the vintage world, what are some of your passions? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning?

“Besides fashion, we’re really into music. My boyfriend, who runs the store with me, plays drums in a band. I started playing the keyboard recently… It sounds terrible.”

What advice do you have for people who are newbies to buying vintage clothes?

“If you immediately fall in love with a piece through its photos, don’t forget to read the description and condition carefully. We definitely recommend comparing the measurements of the garment with something you already own that is similar. This can really give you a good idea of how it will fit.”

Besides clothes, what’s an item that you think is really worth buying vintage?

Furniture. Mid-century modern is our favorite!”

Whether you’re new to vintage or have a closet full of classic couture, electricskinny vintage will hook you up. Visit their gorgeous online shop and scoop up some of the finest vintage clothes coming out of Ann Arbor.